Table 4: Table of Fields: the light and the dark side

the light of the fields

"... : in summary do the basic elements,
the false ego, the intelligence
and the unmanifest (....) form the field of action
with its transformations''

(S'rîla Vyâsadeva, Bhagavad Gîtâ 13: 5-7)__


B - Basic elements: the individual concrete of the personal physical.
P - Intelligence: the individual quality of the personal spiritual.
C - False ego: the social concrete of the personal physical.
S - The unmanifest: the abstract quantity of the personal spiritual.

'The Business of Private Cakra Spirituality'

Fields of Action of the Person Unified
to the order of the True of Time of the Sun and Moon

concrete or physical
abstract or spiritual


Free enterprise

servitude: welfare
a lunar phase day
Private interest

sun: cakra-wednesdays


Free association
social: openness &
community sense
sun: cakra-sundays
Spiritual association
stability: wellbeing &
lunar phase days

This table constitutes the behavioral directive
for a balanced life-style to the
Full Calendar of Order
for as well the order of the week as the order of the day

For the week:
At B days one has business meetings (technical, financial agenda)
P days one has private meetings (friends & family)
C days one socializes outdoors to the cakra sunday (downtown, recreation, shopping)
S days one gathers for spiritual association (religion, club-life)

For each day:
The division of daily activities:
six hours of sleep at night: the physical/individual
B -interest
six hours of community service: the morning of
C -interest of social/material matters
six hours of private interest: the afternoon
P-interest of individual/private activities.
six hours of social meditation in the evening: the spiritual of the

To the civil virtues:

On B-days on settles the economy.
P-days one settles the religion to one's own character and nature.
C-one settle the luste lust.
S-days one settles the liberation.

According a balanced use of the brain:

There are also the so-called internal fields relating to a balanced use one has to make of the brain to find stability in one's life. This entails the balance between:

1) the receptivity of the person to his own nature and consciousness of form at the one hand and the initiative of the person for himself and the person doing something for others at a voluntary basis at the other hand, and

2) the spiritual of mental activities and the physical of being engaged with the body.

  In one table presented this looks like a division in eight times three hours of one whole day of 24 hours, consisting of meditating, dreaming, hobbies, and housekeeping at the one hand and studying, volunteer work, socializing and working for a living at the other hand. This division is closely associated with the four times six hours described above for each day. With this division in blocks of three hours may one, for one's time schedule, shift to ones liking during a day. The basic notion is that, to the extend that one of these eight fields is not attended to, or either another field gets too much attention, that must be compensated with separate days like days of going out, leap-days of fasting and religious or study days and such - given the desire to stay healthy physically and spiritually. Because there anyhow will be some kind of imbalance with the time and the fields that one covers, is it also indicated to engage in exercises which unite the so-called lateral consciousness like yoga or taiji-exercises or simply relaxation and breathing exercises or some kind of sports training. This kind of exercises, performed daily next to the ones on the special days in which one further catches up for one's neglected spheres of interest, will restore the space-time awareness that was compromised, or, in other words, will restore the balance between the left hemisphere of the brain relative to the right one, which is called the lateral interest.

See further the description of the fields under definitions, the Game of Order-wiki and in the synopsis.

N.B.: B and P fall on the third day of the
shorter lunar (355/48 = 7.4 days) and longer solar week (356/48 = 7.6 days)
as the logical counterpart to the lunar phase day and cakra sunday
in dividing the period of their 6 days of action in half.
This is needed to balance in schedule the interests of the fields in question.
So in schedule belongs business to the lunar order and the private interest to the solar order.
One's business-life is the counterpart of spiritual/religious association
and one's private life is he counterpart of free association in public.

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pictures from the filognostic guide about the basic fields and the associated vocations divided to the dimensions involved.
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Order of the Sun, the Moon and the Galaxy to understand the origin of the time divisions used.

! The dark Side !

'So it is indeed, good friend, I said - and find - for your future leaders a life style preferable above the simple excercise of power, and you will also have arrived at the option to rule a state decently. Becasue in that state, and in that state alone, will rule they who are really wealthy, not in the sense of money and goods, but in the sense of being rich in what one needs to be happy, namely a good and premeditated life style.'

(Plato: The Reupblic VII 571b)

Not of respect for the time table of integer human action above, which assures one's physical, mental, social and communal or common health, will one fall back into the darkness of respectively the political ego of repression, conflict and denial based upon unrighteous ulterior motives, standard time lies, violence against other living beings, and the impurity of unfaithful perversions (see also the filognostic table).

Political Parties of the Person Divided,
Falsely unified in Standard Time.
(with the democrat as de 'joker in the game')
The latter table is the same as the former one be it that it is drawn from the perspective of the perverted state of man identified with his physical interest as a servant of the body in stead of his position as a servant of the soul, the Self of principles.

It describes how class-society egotistically corrupted loses democracy and lands in dictature.

How it should work with political parties
see '
A Small Philosophy of Association'

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