Alien Frequencies and Aids

by R.M

Abstract: This article stresses the importance of being alert to the themes presented by movies that constitute analytic material as warning signals to - in this article- an absence of relativity in our respect of time. The fear of alien frequencies and a cure against being infected with the HIV-virus is discussed to the example of an s.f. movie.


- A movie

- Questions

- A Virus

- Frequencies

- We are the Aliens

- How to do it right?

- The conclusion

- Scientific proof and a possible final remedy for AIDS

- General description of disease, symptoms, syndromes and cures

- Links


A movie

This fall of '99 I went to the movies and saw a film called "The Astronaut's Wife". It is a classical theme from the cinema: an alien civilization wants to take over the earth snatching human bodies ruling out human control, soul and intelligence (see also 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers', an early precursor on this theme and the late "Alien" I , II & III -sequel). This time there was no hi-tech science fiction special effects production. The complete movie was suspense only. The astronaut returned from a failed mission and no one (but mr. Blue of course) could notice he was infected. He impregnated his wife and thus the evil could spread over the world. End of the movie. Evil won. The alien was just a form of energy. To be precise: another frequency that could not be noticed by normal sense perception. Only special electronic detection could deliver proof of another frequency that had entered the association of human frequencies of voices in interaction. The alien life form had not arrived at our solar system in a spaceship: just a carrier-wave transmitting the frequency was enough to penetrate our lifesphere and the astronaut's wife.



Now this movie raises a couple of serious questions with me as a professional psychologist. First of all is this type of cinematographic nightmare a common theme. It is a known pattern of fear: some strange influence disrupts our normal civil trust in God and our love life and destroys our intelligence and peace. The astronaut's wife kills her husband in the end of the movie: it is of no avail, the alien life-force simply jumps over to her impregnated body: the alien intelligence is not dependent upon this or that embodiment, it cannot be defeated, not even clearly been proven as a disruptive force. A recurring nightmare to a normal person has meaning: there must be an underlying psychological conflict that has defied consciousness and control. Somehow the client is not aware of a serious form of 'sin against the order of God' and is denied his peace and paradise. Some type of demoniac possession takes it over from the rule of goodness and makes the evil stare of war against humanity and human love. The question is now: what is the nature of this weakness that gives humanity this cinematographically recurring nightmare? Always the love life of the victims of the alien force is destroyed. Paranoia takes over. Murder takes place. Possessed people become the servants of the evil empire etc. What is this evil empire? What is this strange intelligence that sets up people against one another. What is this service that can't be proven scientifically without special tricks?


A Virus

The Astronaut's Wife proves that the theme, the nightmare is still continuing even with the absence of all special effects or science fiction imagination: it is a real and present danger in our human existence. No strange creatures, no odd non-existent spaceships. Just some astronauts fixing a satellite that get 'infected' with all hell on earth as a consequence. Is the NASA waste of money our sin? Is space-management of satellites an offense against nature? Is the sexual freedom of the economically privileged the problem of getting demonically possessed? ( 'fucking astronauts!') ? To analyze this recurring nightmare we must return to the content of the dreams and try to figure out what the happenings mean symbolically. Somehow the story of the nightmare proposes for a causality of fear that was denied conscious realization in our collective conscious. It is proven in this latest version of the 'Body Snatchers' that it is not the primordial fear for the predator: the thesis of the Alien I, II and III movies is refuted. The same effect is produced without the fearsome creature of monstrous proportions. Like the original movie it is presented more like the contamination with a virus. In the movie this contamination disrupts the normal love life and trust of the people involved. This description of the enemy fits the description of the AIDS-virus: we are infected innocently trusting in our freedom to love spontaneously. We must be afraid of this spontaneity, it is nor hygienic, it is illicit, it is disloyal. And it contaminates our offspring too. It demolishes our auto-immune defense system. It cannot be defeated nor even be detected but by special tricks. It is only temporarily suppressed like the infected actors in the movie who only temporarily act as if they're normal. It disproves our human claims insulting us with a monkey disease (the HIV-virus supposedly originated from african monkeys): the alien is superior we are inferior: just stupid monkeys. How does AIDS relate to alien 'frequencies', paranoia, loss of human love and understanding and hope for a better world? Loss of love we can understand, paranoia we can understand. But why would the world be lost forced to a more restricted sexlife? How could this alien realistically give us a nightmare arriving as a mere frequency? What is so special about frequencies? Do alien frequencies steal our hope for a better world? The nightmare tells us that is the case. Maybe this is the direction in which the answer must be sought.



