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This article takes up the challenge formed by the reality of crop circles from an unknown origin. After discussing the psychology of repression and denial and an analysis of the phenomenon there is a conclusion stating that to arrive at a mondial concept of time-management is fundamental to the idea of a practical key to the world culture we could offer the alien intelligences we are dealing with.




by R.M.




The facts


The Circles.


The Answer: our Key to our Worldorder


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The facts

For a few decennia now we have a new phenomenon: crop circles. Is it a hoax? Is it of an alien origin? From the civil point of view we do not know. Some guys named D. and D., who turned out to have contacts with the american and british Intelligence Agencies, undermined in 1991 public belief by stating that they at least made 300 of them since 1978 (against 9000 of them registered all over the world in 1999). On request though they were not able to reproduce any of them to a satisfying degree that could match with the real phenomenon. The guys today maintain a (professional) website instructing on how to make your own circles. Apparently this is an action of legally covering it up (see also a Crash Course on Crop Circles).

Studying other internet sites about the phenomenon we learn that first of all the phenomenon is not new: "The earliest known formation was in 1647 in England. They appeared in significant numbers in the early 70's as individual circles that swirled either clockwise, or counterclockwise. A major transformation occurred in 1990 when the circles became complex pictograms composed of straight lines, angles and spiral rings " (see crop circles defined). Only the last decennia since the 1980-ies there has been a process of arriving at observations of more and more complex crop circles that seem to be part of a communication pattern. There are many theories about this phenomenon: a certain site mentions at least nine basic theories of which the so called plasma vortex-theory has the broadest scientific support. Scientific investigation of the crop circle phenomenon has proved a difference in the circles themselves. About 10 % (see the crash course for crop circle beginners and an article about The origin of anomalies in crop circles ) of the circles do not show the anomalies that are typical for 'genuine' circles and can thus be assigned to human actions. At some year there could be observed more crop circles of human origin than of unknown origin. The genuine circle has some characteristics that can not be reproduced by human action: they contain levels of microwave radiation, bent and not broken stems, changes of growth rate, enlargement of the nodes, signs of super quick heating, dehydration of the soil and mutations of the DNA of the plants. These signs can at best be explained according to dr. L. (in N. T. - Cropformations: A biophysical investigation.) by the reality of a plasma vortex as can be observed in natural lightening. The problem is that this plasma vortex which apparently made such an intricate pattern cannot be explained by natural phenomena. There must be a technology of controlling such an energy to produce these patterns. This technology is not known at this planet and therefore at least 80% of the crop circles are of an unknown 'alien' origin. Of this there is no doubt. Circles have been observed appearing within an hour over area's as large as 1,5 miles. A feat that with present earth technology is impossible. Above that there have been several observations of peculiar light phenomena like bright orange or other colored balls of light and sound phenomena around the circles before as well as after their appearance. From the film left, a hoax according some critics, one can see how unknown lightballs are whirling the circles. And all this has its appearance all over the world now. The conclusion is that some intelligence is writing messages in symbol circle code to us on the face of mother earth and we are baffled.



What do people do being confronted with unknown phenomena? They do whatever they can that is within their scope of control. As such there have been divining rods, meditation sessions, healing powers ascribed to circles, interpretations and predictions by clairvoyant people, government cover ups and more peculiar psychological phenomena that all have one thing in common: we do not know how to deal with these strange symbols in the crops. Amateurs have tried to make their own circles and in some instances there was an illusion of communication with the original circle makers. Sometimes very near to a recently manmade circle an alien one appeared that seemed to have some relevance to the former one. But by no means there has been any formal and systematic attempt to take the messages as serious invitations to interact at the symbol level. Of course there are many interpretations of the symbols. Many of the circles are recognized as being alike symbols of celtic crosses and other cultural and spiritual/religious origins (see for a systematic account: Crop circles: The Crop Circular.) Also mathematical patterns like Mandelbrod fractals have been recognized. Other internet sites maintain things like: "The intergalactic language is your language (LANGUAGE OF LIGHT) and it speaks to you from its place outside of you and, of course, its place within you. The symbols are YOUR LIBRARY and you can retrieve that information which you are comfortable with and return the rest." ( from a site that does not want to be mentioned), and give intuitive interpretations of the meanings of these patterns. But still there is a general lack in sincere thinking on how to communicate at this level of symbol management. We seem to be stuck in a psychology of ignorance and denial, mystification and interpretation without ever arriving at the conclusion that we have to formulate an answer to an apparent message from outside our human earthbound realm. In fact humanity is embarrassed: some intelligence is talking to us at a level of symbol-management control familiar to us, but we lack in cultural unity and capacity to say anything meaningful back to them. That other intelligence is trying to speak our language of symbol management and we are only capable of recognizing which of our known symbols match with the ones drawn by them in the crop fields. In fact we, apart from mystifications, lack in any theory of what and why that intelligence tries to communicate to us and what and how we should answer them. Certainly it has not been the intent of the government hoaxers D. and D. to stimulate us in formulating answers in talking back to that unknown intelligence. In fact they programmed to present humanity like a chaotic amateuristic moron to which that intelligence can only answer with a question mark (which actually seemed to have happened in 1990). Psychologically speaking at the level of the collective conscious we lack in selfknowledge of first of all knowing our own symbols of culture (there is no world-order agreement but only ego-culture about it) and secondly we have no idea of what as a collective should be our answer to that other intelligence. There have even been commercial crop circles advertising products like cars or electronics to which those alien intelligences must have pulled their hairs if they had any.


