Drugs, Addiction and Control




Reasoning from the movie The Insider the issue of soft-drug habituation is discussed in the light of a primordial predator-neurosis that would obscure our consciousness and conscience of nature and the needed human values to get out of the dark of drug-abuse, political indecision and legal warfare against citizens. The conclusion is that from confidential knowledge one must manage to cure from the neurosis and that legally one should acknowledge the physician as the authority in matters of legal drug-use.



The Insider

The problem of illusion.

Confidential knowledge

The neurosis, the addiction

Against Nature and our motive of control



The Insider

The Insider is a hollywood-movie of the year 2000 about the battle of private people against the drugs-maffia of nicotine. The end of the movie: the battle was won with the help of integer journalism that had to defeat its own lies and material fears of interest. All this was about the legal confirmation that nicotine is a drug. To the court of justice it was formulated by the expert insider witness of the tobacco-industry as a chemical substance that passes through the brain barrier by the bloodstream, definitely affecting the consciousness or the workings of the brain. It was confirmed as being addictive and thus destructive and not permissible without any legal control. This was the tenet of the movie The Insider.

Seeing this movie was a tiring experience. It was as if the onlooker had to fight the battle himself. Following the story one realized that the fight had just begun, the truth had just been (legally) uncovered: half the world smokes cigarettes and one knows now for sure that these people are simply drug addicts. We also realized this before with alcohol. Alcohol is also a drug that is now under legal restriction, against which a battle has been fought in the prohibition of the thirties . That battle was lost; we had a world war and more madness to fight than just alcohol. And this social conflict about drugs, addiction and control pertains to the whole spectrum of psychotropic drugs: marhiuana, alcohol, nicotine, but also caffeine, theïne (a likewise substance in black tea) and even cocoa (all brown chocolate). And these are just the soft-drugs. The battle against hard drugs, especially heroine and cocaine is already exhausting, if not devastating the complete worldcommunity. In America and the rest of the world millions of people are incarcerated for drug offences. It is a multi-billion business -interest of a completely organized crime and anti-crime opposition. We are talking about war. And the situation doesn't get any better with the present politics of legal control. Evidently it is not the right concept of control: legally boundaries are set and penalties determined, but putting a fence around a problem doesn't solve it .


The problem of illusion.

The essential problem we are dealing with concerning this issue is that of truth. Truth is the word that is used to contrast the equally elusive concept of illusion. Truth scientifically means that one sees the reality as it is. From the greek philosopher to the present day theorist there is agreement about this: illusion is to be fought with truth and the truth is the reality perceived as it is. It is a basic human value on which the whole of human society and virtue is founded. The act of escaping from the truth is called escapism. Escapism is the willful creation and maintenance of lies that is liable to legal persecution. The tobacco-companies in The Insider were caught in a full-blown lie about the addictive qualities of nicotine and thus were found guilty of creating illusion, that is to say they were found guilty of fraud, cheating and evil intent. Of course everything was settled by economic penalties. One cannot send people to prison who have been tolerated as respected tax-payers and citizens, although they are lying frauds demolishing the society with their policies of deceit. Although they are guilty of killing hundreds of thousands of people giving them cancer and driving them into despair, unemployment, divorce, madness and suicide, they are tolerated and only penalized. Not the producer of the soft-drug is factually responsible, the user is. One glass of alcohol e.g. is even considered healthy. One cup of coffee or a coke is not really causing any damage. A piece of chocolate is nothing but an innocent pleasure of fine taste.

The legal measures are not sufficient to attain to the control wanted. Legal measures can be in the service of the material interest of parties involved. The security of the people is heartened by penalizing driving a car under influence or prohibiting the use of alcohol on the the work-floor. In order to do our work we have to see the reality as it is. That we agree about. In private situations though, the legal matter is finished. The legal settlement is there as a civil public defense against the human weakness of all kinds of drug-escapism for the state of illusion. The legal system doesn't really declare war in the sense of bombing the enemy out of its strong-hold, which in this case is the private freedom to 'enjoy' escapist actions. No, in fact the legality is the irrational defense for the security of the private sphere which is the root of the problem. Keeping the system as it is, the first conclusion must be that from the legal politics of governmental control the problem cannot be solved. If we want to win this war, the private sphere must be attacked, bombed and subdued. And this is where all public, legal and political discussion ends. All we are left with is a private discussion about personal matters in the confidential sphere. Only from a fundamental change in this sphere we can expect a change in the greater society which is simply a reflection of all those private interests together.