From computer science we have learned that a virus can be an erroneous program. Just like a frequency that creates such a disturbance that normal operation is no longer possible. Like disturbing the radar of an enemy to fly unseen. But what is the relation between AIDS - the virus-type alien infestation - and alien frequencies? Has anyone ever thought about that? First of all: the frequencies. On analytic lines we have to figure out what the weakness would be of our own human lives that the dream pertains to. Once we know what we do wrong with frequencies, we can maybe answer how this would relate to our helplessness in being faced with AIDS. Let us take a look at the reality of life-frequencies. We know from chronobiology that all organisms have frequencies - not just beating hearts like with fauna life-forms, but also periodic sensitivity, like with flora life forms. We could build, with a little imagination a clock from flowers opening and closing by turn on the hour. (see L.) In our bodies even each cell has a little timesensor built into the cellular framework. In fact the genes themselves are timing programs telling the fetus when to grow what and with what kind of lifespan. On closer scutiny all lifeforms are time operating programs answering to conditions and making demands of timing for survival. The heart should beat that fast under that condition and the food should be taken that regular in that quantity and with that composition. Sleep should take place at that interval and digestion can be regulated under those temporal conditions. Without all this frequency-programming we go raving mad intoxicated running out of balance in our body and brain chemistry. This is true for all living creatures. The objective reality thereto is the natural condition of the rising and setting sun, the celestial sky telling birds how to migrate and the moon telling clams when to open and shut. All organisms together make for the biological balance on the planet as one big time sensitized definition of life. The complete of our natural balance and ecological welfare depends on this unity-in-diversity reality of biotiming. All organisms together make for a certain harmony of frequencies of life that feed and sustain oneother. This harmony is defined by the relative movement of the earth, the sun, the moon and the celestial sky.


We are the Aliens

On another planet other harmonies may exist with different tempi of relative spin of heavenly bodies and other creatures living thereto. Strange tempi make strange creatures would be a logical conclusion. Now we are one step closer to the explanation of the dominance of wht is called the AIDS-virus: it behaves as if it is this alien from another planet; it cannot be defeated by the natural means and immunity available from our solar harmony, so it seems. But the nightmare tells us something different: no, we are the alien ourselves, a life-size virus from a strange frequency. The dream tells us that humanity is the alien while the the HIV-virus is just a monkey-affliction we happen to miss the resistance against. The virus has no clocks and calenders in a rhythm against the solar rhythmic constitution, but we do. The virus is not from another planet, we are. We employ a weekorder in a seven days stiff linear rhythm that is nowhere found in our own solar system. We make a stiff frequency of twenty-four hours that is not the dynamic rhythm of our earth at all: the earth day is up to about 15 seconds longer or shorter than we actually practice with our clocks (see equation of Time). We are careless with our standard time rhythm and are helpless to save the lives of Africans running crazy (of love) against one another with our wristwatches, clocks and calendars that would bring them our 'christian blessings'. From all religions the are the Christians the most naive in matters concerning the natural rhythm. All we know from the Bible is to take a break after about six days of work and that we shouldn't manipulate the settings of time (see quotes). But still: we know nowhat our sin is. We manipulate the time with ulterior motives and are thus possessed by the "Alien" beast called no 4 in the Bible. We live ourselves in a parallel demoniac dimension of time which tunes us to strange rythms of planets we've never seen, planets or moons or even quasars which really spinor pulsate in seven days and non-dynamic 24 hour-cycles. The cultural concept of time made us aliens and infestations of the virus-type on our own planet, with us unable to harmonize, balance and have a healthy immunity-system against a stupid monkey-retrovirus of which we, according the Gallo-test, are mainly sure by counting antibodies, of which we do not even unequivocally agree that it would cause the deficiency of our immunity which is called AIDS. Is mother earth going to die the same way because of us as a virus of an alien frequency as AIDS is killing us humans for being in love the wrong way?


How to do it right?