The Circles.

In order to take these arguments seriously we will first have to study the actual patterns themselves. First of all lets take a look at amateur-human/hoaxed circles:

(taken from the B. T. Crop Circle Home Page).
These are the worst examples and show rather sloppy irregular patterns of an evidently amateurish nature. Within these circles one could trace human actions as performances with rope and plank and broken stems. None of the above described anomalies were observed in these circles. Nor do these patterns make much sense symbolically, nor do they constitute any mathematical regularity of importance. It looks like children playing crop circle and that is all.
The real phenomenon looks like this:

(taken from Crop circles: The Crop Circular)
These patterns were observed in 1999 in England and had some of the marks of the genuine thing (but not quite all of them). Still these circles were doubted as they made patterns all too familiar to us. Could the military have made these? The 6/12 divisions make the interpreters uncertain: with these they suffer from our own cultural self alienation with the government cover ups and the idea that aliens could make patterns that are so much alike the international symbol of ecology or the jewish six-pointed star.

Another category of genuine circles are the mathematical Mandelbrot-like patterns:

(taken from Crop circles: The Crop Circular)

Of these circles there is no doubt: they are the real ones. They are huge, complex and mathematically interesting and show all the anomalies as was scientifically confirmed to be of the plasma-vortex hand of writing. In this type of circles at times all kinds of modern equipment fails to function while animals refuse to enter them on their own senses for natural deviations. Sometimes the electromagnetic radiation was that strong that several people got nauseous entering them. These circles appeared over several years since the early 80-ties. They are formed perfectly as if programmed by a cop circle computer with the crop laid down in patterns that sometimes could only be explained by having happened all at the same time as if a huge vortexing circle-stamp had imprinted the pattern in the field.

More genuine ones of different types have appeared:

(taken from Crop circles: The Crop Circular)

Sometimes the circles are of an exceptional beauty like:

(taken from Crop circles: The Crop Circular)

All kinds of mathematical divisions of the circle have appeared: from 5, 6,7,8,9, and 10-divisions up to complex designs that e.g. could be recognized as a double helix of circles (a DNA-like structure) and all kinds of figurative representations like ant-symbols or other swirls of an unknown type. These have been interpreted as being of "the Master" , "Buddha-energy" and alike . Also patterns appeared that looked like solar systems to which one has tried to interpret dates as they looked like configurations of our own planetary system with the planet earth missing. From these we have mystical dates 24718 days apart with the next match upcoming in 2033.



What can we rightly say about these symbols? First of all they are mainly circles divided according a mathematical rule. Sometimes the circles seem to make figures of an organic nature. Never do they seem to make up letters of an alphabet. In conclusion one might say that the intelligence behind it tries to tell us something about the possible divisions of circles relating to organic life. Why would they do this? And what kind of reply do they expect? What is so important about circles? Planets are round, orbits are circular just as timescales are round making cyclic time. Philosophically time seems to be the dominant theme, especially the division of cyclic time that would make a culture of organic beings living with that time. It has been suggested that the circles offer us the abstract of alien cultures, unknown civilizations. And indeed what would it be else excluding the possibility of a human origin? Of course the alien intelligence communicates from its own culture its own division of time and its own organic foundation. The question is: why would they make the effort to communicate theirs to us. Is there something wrong with our own concept of earthly time-management? Did we neglect cyclic time too much? That may be so. Are they trying to tell us we should be clear about our own system collectively? We surely will have to if we want to answer them. Are they provoking this collective agreement? They certainly did from this point of view. Will they stop making circles as soon as we gave them the answer they want? That remains to be seen. Sure is that the government and our own psychology apparently does not like to be lectured to by an alien intelligence on how to run our own planet. Isn't that against the primary directive on interplanetary communication?(see the S.F. television series on The Enterprise). Our psychology tells us to be in control and to stay in control. The matter is that we, from our own selfrespect of conscious control, owe them an answer. We know after half a century of research on UFO-phenomena that the other intelligence doesn't neatly land on the planet to get in touch with the United Nations for an official representation of their cultures on our planet. The culture-shock is too big apparently to make for something like that straight away. Maybe they just want to make sure that we know what our own abstract, control and selfrespect of earth-culture is before anything like a third-kind encounter can formally take place. The movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind of S.S. certainly made us aware of the possibility. But are we aware of the preconditions ? It seems to be common sense that some kind of equality and mutual respect is needed. If we only could formulate in one crop-circle what our own culture of timerespect defining our own control of organic life would be... Then there could be a possible next step in exchange of information and culture with the alien intelligence. Or then we could put end to this challenge. That seems to be reasonable.