Confidential knowledge

So what is that horrible truth that we like to escape from? Is it that we are so tired of all the stress, the competition, the materialism, the sex, the failures of control, the disbelief, the disrespect, the animal nature, the Big Lie? Certainly going private doesn't end the awareness and reality of these problems. Nor as we stated does restricting the escapism to the private sphere only constitute much of a solution. And now we are only talking about the escape in drugs; socially tolerated soft-drugs. There is more escapism of the same kind in violence against animals or others we like to consider animalistic(ally) resulting in a general lack of compassion, the escape in acquiring possessions which make us possessive, egoistic and soulless and the escape in sex to get rid of all those nasty tensions raised by the awareness of the problem.

The maintenance of illusion by means of drug-escapism is the first offense though. The rest can be considered as side-effects: If you think meat-eating is healthy, working for the money is the prime objective and and having sex is the same as being loyal, than certainly you apply for a cigarette, a drink, a cup of coffee, a coke, a piece of chocolate and some recreational marijuana as a reward for championing the grand illusion of the glory of human weaknesses. This is how, what we consider to be normal private people create and maintain their state of illusion. And to the office of the analyst, psychologist or whatever mental health worker this is the confidential knowledge that the government cannot decide or even may know about. These are sins to the priests: thou shall not kill, lie, cheat and steal. But we are grand predators if we eat meat, steal oneother the profit away, have sex without the blink of an eye and have a good drink to celebrate all this. This whole predator sporting is the reality of illusion covering up the knowledge of our weakness. Only by first of all acknowledging this illusion one can see a reality where the soft-drugs might no longer be needed or even be experienced as disturbing the fine consciousness of happiness we are after.


The neurosis, the addiction.

There is no escape from the addiction if one doesn't face the truth that we as human beings in our weaknesses foster a kind of predator-neurosis with all kinds of fears, compulsions and diseases. It is in killing animals for food, wanting to steal oneother the profit legally, and betraying oneother and love in general in sexuality that we deny that we are behaving like predators that take alcohol to loosen up from the tension experienced in the conflict with our primary genetically programmed primate instinct (or nicotine to narrow your brain about it). A normal primate rarely kills out of hunger. Only after a prolonged serious lack of basic nutritious value the ape does kill, and not even all of them do so (gorilla's e.g. are pure vegetarians). Certainly we, who do have the full wholesome nutritious value of dairy products, don't have to kill any animal for the purpose of rare vitamins or common protein.

We are no normal primates, we human beings are predatory primates, a special dangerous type that is always in distress because of going against as well the natural order as the genetically basic primate program of instinct. Thus the foundation of the general human weakness and its resulting drive for escaping into addiction is uncovered. There is no doubt about the weaknesses. We have evolutionarily evolved in the fear for predators copying their behavior and our moral systems are solely directed for being aware of this. Religion preached against it since the earliest of civilization. All basic religious disciplines, be it the sufi-muslim, the hindu-yogi, the buddhist or the christian monks - they all cherish vegetarianism as the basic drive of their belief. There is no doubt about the way we create and maintain the illusion of the human goodness that is in fact a passion about the ignorance of behaving like a predator. There is only doubt about the way how to fight this enemy, constantly lacking in all efforts to be really of goodness, understanding, progress and the human values of truth, loyalty, sharing and caring countering the basic four weaknesses.

Must we consult a psychologist to get out of this neurosis of becoming the predator that we fear in oneother since the earliest of our species? Certainly that psychologist is part of the neurosis. Certainly he can't help being caught in the game of being a better profiteer than the looser seeking Him. Certainly he will not come to that conclusion but concentrate on fear management, sexual problems and blocks in general aspiration, which are all just symptoms which being fought just lead to another version of the same disease.