How it should be done correctly with the frequency of living a culture does the Christian doesn't really know though. The Bible does not tell us what date makes a sunday, what God did on day number eight, or what number of the time scale should be attached to the sun passing the meridian at noon. Nor does the Bible tell us whether we should have the regular hours of a clepsydra (the old waterclock) or the irregular ones from certain sundials. The Bible mentions the ninth hour that J. did this or that, but that was the roman rule which was abolished from civil reality after the collapse of the roman empire. J. never told us to keep the time or that God the father whose will should be done on earth would be the same as Father time. Jesus was a personalist putting the person before the timing. He never got the chance to explain what God would mean on the impersonal level of time-management and time-consciousness. 'Thou shalt love one another's time and calendar', or something? We may speculate interpreting His prayer to act taccording His will - with clocks and calendars (?) on earth alike the sun and moon (?) in heaven... For this type of knowledge we must consult Hindus and Muslims who have their own cultures of respecting the sun, the moon and the stars. In fact we have a history of mankind relating to the phenomenon of time. The modern relativistic option is that we only have a consciousness if we make for a different (electromagnetic) time, differening to the einsteinian frame of (personal or local) reference as well as different from the absolute Newtonian absolutist concept which would be the one of God that was declared outdated. The good chap in heaven may have his own opinion of timing. As long as we can have our own and know ourselves by the difference that we humans make with it. When time is God as the Bhagavad Gîtâ says ("I am the Time", "I am the Father" the Lord says there - see also time-quotes), any setting of time would be a legitimate form of worship, as long as we do not impose it on one each other as the Bible suggests. Still from the (hindu-)scriptures there are propositions of scaling and calendering that constitute a nice reference relative to our human pragmatical and naive weakness and freedom of style in our Father-God-of -Time worship. Of course some forms of timing are more faithful to the 'will of God' (read natural order) than others would be. Important, in the sense of scientifically valid, is that we remember the ideal and the real, which is there as a duality of God relative to the man of original sin religiously. Thus we have a goal, thus we may find grace, direction and hope for a better world. Thus we are able to escape from he nightmare of being an alien on an alien frequency with nothing but death and paranoia in a lost world.


The conclusion

The movie demonstrates our fear about an alien frequency. It shows us how we get possessed being caught in a monothetic alienated and alienating concept of time, timing and life-frequencies. Rationality tells us that different frequencies though are no nightmares at all, but every day realities of biological life, contributing to the diversity of life-forms on this planet. The movie tells us we are estranged in this. It is not simply the predator monkey afraid of its own destructivity. For our consciousness have we, with our standardized time unifications in mean time, time-zones and collective summertime-switching rituals, lost the natural awareness of the relativity of timing and violated the principle of oneness in diversity. That is what stole away our differentiating intelligence, selfrespect, cultural continence and hope for healing from the cultural exhaustion of endless, unstable compensations in science and politics. The lesson is that the duality of nature and culture offers themes of frequency, sanity and healthcare that are important factors in the consideration of our individual survival on this planet to begin with and of the survival of the whole planet in the long run, to which the nightmares in the cinema are the warning signals of truth.


Scientific proof and a possible final remedy for AIDS

To cure from AIDS there is a report of an alternative medical cure based on a crocodile peptide claimed to kill the HIV-virus 100 % and repair the immune-system. It is called the Antidote. There is, as often with alternative medicine, a lack of conclusive clinical proof. There is a Yahoo discussion group about it that as yet sheds little light. Medical industry is not interested of course, certainly from an economic point of view, but read the testimonials, judge for yourself and, with yourself suffering a bug or rather a lack of resistance, order yourself a cure (it is a health additive not requiring medical prescription). With this cure being effective would then be proven that the earthbound natural sense of frequency of surviving to time of the 20 million year old crocodile in this case is what was needed to develop the natural resistance in the form of a peptide against the HIV-virus that we, relative newcomers in evolution, were looking for in this article.

Reported is a mechanicsl solution in the form of a certain type of Electromagnetic Radiantion that killes the AIDS-virus: see Tom beardens book-article "A possible Cure For Aids" and "Developing the electromagnetic cure for AIDS." (His book: AIDS:  Biological Warfar 1988 Cheniére Press, ISBN: 0-9725146-5-1).