The Answer: our Key to our World Order

Of course we could answer with a hindu swastika, jewish star, a christian cross or a yin/yang symbol defining the concept of our vedic or jewish/christian preference of our taoistic balancing of the duality. But does it define our time-management? Does it define our organic life of managing this planet as a collective? Is there any cultural agreement about it? Certainly we can not take a symbol of an already existing part of our world culture however integer that symbol might be. The part is not representative of the whole. It could serve a subcultural confession, but not a mondial one. Of course we can communicate our celtic crosses or cabalistic or mathematical theorems in the form of crop circles exactly the way they do it. But that doesn't define our world culture as a whole. So what is our world culture actually doing relating to time? Without this knowledge we can never define and identify ourselves making a signature to our own communications with that other intelligence. The other intelligence surely has its own time-consciousness and time-control and in their position we also would require the knowledge of what the other side is doing in this respect before we can continue on any further process of a possible cultural exchange or ending of it. The other intelligence also needs (wants) to be sure that this species of humanoids operates as one coherent whole. I in their place wouldn't trust us if we would have no collective agreement on what exactly we are doing with our consciousness of time. We fighting ourselves about it would just as easily fight with them about it.

In this perspective the time-philosophy seems to be of a central importance: it is the strategy of order and peacekeeping that is needed to make a stable and selfrespecting world culture. To us it is like a religion. In our traditions time-management has always been linked to collective political, religious and scientific options. As such the crop circles have a religious/political/scientific meaning in our own eyes. They, the other beings, confess their belief showing us the relativity of their divisions and organic reality. And we should logically answer in the same way talking that same symbolic language. Therefore we must arrive at an agreement about our own human reality. From the above as well as from many other religious, philosophical and political options we have to depart from a threefold division of time representing the relationship of our earthly management of time and organic life. Scientifically we have the astronomical Zodiac to the celestial sky which makes for a division of twelve signs. Religiously we manage moon/sun and lunisolar calendars making for another twelve division in month's to the solar year. Politically we make for a twelve hour scale on the clock that is representative for the light day constituting a pragmatically manipulated concept of standard timing. These three twelve divisions somehow interconnect adding up to what we may call our present world culture of time-management. It symbolically would have to look something like this:

This is a pattern complex enough to represent our own complexity of time-consciousness as well as complex enough to match with their designs having a likewise mathematical beauty. It is a bit too complex though for picturing it in a crop-field like this:

It has to be reduced to a basic circular format of representation in order to be executed without too much trouble. For that purpose it would have to look like this picture:

or in the field:

(this image is thus computer-generated, not yet performed)

This roset, looking a bit like a church window, then would be the key to the world order we could hand our honorable alien intelligence guests as a guarantee of our own peacekeeping ability and awareness, continence and righteousness of coherent formal action. Interplanetary (intergalactic?) communication this way provoked by them in effect would strengthen our own identity and cultural awareness. And that just might be the purpose of their actions. Maybe they will withdraw and respect the 'primary directive' of interplanetary non-interference as soon as they have achieved their goal of provoking our mondial selfawareness. Maybe they will take a next step of contacting us. That remains to be seen. Anyhow denial of the crop circle phenomenon will certainly not give us the selfrespect and capacity, nor the stability and control that is needed to survive on this planet to begin with and to look beyond our own planetary limits as a consequence. Intercultural exchange (interplanetary or intraplanetary) requires this abstract of cultural identity. Whether the 'aliens' exist at all, whether this is a phenomenon from the collective unconscious or whether there will ever be any progress relating to unexplained 'alien' phenomena, after all this challenge of arriving at a collective symbol or key to our own world order will do us nothing but good.

R.M. 1-01-2000



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