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2) Two policies of winning sustainable energy

Concerning sustainable energy there are two options: the indirect and direct winning of sustainable energy. The indirect winning of the energy free available in nature consists of the transformation of a natural and materially perceptible impulse into electricity with the help of notably solar cells, windmills and hydroelectric power stations. This is what the International Energy agency calls the first, the second and the third generation technologies of the previous century:

- First generation: the since the 19th century winning of energy from the incineration of biomass like agricultural waste products, water power via dams and energy from geothermal power, the direct at the surface of the earth available heat like one has in Iceland.

- Second generation: the during the twentieth century with more advanced technologies winning of energy from the heat of the sun with heat pumps or special buildings, from solar cells, from the force of the wind and from biofuel or ethanol.

- Third generation: the use at the beginning of the 21th century of modern technologies still under development like biomass gassification, biorefinery, solarthermal power plants with mirrors and plates, and the deep in the earth winning of geothermal energy by means of so-called hot-dry-rock power plants operating on the heat of water pumped through deeper layers of rock, and tidal power plants at the coast.


The energy that is available in nature must thus with these technologies be generated from the material dynamics of a specific natural phenomenon like solar radiation, wind, water, the heat of the earth or biomass. These impulses are not constantly present. During the night there is no sun. The wind stops blowing and the river dries up or floods. Biomass depends upon harvesting and seasons and the heat of the earth is not at all places as easily accessible. Indirect winning of sustainable energy further demands the investment of large sums of money in expensive water works, solar panels, drilling and windmill farms. That energy must, in order to be constantly available, be stored in batteries, fuel cells and such and must next in the form of hydrogen or electricity be distributed and sold via a grid or some other network. Thus runs the energy through a complete circuit of human actions in the case of which must be spoken of a major collective, material effort which also has political and economical ramifications because of all the dependency of the individual citizen and the civil population at large in relation to the different nations, regions, institutions and commercial companies playing a part in the generation of the power in question. This then results in various social, economical, geopolitical en ecological problems.

Directly winning sustainable energy with the help of what next may be called the fourth generation of technologies that at the beginning of the 21th century are not yet, or hardly, commercially available, entails that one directly converts the energy that in the universe is responsible for the in second instance finally appearing of sunlight, wind and water power. God, as the creator of the universe that spins by itself on the basis of its own primal energy, is in fact the inventor of the one and only real perpetuum mobile which is the point of departure, which constitutes the power source, of the free energy generator that is needed for the direct winning of energy. This primal energy is in physics known by the following terms:

1) Zero-point or ZP energy, the minimal energy laying at the foundation of the cosmic complete. This energy is associated with the so-called cosmic background radiation, a remnant of the Big Bang, and the phenomenon that Helium doesn't freeze at the absolute point of zero degrees on a Kelvin scale.

2) Vacuum energy, the energy inherent to the vacuum of outer space which constitutes the foundation of the fundamental forces of nature of the weak force, the strong force, the electromagnetic force and gravity. This energy is associated with the so-called Casimir force of a certain pressure of space that pushes two plates together that are held at a microscopic distance.

3) Radiant Energy, the energy associated with the difference in electric potential between the higher layers of the atmosphere and the earth. It is about the free in nature available, longitudinal electromagnetic waves which travel trough the medium of outer space that in the old text books was called the ether (aether). That concept of ether was at the end of the nineteenth century forgotten because of the problems one had with delivering the scientific proof of its existence, but recently has the concept again surfaced in the context of the research done relating to the possibility of a direct winning of renewable energy (see also this article, and compare it with: wikipedia).