Next, if the crocodile cure fails on us being make-belief alternative medicine, is there as an alternative allopathic chemical cure, a patented claim of a certain Dr. Marvin S. Antelman, about Tetrasil as an antiviral agent against AIDS. Tetrasil is chemically tetrasilver tetroxide (TST); which is a patented bioinorganic antipathogenic molecular crystal device. Tetrasil kills pathogens by electrocuting them with two trivalent and two monovalent silver atoms. There is discussion and doubt about this second cure for AIDS though; clinical trials would be insufficient and doubtful as yet, but there is no conclusive denial of its positive effects either. There are testresults that are promising reporting an inhibition of HIV-1 with 98,4 %. Apart from stressing the liver there would be no harmful effects (see further links below).

Finally there remains the group of scientists and researchers who claim that AIDS never was proven as caused by the HIV virus, and that it is more the lack of resistance with the use of partydrugs like poppers - often used in the homo-scene - and with malnutrion and war stress like in Africa, or with pregnancy combined with a poor diet, which prove HIV, that is antibodies, or a low T-cell count (AIDS). They say that it is the standard medicines for AIDS which kill the pateint once they in their fear with HIV take to AIDS-prevention cocktails. AIDS thus as the iatrogenic disease of the medical profession itself, the 'aid', itself. See for this purpose the Youtube movie 'Deconstructing the Myth of AIDS' on these alternative AIDS researchers who are denied and repressed by standard medical science and commerce (for more videos see below). The cure from this perspective would be: immediately stop with all anti-retroviral treatments, stop the use of party drugs and other stressors of the immunesystem (like malnutrition and promiscuity!), and use anti-oxydant foodstuffs in one's diet like broccoli and pommegrenade juice.

As for us we conclude to the Alien Identity Disease Syndrom interpretation: whatever the approach, one is in a complex of materialistic sufferings mentally confused with standardtime alienated from being healthy and confident with the natural order of this planet. Remedy thus: live more to the natural rhythm of life, cut with all the use of recreational drugs and the allopathic drugs as well as far as possible, live more relaxed curbing material motives in general which exceed the point of necessity, be a vegetarian (watch the proteins, vitamins and essential fatty acids, see also article), do yoga combined with a spiritual discipline, and serve the cause of this syncretic cultural viewpoint of filognosy as a volunteer. Even if the body has to die: this is the best way to find eternal life.


General Description of disease, symptoms, syndromes, and cures

- Main disease: materialism; a category of mental or psychosomatic ailing fundamental to a general deficiency or failure of our general human mental and physical health by debilitation; this basic dis-ease is thus a mental/behavioral/sociopolitical or structural problem. AIDS or the monkey-disease is, however viral and gene-based, just another symptom of a failing human health-strategy. Each patient suffering this affliction should, however terminal, feel obliged to fight the symptoms and syndromes mentioned below and follow the general outline of the cures suggested and thus work for a better world where this downfall in disease and destruction of the person and the planet does not occur again.

- Symptoms: inability to turn inward, political strife, cultural diseases (obesity, diabetes, addictions, hysteria etc.) godlessness, cultural neurosis (phobias, compulsions), environmental crisis and disasters , collective psychosis or warfare, mental illness, sexual obsession, crime, economic obsession, passive capital & monetary crises, unemployment, individual suicides, religious, nationalist and communist terrorism and capital-motivated competitive sabotage (as its shadow), general ignorance because of profit minded knowledge-management, political repression and dictature.

- Syndromes:

- AFD (alien frequency debilitation), or simply systematic exhaustion because of standard-time stress (money-time-fatigue): (drug-induced) burn-outs/nervous breakdowns with general human estrangement, individual and collective desperation, false ego (ego-obsessions with the cinema, the media and in politics), drug & alcohol -abuse, paranoia, political strife, general lack of synergy or inability to cooperate, instability of rule, delusions of control, AIDS and other failures of the immune system, economic and emotional collapse, moralism, fundamentalism and in the final stage civil war in an attempt to destroy the debilitating system collectively failing in political reasoning. Psychiatric label: compulsive/anxiety disorders, psychosis, schizoid suicidal and delusional personalities.

- SPS (sexual perversion syndrome), promiscuity, abortion, venereal disease (AIDS again), marital divorce, mental illness, suicides, psychopathology, paranoia, drug abuse, sectarianism, religious fanaticism, sadomasochism, violation of human rights, sex-crimes, rape, orgies, sex-industry, slavery (selling woman & children). Psychiatric label: general cultural neurosis and oedipal conflict (against the 'father time' of nature, being blindly perverted with mother nature).

