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The logo of The order shows a yellow and red star in the primary colors of the color-code of The Order. Yellow(orange/ocre) stands for the status of detachment while red stands for the professional orientation of rulership. Black symbolizes the intellect while the little bit of gray in the ring around the logo stands for the vocation of trading. (the blue of this page stands for withdrawal for the sake of study. (Green means celibacy/virginity while white signifies marriage). The two stars in the animated image (reload, don't scroll if frozen) are (relative to a fixed sun / the viewer) spinning in opposite directions signifying the state of affairs in nature as indicated by the startime-tempometer which shows the earth and celestial sky spinning relative to the sun. The earth is indicated by the right spin of the red star (the hands of the tempometer) while by means of the leftward spinning yellow star the movement of the celestial sky is indicated that gives one day in a staryear extra. The star has six points as a staryear of 366 days is most easily divided by the number six (six two-month's seasons, 2 times x is 12 month's, 24 hours, 48 minutes, 48 seconds). The strength of The Order is in this respect based on the simple notion of having one numerical division of time as the basic reference for staying aware with the confusions of modern time (-management)