For being spiritual, good nourishment is essential. The vegetarian, seeking his joy of life in the non-violent respect for all living beings, must be more careful with his diet than a meat eater. He must garner his vitamins, proteins and minerals more than a meat eater has to. For a piece of meat is a kind of vitamine pill. But a piece of meat also gives toxic waste like ammonia when broken down in one's digestive tract and that on its turn gives, according some studies, cancer of the colon and problems with e.g. one's vitamine D household which regulates the absorption of calcium and other minerals. Vitamin D is also built up by the body catching sunlight regularly. Older people need to pay special attention concerning vitamins. When a vegetarian consumes different kinds of vegetables, cereal, beans, milk and fruits with a proper alternation and combined eventually with nuts and seeds as an extra source of protein, he will suffer no lack whatsoever (veganists must eat sea weed or another B12 product, and lacto vegetarians in case of a lactose allergy must simply only eat fermented dairy like cheese). A point of attention are the fatty acids omega 3 & 6, good for one's brain, ones immunity, ones circulation and the growth of cartilage e.g. and other tissues. They are essentially a kind of vitamins because they cannot be produced by the body itself. They are supplied by a cheese sandwich each day or by one or two table spoons of linseed oil (or having fatty fish as a meat eater). Much of the hunger of meat eaters is purely a conditioned, fake kind of hunger that only, with the consumption of sugar and non-essentail fat, leads to overweight and such, including the accompanying welfare diseases (of diabetes, heart troubles etc. ). If one regularly eats vegetarian food though and even so now and then for a day takes to a fast on fruit juice and milk (e.g. once in the fifteen days with the regularity of the sun and the moon, see vko), one may even increase one's life span with five to ten years, so we may conclude from scientific research data on the life expectancies of old aged vegetarians. Do not eat too much nor too little and thus be hearty and hale; a good diet is the key to a healthy life! For those who doubt the correctness of these positions taken, we below present a table offering an overview of all the essential vitamins. The need for protein, which for the vegetarian is covered by the consumption of the complementary proteins of cereal and beans, is in combination with these vitamins, as you can see, also perfectly covered by a diet of beans, cereal, milk vegetables and fruits, and with the variegation of the foodstuffs presented below you will suffer no lack of any kind of mineral when you regularly eat figs, spinach en broccoli for your iron. Pills are not needed thus, being a conscientious vegetarian!

To your health and happiness!


Your vitamins together



Found in




Helps the immune system; slows aging; gives a good skin, hair, teeth, bones,and eyesight

Liver, green leaf, butter, margarine, egg yoke, cheese

Blindness at night, sores in the mouth, dandruff, acne, frequent infections

Headaches, nausea, dizziness, fatigue and problems with the eyes, the skin and the skeleton


Stimulates growth; mental resilience; good brain function, muscles, heart and nervous system

Green leaf, dried yeast, carrots, milk, whole-wheat bread, beans, meats, nuts

Beriberi, fatigue

Stomach ache, headache, allergy


Stimulates growth, good for one's hair, skin and nails ; needed for reproduction

Milk and/or dairy products, eggs, meat, leafy vegetables, yeast, whole wheat products

Sore mouth, insomnia, burning eyes, flaky skin at the sides of the nose.



Needed for the hormones of sexual reproduction; improves circulation; gives a healthy skin, nervous system, digestion

Meat, vegetables, whole-wheat products, peanuts, eggs, fish

Insomnia, muscular weakness, skin problems, sore mouth, psychic afflictions

Vascular dilation ('flushing'), damage to the liver and eyes

(Pantotheen acid)

Provides anti-stress hormone; improves the nervous system, helps with healing wounds

Meat, whole-wheat products, liver, eggs, nuts, yeast, vegetables

Depression, skin problems, fatigue, loss of appetite



Natural means for urine secretion; lessens nausea, maintains the immune system, involved with the nervous system

Meat, whole-wheat products, fish, legume, bananas, yeast, avocado

Anemia, dry skin, nervousness, PMS (premenstrual syndrome)

Damage to the nerves in the limbs


Needed for growth, good skin and hair, and to supply energy to the body

Meat, milk and/or dairy products, eggs, whole-wheat products, nuts, rice

Premature gray hair, hair loss, depression, serious eczema


(Folium acid)

Needed for formation of body cells and red blood cells; prevents spina bifida in the fetus.