- EIS (economic imbalance syndrome): passive capital, false security, poverty, theft, burglary, street mobbing & gangs murders and rapes, organized crime, famine, international conflict, civil wars & revolutions, obsessions with safety and civil armament, political instability, loss of nobility, falldown, scandal, gossip, slander, tabloid press, gambling, economic crisis, ecological crises, international warfare. Psychiatric label: Psychopathy, criminal deviations.

- SVS (structural violence syndrome): meat-eating, murder, suicide, cancers, organ theft (lack of donors leading to criminal acquisition of organs), destruction of the planet (dead seas, deforestation, desertification, polluted air, erosion); chronic warfare, chronic & cultural diseases, sick-leave, failing healthcare system, territorial conflict (too much space needed for meat-production), water-crises, energy-crises, ecological crisis (deforestation for meat production). Psychiatric label: narcissism, anal fixations, sociopathic personality disorders.

- Cures

- General curative strategy: nonprofit, not for the money, spirituality or the restoration of the human values of truthfulness, chastity, voluntary penance and compassion.

- Specific cures by syndrome:

AFD - therapies & measures:

- Restoration of the classical order of time: clocks to the sun and calendars to the moon (see FCO).
- Filognosy: to vow on the human values to be faithful with a syncretic philosophical approach that integrates science, spirituality and religion engaging in systematic study, fasting, celebration, appreciation and singing, being of association in the private, business, public and club- or religious sphere (see
- Meditation or the consciously, contemplative going inward by physical and vocal exercises (mantras, postures), breath control, concentration and relaxation of the mind in detachment from fruitive actions (
- Refraining from intoxication by especially hard drugs, like opiates and amphetamines, as well as an altered consciousness by the milder soft drugs of nicotine, alcohol and marihuana to the point of the softest drugs like coffeïne, nicotine, theîne and cocoa.
- Medical restorative (preferably nontoxic) drug therapy to repair the immunesystem, with the assistance of rest and vegetarian food.
- Regular club-meetings or religious/spiritual association.

SP - therapies & measures:

- Acceptance of sexual frustration by means of higher level subliminal discharge.
- To consult a spiritual counselor, master, therapist.
- Read spiritual books.
- Cognitive therapy, therapeutic conversations, psychotherapy.
- Rescheduling the daily activities for a more natural sense of time.
- General stress-reduction, curbing material activities, Reducing working hours to 36 a week. regular business meetings.
- Promotion of a better balance covering the different fields of action of the private, the public, the labor and the club sphere.
- Tantric meditation/sextherapy.
- Seek spiritual association on a regular basis.
- Promote married state and family-life by free wedding rings, childsupport, scholarships etc.

EIS- therapies & measures:

- Part-time jobs.
- Regular donations for a good cause, preferably serving that cause also with other actions.
- Set up projects involving as many people as possible in service of a good cause.
- Live on the dole by vow of poverty (as far as the state permits).
- Banking for micro loans third world, fair trade policy third world, management support third world, promotion natural time respect third world (scheduling to sun and moon).
- Musical activities for the purpose of spiritual enlightenment. Meditative music.
- Youth projects.
- Give without expectancy of return.
- Share what you have with whomever serious in spirituality.
- Do not acquire, buy, accumulate more than needed.
- Curb gambling and financial speculation. Only trusted investment preferably in the business that raised the money.
- Implementation of the philosophy of association for better political stability.
- At least one evening or day each week no television; to go out and appreciate another's service for a better sense of community and economic exchange.
- Abolish unemployment by relabeling it as unsalaried, or as basic income dependent, or as a lack of association in service, at the same time supporting, economically allowing and even promoting people vowed to volunteers work.

SVS- therapies & measures:

- Vegetarian diet. No use of fish, meat, meat products, eggs or products that involve the killing (commercial or ritual) or torture of animals (including non-vegetarian cheese, leather shoes).
- Digital information management before paper media like books, magazines and newspapers. In case of books rather print-on-demand production than stock-building and -destruction. Digital national and international libraries.
- Projects for preservation of natural sites, forests and landscapes.
- By all means preserve trees, also within cities.
- Plans for reducing personal firearms and other weapons.
- Hand your weapons over to the police or else keep them locked away.
- International meetings on a regular basis, political, sportive, scientific, religious and otherwise.
- Bilingual language education (local tongue and English).- - - Coaching of youngsters.
- Regular quality time with the family and one's friends preferably to a natural rhythm, fixed dates rather than weekdays, or association to the lunar order.
- Visit the sick, old aged, handicapped and imprisoned.
- Regular physical exercise to channel the energy for a non-fruitive cause. Health for the sake of health.
- Offer services instead of imposing them.
- Free access to education for all age-groups.
- National and international holidays and celebrations.