Against Nature and our motive of control

One must acknowledge that the basic disease of the predator-neurosis consists of simply going against our own nature and the natural order we should be an integral harmonious part of in general. Without this conclusion there will, albeit we foster the honesty of the confidential knowledge of our human weaknesses, never be any realization of a concept of control that ends the (hopefully only mental) disease and the social disarray that is a result of that illusion-covered weakness. Without the preliminary analytic conclusion of this predator neurosis we cannot get out of the eternal hell of human fall-down ending in dictature and senseless karmic warfare.

Also must be understood that this going against our own basic primate genes has made a vicious circle with going against the natural order in general. The latter one does practice for digestive purposes. We are stress-addicts in the first place. We can't live without it (and therefore also not abolish it politically) because the meat in our intestines must be digested more rapidly than the normal length of the primate vegetarian tract allows. Otherwise we intoxicate ourselves with the waste products of breaking down the complex animal protein. Thus we need to jog like idiots trough the park or beat oneother senseless in a boxing match or wage serious wars in soccer-support or football-matches, yell oneother brainless in military training, and watch creep shows of all kind daily on television (truly happened or not). The culture grows into a monstrosity of perversion: never is there enough stress and perversion to get rid of the predator shit sitting peacefully in christian goodness denying the natural phases of the moon to be a serious directive in our lives.

No, for our digestion we think nature is bad and cultural fixations are good. We abolished (in A.D 325 by Constantine still being a pagan, just before the fall of Rome ) the division of Calends, Ides and Nones from the Julian reform of our calendar - which made a nice clock-like division of 48 'weeks' (considering a second moon quarter Nones) in a solar year - for a stiff cultural weekorder that does not pertain to anything in nature (and if it would align to nature in another solar system, that would be a serious disorientation). We disregard the respect for the rising sun by means of pragmatic time-zones much too gross to keep the natural differentiation and alignment of time and place falling down in endless discussions of unity in diversity. We wage war against Kosovo- and Tsjetsjenian Muslims not understanding their moonrhythm-consciousness which is about the only meaningful contribution of Islam in response to Christianity. Just because the moon-year is a cultural invention one can never agree about, the whole consciousness of the natural moon-rhythm was abolished and declared primitive calendering throwing us in the dark of the middle ages and keeping us there in the ignorant christian materialism of modernity likewise. Because we get bored stiff with the inductive false oneness of timezones we further spiced our digestive motive by the invention of summertime of which one says that it saves energy but of which one also knows that it creates more chaos and (for the digestive tract desired) stress in the society with people not knowing when to go to bed at all anymore (would that save money?).

Not further discussing all the ecological ramifications of our digestive hobbies and the total social estrangement and chaos we are heading for, it must be clear that in order to maintain a logical mind and a directive of action, at least in the confidential sphere of ones private realizations one must try to cure from the predator neurosis and restore ones harmonious relation with the cyclic concept of natural time. The escape into the soulless linear concept of time that offers no memory of whatever and thus constitutes no conscience either can never give the practice and awareness of good habits that must lead first individually and then collectively out of the darkness of (post-)modernity. With all our achievements of technical control the equally almost total absence of social (= supposed to be human) selfcontrol must be reversed. At a distance over the Internet we are safe to pay attention to oneother and do not have to fear being plundered for some profit (given a net-work cable connection). From that control one may realize by this article the purpose of regaining the human control against the weaknesses and their illusions of covering them up. Only then concerning the matter of drugs, addiction and control there can be a light be seen that could guide humanity out of the 'luxury' of these predator wanderings and diseases.

As for the questions of politicians about what to do from their capacity the answer is quite easy: mind your own business! Concerning drugs that means it is the business of doctors - people who studied the chemical properties of these compounds and their possible use for medical purposes. In other words: let the physician ultimately decide how much alcohol, nicotine, coffee, chocolate and and marijuana would be beneficial or dangerous or how much opium-derivates would be necessary - and let him take responsibility for the proper guidance of users. He 's the official and legal dealer and/or authority. And that must be enough. How can a policeman ever judge what quantity of drugs would be needed and how they should be administered? He can only guard the legal limits. As lays we can endlessly argue on moral grounds what should or should not, but in the end the call for authority is just the call for an authority. And let that be someone who really studied the subject.





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