Green leaf vegetables, carrots, liver, eggs

Nervousness, birth defects, gasping, insomnia, bad memory

Stomach and intestine trouble, allergy


Needed for a healthy nervous system, formation of red bloodcells; concentration, memory and maintaining one's balance

Beef, cheese, milk and/or dairy products, eggs, fish, meat

Anemia, fatigue, painful tongue, hallucinations


Ascorbine acid)

Antioxidant; needed for the absorption of iron; helps with the healing of wounds; needed for healthy bones and tissues

Potatoes, vegetables, legume, fruit

Bleeds, blue spots, lessened immune activity

Diarrhea, intestinal troubles, kidney stones


Needed for healthy bones and teeth, the kidney function, the absorption of important minerals

Sunlight, milk en dairy products, fat fish, cod-liver oil

Affected teeth, osteoporosis, rachitis with children

Calcification throughout the body (not with 'authentic' D)


Antioxidant; slows down aging, provides the body with oxygen, cures the skin and prevents scar tissue

Green leaf vegetables, vegetable oils halvarine, margarine, whole-wheat products

Cataract, anemia, liver spots, prevents miscarriage

Troubled blood clotting (only in combination with a vit. K-deficiency)


Influences blood clotting; needed for the kidney function for healthy bones and teeth

Yogurt, alfalfa, egg yoke, sprouts, green leaf vegetables

Nose bleeds or even intestinal bleeds with an excess of antibiotics used


- This table was also published in HP de Tijd (a dutch magazine) of 11 Sept. 2005.

- Vitamin F is an obsolete term for the essential fatty acids omega 3 en 6. A good cheese sandwich or one or two table spoons of linseed oil supplies for your daily need.

- Selenium is an element common in animal products and is good for one's immune system and fights the symptoms of aging; it is found in Brazil nuts (a lot, a few suffices), bread (10% a slice) and pasta (50% each meal).

- Beware of artificial vitamins, they can unsettle your biochemistry and immune system. The artificial D in margarine e.g. is known to be the cause of problems with the calcium management of the body in case of an excess. Eat for that reason always natural food stuff; fresh butter e.g., but do so sparingly because of the cholesterol in that case.

- Definitions of different kinds of vegetarians:

- Ovo-vegetaranism: a form of vegetarianism eating eggs, but no dairy. For the production of eggs many male chicken are shredded.

- Lacto-ovo-vegetarianism: one consumes dairy products and eggs. This is currently the most common variety in the Western world. .

- Lacto-vegetarianism: consume dairy products but no eggs. One has to take care of one's protein intake: cereal, beans, nuts and cheese. Most vegetarians in India and those in the classical Mediterranean lands

-Fish-vegetarianism: they eat like lacto-vegetarians, but also without the fish; in fact these are no real vegetarians for they eat cold blooded animals.

-Veganist: a form of vegetarianism not consuming anything of the animal kingdom nor do they use leather products. These folks have to mind their vitamin B12 and wear plastic or linen shoes. They have to consume linseed oil for their essential fatty acids.

- Only fruit: the most extreme form of vegetarianism. People only eating fruit not only respect animal life, but also tree and plant life. Therefore they eat (in the most extreme cases) only fruits and nuts, which allows trees and plants to live and because the fruits and nuts were meant to serve as food. These people have to consume food supplements in order not to suffer deficiencies, for fruit only is too one-sided as a food source, in nature e.g. become chimpanzees, who only eat fruits and leaves, after a few days aggressive and do they kill another monkey to consume it for their proteins and vitamins. People have an almost identical digestive system as monkeys. Gorillas being purely plant feeders e.g. have to eat all day through and lick stones to gather their minerals and other nutritional substances.

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Do you have to slim down?* 

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The Filognostic Method:

To slim down: Buy a scale and check your weight daily.
Eat every other day only fruit and milk (buttermilk is the best).
Reckon two days for every pound of overweight.
With an overweight of six kilos you will have to slim down
for a minimum of twelve days in alternation.
For your ideal weight you must continue this regime for about one or two weeks more.
Once you reached your
ideal weight (body mass 21.75, depending your constitution),
you must manage to maintain this by adapting your discipline of foodintake.
Then just eat some more or less, but not differently just like that.
You thus don't change your diet, but still slim down.
Always take care to ingest the nutrients that you need (
see above).

Tip: add daily a spoon full of linseed oil to your desert:
the need for the wrong kind of fat diminishes thus and false hunger disappears,
even though one is slimming down.

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