- See also the filognostic table for a more structal overview of all the relevant divisions of reality.

- Consult also the article by R.M. on Drugs, Addiction and Control

Other sites:


(Alternative treatment; take care, might not work! Do not attach too much belief.)

- Youtopia Institute: activist website in defense of the different AIDS-remedies.

- The Antidote Website selling the antiviral medicine.

- CrocodylusPorusus: Yahoo discussion group for validating the Antidote claim.

- MacNeese University on crocodile research

- ProAlgaZyme: report of HIV suppression by algy water.

Hypothermia treatment: the blood is cooled and refed, and AIDS syptoms vanish.

- An alert of the S. Food and Drug Administration issued on the sale of the Antidote into the United States: "DETENTION WITHOUT PHYSICAL EXAMINATION OF AN UNLICENSED BIOLOGIC KNOWN AS "THE ANTIDOTE"

- Tetrasil:

- An internet discussion on Tetrasil;
- A
critical note on Tetrasil as a cure for AIDS
- Website for
Tetrasil as an ointment against skin inefections.
Positive comments on this ointment effective against cold sores.
The Marantech Institute of Dr. Entelman, a physical chemist known internationally for his scientific discoveries and many highly successful commercial applications (e.g., Thin Layer Chromatography used worldwide by scientists; Micro battery technology used to power credit cards and other applications; A method to eliminate deep sea corrosion of zirconium in nuclear submarine reactors), assessed the efficacy and non-toxicity through initial in-vitro and clinical testing and produced as a testresult: CD4 (Hut78) Infectivity with HIV-1 Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (parts/million) 20.00 ( 98.4% inhibition).

- AIDS reappraisal by basic info on the troublesome scientific ins and outs of HIV and AIDS.

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AIDS Reality Check: Facts and figures, news and information, a message board for dialogue with other AIDS rethinkers, and free "AIDS reality checks," personalized responses to your personal questions and concerns about HIV and AIDS from researcher Rod Knoll. Find extensive info on AIDS drugs, surprising data on condoms, reports from the US Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization global AIDS totals, and much more.

- AIDS alternatives. Their Links-page

- Wikipage about the reappraisal group /AIDS-reappraisal

- Rethinking Aids website: Breaking news, historical documents and original publications by scientific and medical experts from The Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis.  

- Alberta Reappraising AIDS society: Features one of the most extensive collections of referenced quotes on the safety and efficacy of AIDS drug treatments in addition to volumes of information on all subjects of interest related to HIV and AIDS. An excellent resource frequently updated with current news.  

- The Perth Group: Extensive collection of papers from researchers at the University of Western Australia who assert that AIDS experts have failed to prove the existence of HIV, that HIV antibody tests diagnose HIV infection or that HIV causes the development of the clinical syndrome AIDS. Highly scientific and informative reading.

- Dr Roberto Giraldo, MD: An infectious disease specialist and expert in health enhancing solutions to immune dysfunction, Dr Giraldo's site offers a wealth of information from an alternative perspective and features original articles in English and Spanish, as well as references to other resources in a variety of languages.  

- Professor Peter Duesberg : a professor of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of California, Berkeley. He isolated the first cancer gene through his work on retroviruses in 1970, and mapped the genetic structure of these viruses (HIV is thought to be a retrovirus). This, and his subsequent work in the same field, resulted in his election to the National Academy of Sciences in 1986. On the basis of his experience with retroviruses, Duesberg has challenged the virus-AIDS hypothesis in the pages of such journals as Cancer Research, Lancet, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Science, Nature, Journal of AIDS, AIDS Forschung, Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapeutics, New England Journal of Medicine and Research in Immunology.

 - Links from



- The Other Side of AIDS: Google video- documentary critical about the HIV-hypothesis.

- The sceptical Youtube-movie by Gary Null: Deconstructing the Myth of AIDS

- See also the documentary HIV fact or fraud?: The scientists who say that hiv doesn't cause AIDS.




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