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Advantages and disadvantages of the internet

This cyber section consists of a humanities directory or a cultural links-list to all relevant sites that we on the net encountered concerning the subject of our site, and other more focussed link-pages like an overview of other directories, a separate links-list with time-specific sites and a selection of specialized links-sites, as well as a recent chat-address by which one may link up for a personal contact with the one signing for this. Also other sites who could find themselves in our concept of service can be found here.

More and more is it for the 21th century of importance that, mentioning sources of importance, we directly are able to check them out in the form of web presentations linked up from a certain address. The internet is also named the digital ether; it is one field of connectedness linking everything up with everything. That ether is the new foundation of the realm of science the way G.W.F. Hegel confirmed it to be for the old ether in his foreword to the Phenomenology of Spirit: 'The pure knowing of oneself is the absolute being-different-from, this ether as such, is the foundation and the realm of science or the knowing in general. The beginning of philosophy supposes or demands that the consciousness is situated in this element.' Books do not form a direct connection, their disadvantage is that they, not being in one's possession, are not directly available to check out; the disadvantage of sites at the other hand is that, being under construction, they can be of a more tentative nature and all of a sudden may be gone. Books one owns, sites not (unless retrieved from a state-archive). Sites replace books thus not directly, but do offer an important extra source of information and opportunity for interaction. The internet points the way to a culture of knowledge that depends less on property and accords better with the dynamics of the spirit of the time and the human rights concerning the availability of access to and participation in the society focussed on knowledge and information. Also restores the internet the balance in the communication that was disturbed by the one-sided flow of information from radio and t.v. Each citizen may now, outside the not rarely dreaded and hated soulless falsehood of the institutions, personally formulate an answer to those streams of information. With publishers who are only able to accept economically viable presentations was that not an option for each. Knowledge digitally and sometimes selfrealized, revolutionairy present on the freer and less repressive internet as a form of collective property, the way we are used to with libraries, is thus certainly a normal task to hearten for us, people living together nationally and internationally. In our links-list at this cyber-section, which partly replaces a reference-list with this site, we alas had to downsize seriously the department that was created for sympathizing commercial enterprises because of an enormously knowledge-indifferent interest, for after the tenth site about garden-gnomes we had had enough of the 'declarations of solidarity' without a reciprocal link or the evidence of an otherwise proven serious form of commitment to the content. Since then is for this purpose the membership required of the so-called Filognostic Association. Also sex-, drugs- en gamling-sites that against all warnings of negation adamantly offered themselves contrary to the explicitly stated principles had to be shunned. Open communication also has it's disadvantages thus: one must manage time and again to filter out the so-called spammers, those people who usually try to impose unsolicited commercial information.


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