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Spinvis: 'Aan de Oevers van de Tijd'

 To the Interest of The Order of Time
serveral renown musicians like:

the Rolling Stones with 'Time is on our Side'

David Bowie on Aladin Sane: 'Time'

Madness on Mad not Mad: 'Time'

Boz Scaggs on Some Change: 'Time'

and Des'ree on Supernatural: 'Time'

have composed songs on the theme of time.
Below you find a selection of YouTube video's and other references.


The Rolling Stones:

- Time is on my side.
- Live version:

- Album Version 


David Bowie:

- Time (Diamond Dogs Tour)

- Album version

The Alan Parsons Project:

- The song Time from : Turn of a Friendly card:
- Time
the lyric

- Samples From The Time Machine  .

- Temporalia
- No future in the Past
- The very Last Time

- Links to Alan Parsons sites

Pink Floyd:

- on dark Side of The Moon:
- Time
Live version:

Album version:


Lionel Richie:

- Time on Time:-
- Time

Cat Stevens:

- on Mona Bone Jakon:
- Time

Tom Waits:

- on Beautiful Maladies - The Island Years:
- Big Time, Rain Dogs

Series of video's:

Nancy Sinatra:

- on: How does that grab you? :
- Time

Jim Henson's

- Time Piece


- on Lunapark:
- Time

Bob Dylan:

- On: Good as I Been to You 1992
- Hard Times (RA- file)

- Text

- On: New Morning 1970

- Time Passes Slowly (RA- file)

- Text

First Release

- On: The Times They Are A- Changin 1964

- The Times They Are A- Changin'(RA- file)

- Text

- On: Under the Red Sky1990

- Born in Time (RA- file)

- Text

- On: O mercy 1989

- Most of The Time (RA- file)

- Text

- On:Blonde on Blonde1966

- Pledging My Time (RA- file)

- Text


- From the film: Brother sun, Sister Moon
- Brother Sun, Sister Moon

- Artist: Ananda Sky

- Lyrics: Donovan 1968 & Dana Hofford 2 April 1996

Carrie Underwood

- Praying For Time - Idol Gives Back 2008


Chantal Kreviazuk - Time  

- Song video on YouTube 


High School Musical 2

- What Time Is It ? (World Premiere)


Leona Lewis

- Better in Time  

Song video at YouTube.



- "Time To Pretend" Music Video

Song video at YouTube


DJ Antoine

- This Time (Klaas Remix)



- All I Need Is Time  


- Closing Time

Herman van Veen

-Waar blijft de tijd?

- De tijd tikt:

De tijd tikt
de uren van de klok
tikt de ruiten
van je rok
roept de kippen
op de stok
en de haan kraait "goede morgen"

De tijd tikt
de uren in het rond
tikt de blaadjes op de grond
trekt de zon omhoog
de maan omlaag
en de haan kraait "goede morgen"

Ja, de tijd tikt minuutjes van de dag
tikt de treden van de trap
als je heel laat zachtjes
op je tenen door het huis gaat

Ja, de tijd
tikt je leven zo voorbij
heel verdrietig en heel blij
en de haan kraait
alsmaar "goede morgen"




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