These terms are more or less mutually exchangeable because no sharp line can be dawn to set these forms of energy apart. They may be considered as stemming from one and the same source, as a function of the living universe, as a function of time. They are all forms of space energy. Practically divided in three different primal forms or fields of energy may that energy also be described as a) the (dark) energy of the expansion of spacetime with its cosmic background radiation, b) the energy of the attraction around black holes in the middle of galaxies and c) the energy of the earth's magnetism and the gravitation of individual stars, moons and planets. The in the field of new energy research internationally renown physicist Dr Tom Bearden states that in the universe, in the vacuum of space, there exists an energetic dipole of virtual energy particles or energy bubbles. These particles, which uncertain as they are in their value constitute an unlimited source of energy, are not in a perfect equilibrium but do constitute together the stable state of outer space. The imbalance consists of a so-called broken symmetry of the primal cosmic potency. This means that once in the beginning the primal force was in a state of equilibrium, but that it got disturbed, lost its balance and thus produced all kinds of effects and forces. Because of that found finally the matter its existence of the galaxies and other cosmic phenomena we also know as the creation. Because of that disequilibrium does, so says Bearden, the universe bubble in the vacuum of outer space with virtual energy particles that according his notion are appearing and disappearing in a constant flood. In the wider circle of quantum mechanics one also speaks of quantum foam. The astrophysicist Tom van Flandern states in this connection that we have to discriminate between two forms of stable states: a state of parts that do not move and a state of a sameness which is there from moment to moment, but has moving parts which are constanly caught in the process the way one has a waterfall (see the docu Energy from the Vacuüm). And thus we have in the stable state of outer space of the cosmic vacuum the presence of this form of primal energy which behaves like a waterfall with moving virtual energy particles. That dynamic dipole is in its entirety finally responsible for the vitality of the biological equilibrium on the planets and the stationary spinning of the moon around the earth, the earth around the sun and the sun around the centre of the Milky Way.
    The states of the particles of the primal energy - that is to say, of the 1) dissipative primal expansion and 2) the attraction or contraction of the virtual bubbles or energy packages (the quanta) -, constitute the original, cosmic, energetic dipole upon which the new technology of the winning of free energy is based. They constitute more or less the fundamental polarity of what we call the time: the linear time of the expansion of the universe and the cyclic time of creation with its celestial bodies that are characterized by gravity. Thus may one with the direct winning of energy also speak of a way of thinking and working that is associated with the way we are dealing with the order of time. The by the time conditioned worlds of living, have all their existence in the imbalanced but stable state of the dynamically moving universe. With the primal energies of the creation, which with the time is constantly on the move, may one thus speak of a perceptible energetic effect, which science calls the cosmic background radiation, wherein there is a minimal amount of energy at the basis of the absolute zero of temperature. On the atomic and subatomic level is this zero-point energy present, but it cannot be addressed just like that because it concerns the lowest possible energy of the system. That energy is not material, it is massless, and has no specific three dimensional direction. That energy is chaotic, it is dark, but is observable. Nevertheless constitutes that energy, as said, with the dynamics of the stable state of the constant disequilibrium of the universe a as good as unlimited and never ending source of energy, even though it at the Zero Point level seems to be minimal and useless. It is in the dynamical relationship between the different types of space energy that a great potential is found. One may derive from it as much as 40-50 Mw per cm3 of space according, among others, the engineer Dr. Paul Czysz of the Disclosure Group we will discuss in the next chapter. With that energy do we positively have, secondarily as a derivative, a condensate, of that original primal, natural energy of the spinning motor which is the universe, with the energy of the sun about which we turn, sunlight without burning up in it, with the atmosphere the wind without having that atmosphere blown away, with the differences in altitude and the evaporation on earth, the power of the water without us washing away or running dry and have we the heat of the earth without us melting into the magma.

There is electric potential in outer space. We can tell this e.g. from the northern lights, the so-called aurora, which is the luminescence in the atmosphere caused by the stream of charged particles emitted by the sun. We also see that the radiant energy of space delivers regularly a short cut in the form of lightning. Yet do we not know how to connect our wires to that electric potential of space, the space that is defined by first of all the local magnetic and gravitational fields of what Einstein called 'curved space'. And secondly do we have the universal fields of gravity in between the stars and planets which we also call the virtual polar force of the vacuum, and have thirdly the 'darker', intergalactic energy, the energy of spacetime, the energy of the expanding universe. That energy of the different forms of space we cannot as easily address because it is chaotic after all. The bubbling of the particles delivers no directly usable electricity, because it so, as the inventor John Bedini states it, is negative or potential energy which can only be perceived when it as an extra 'radiant' effect in the opposite direction with a current of electrons runs in a circuit. With that effect is matter constantly looking for its original primal state of singularity. That energy we must manage to catch with a machine which transforms the negative energy into usable overunity energy or an extra surplus current, and then we have a system which delivers more energy than we have put in. The regular electrotechnical science of engineering excludes that surplus constantly from the system as being interference and thus ignores the pressure of the 'bubbling operation' of the cosmic dipole of the vacuum. Normal electrotechnical engineering kills the dipole making a voracious energy system eating up the entire globe instead and achieves that way thus never any overunity in catching the freely available energy of space. The energy of a battery running a clock one can use to light a lamp, but to isolate the energy which makes the universe of the planets and the stars spin and harness it for our own use is another matter. Where is that battery hidden? That battery is virtual, or, it is only there as a potency, as a possibility we can only address with a contraption that makes it work for us. With the classical electrotechnical approach we do not know exactly how we directly must make use of the broken symmetry of the primal matter, and thus, seems initially the primary energy of the planetary and solar magnetism, the free radiation and the vacuum energy of outer space and the gravity of black holes, to be a form of energy we can only win indirectly from water works, solar cells and windmills and such.
  The interaction of the local fields, the galactic fields and the spacetime cosmic force field - or the effects of spacetime the way Einstein likes to state it - is what finally results in the movement of the luminaries. Modern physics prefers not to not speak anymore about ethereal force fields, because that force, chaotic as it is, is difficult to prove by experiment. There is only the indirect proof of certain spacetime effects. In the end of the modern analysis constitutes the time as an extra dimension to our space a fourth dimension, a dimension which can only properly be seen with a very strong telescope. Only in second instance can we with the indirect proof see the movement of water and light (as the thinnest matter of fotons) on our planet. But the underlying structure is as complex as a
cube of Rubic with an extra dimension. All we see are the derivations of the primal energy. And whether we therewith in a modern sense speak of spacetime indentations or of ethereal fields is merely a matter of language. There is energy to be found within creation. That is a fact, otherwise there wouldn't be any movement, any time. All matter and its relations, all time phenomena, are manifestations of the cosmic energy and it is that energy that we as sustainable energy, with some inventive dexterity as we will see later on, may convert into electricity. In order to obtain the dynamical energy of the electricity, or the mechanical moment, which we need with the direct winning of the original energy in nature are therefore these energy-converters, these generators or transformers needed that transform the 1) at zero-point outward pushing of the dissipative force 2) the bubbling interaction of the vacuumpolar force of the threedimensional realm of attraction and 3) the radiant energy of the multidimensional integrative forcefields present in nature - in one word thus transform the energy of the 'great battery' existing all around us. When we in that case manage to have motors, like the Monopole Magnetic Motor of Bedini (see the logo of his website), running on that energy source, are we free from the tedious, risky and less efficiënt procedures we have to follow with the indirect method of winning secondary sustainable energy. This winning of the free energy without the go-between of the sun, the wind, water and other media, may be called ideal because it, independent and for all places, is the most efficient way and offers the least chance of environmental disturbances and disturbances in the balance of the powers of our human civilization the way they from an emancipatory perspecive are supposed to be.

