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©opyrights: Anyone interested in the music at these pages is permitted to freely download, to arrange and to perform publicly under the condition of registering the performance with The Order of Time and the mentioning of the internet-address (URL) and name of site The Order of Time. Anyone may print out scores from the midi-files listed here for private purposes of study only. For sale on record, print, broadcast or otherwise commercial use the permission by The Order of Time is required.



For people seriously interested in more audio there are audiotapes and CD's available (go to feedback and state under message the tape or CD you want: Bhajan I, II, III or IV (devotional) or 'The Struggle is Not Yet Over' (classical) or 'Your Time is Your Godhead' (popular) (of de nederlandse versies) or Cosmic Notes (Synthesizer) and you will receive an e-mail back about the procedure. In fact the material is donation ware as far as it concerns the costs. (This is no commercial offer but meant for members of the Filognostic Association only)



click here to download the Zip-file of the '98 Midi-files (302K)
click here to download the Zip-file of the '99 Midi-files (476K)
click here to download the Zip-file of the spiritual Midi-files (1.6Mb)


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For the Real Audio downloads go to the audiopage 


 Apart from adding your data at the music-form-page and the Linking Library Guests Page you can also find files and add your own files to a general Midi database:


See for Midi, MP3 and more general music links the music linkingpage of The Order of Time Linking Library.






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