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The style and background images at this site were partly provided by the former site Argotique. This site is no longer available. Further is anyone free to use all the images of the Order of Time, provided one puts them in ones own server, except of course the LLS-pictures (but not the small isls-image). Using the pictures though. it is wise to
1) Register with the Order of Time so that anyone can find you as a supporter
2) Not to violate copyrights using them for any commercial purpose unless consented to.
3) Add a link back to the Order of Time and/or use the images below so that anyone can find the source belonging to them.

Using for instance the images of the guide in other textbooks or internet-presentations, it is a scientific duty to refer properly to the source not to be accused of plagiarism. It can cost you your job and ruin your reputation forgetting about this!

Naturally without further registration in case of serious commitment one can support The Order of Time by placing the images of this banner or these buttons on one's own web page.