The direct winning of sustainable energy thus constitutes a paradigmatic problem. We always thought that machines running on their own without any perceptible input of fuel or another energy source, in other words machines that are perpetuum mobiles, are not possible. And now must we take chaotic, massless energy into consideration as a serious possibility. Of course does a machine not run without any input. But with such a predominantly invisible source of the space energy as discussed, must we think entirely different 'outside the box' about cause and effect concerning the energetic relations in nature. It is no longer a tangible, clearly demonstrable process. It demands an explanation of energetic processes which we without further ado couldn't accept from within the method of an indirect winning within the confines of the scientific thought model of the twentieth century. Patent counsels don't want to have anything to do with unknown energy sources, for such a thing falls within the category of deceit and fraud. Overunity, or to have more output than input is a taboo. We seem to break the laws of nature which are held as valid for the visible world when we organize the chaotic energy of space, of the battery of the universe. And yet, so defends Bearden, are we not in offense with the laws of nature or are we stating something new. Scholars in the past have said this all sometime or other. It is just a matter of effective implementation in such a way that we, beginning of the 21th century, let's say in 2020 or 2030, can purchase these free-energy generators in the shop or collectively put them at work in powerplants and thus generate our sustainable free energy directly.  This science may have taken birth, much has been discovered already, but the child is still in the cradle, commercially and educationally it is not capable of standing its own ground yet at the beginning of the 21th century. To the normal science of people talking afer people it seems to be something impossible. To them is winning energy from the apparent 'void' nothing but envy with God, for He is the one and only inventor, the only real patent holder of the selfrunning machine that is the universe. And that wouldn't just be heresy, it would be in conflict with the most modern religion of physics which fights for the conservation of the law of conservation of energy! A battery of e.g. 'dark energy' does not exist in such a view, one cannot get hold of such a thing or else it would be too far away somewhere in the center of our universe. The usual ways are then revolutionized and with that we fear the worst.
    But okay, as the philosopher
Descartes said and the way we will also discuss it further on: all of matter is a transformation of the ether and empty space is something that does not exist. According him consists the universe entirely of interlocked and mutually influencing force fields and also Einstein had in 1920 to admit in writing just before his lecture about this in Leyden that he had been too radical in his denial of the ether and that space without physical properties is something unthinkable. When we want to find proper closure in this energy question are we concerned with the, in a direct way, addressing of the energy of that physical property of space about which Einstein spoke. We must therewith relating to our 'fears of conservation' to that again, for purposes of clarity, as an axiom, explicitly state that there is no question of creating energy from the 'void' with these free-energy generators, or that we somehow would manufacure energy, but that we are deriving from an existing and scientifically acknowledged, natural source as the 'dark energy', 'zero-point energy', 'vacuum energy' or 'radiant energy', which is associated with what we call spacetime, or else the compelling force of time in the vacuum of stellar space, or else the polar electromagnetic energy of the celestial bodies, of magnets and of crystals themselves. The essence of the secret of winning energy from the vacuum is by Bearden summarized as follows: "There is no problem at all in extracting all the energy one wishes from the active vacuum, anywhere in the universe, at any time. Just make a dipole. The problem is in (1) catching some of that freely gushing EM energy in a circuit containing a load, and (2) dissipating the caught and collected EM energy in that load to power it, without using half the caught energy to destroy the source dipole's. That is the ONLY real energy problem on the planet, and always has been." Next to that states he concerning the definitions we mentioned for purposes of clarity the following: "Energy from the Vacuum is NOT zero point energy, since the latter is an observable state and the vacuum energy is nonobservable." With such a formulation and the distinction between the manifest as opposed to the non-manifest of natural energy, do we positively have the chance of a successful change of paradigm that is capable of solving the energy problems and the problems associated with the energy question with which mankind now at the beginning of the 21th century is struggling.




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