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About the Dutch Conflict
between Islam and Christianity

(1 march '08):

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About the Dutch conflict between Islam and Christianity


Hi I am René Meijer a psychologist from the Netherlands and I am ashamed about these people from my country upsetting the world with blaming Islam. And I am equally disturbed about threats from the side of some factions of Islam against us, and thus also against me. So I want to take responsibiliy and answer to this problem. Let me tell you something about this conflict between these two religions from a scientific, behavioral point of view.

Religions are about God. Both Islam and Christianity say there is one God. So let's agree with them on that point. If there is one God and these religions are in conflict, then there is evidently a conflict of authority in speaking about this one God. With the two fighting evidently that authority is missing which says: 'I am the one God and you now all shut up and listen'. So this God must speak up somehow to solve the conflict. God speaks through representatives, isn't it? So let me as a behavioral scientist now represent this one God for you in quoting from His leaders myself and tell these two fighting parties something about behaving in peace. So consider me a Muslim as well as a Christian for the time being.

I say, where two are fighting, two are guilty. Because, living for the one God there is peace with obedience. Yes? That is the belief. Okay. Let's keep that in mind. The two are evidently not in peace with all the threats and the actual war fronts they make in Iraq and Afghanistan. Christians want to conquer the world with democracy and Islam wants to achieve that by the Jihad. That is their belief: spread the message and he who opposes is the sinner, or the enemy or a possible terrorist or else an oppressor. That is clear. But why are those two missions in conflict? They can coexist and cooperate in their missions. Not that I believe that any religion or political party will ever win and rule for the rest of eternity. But okay. Why not cooperate? Or are they maybe with that mission statement of their belief in reality disobedient to their own original leaders and scriptures? God wouldn't fight God with his own missions would He?

So the two religions must be doing something wrong; both must be disobedient to the one God that brings peace to the world by obedience. Isn't it? That being so we can say: the pot is blaming the kettle, the two are accusing each other of their own disobedience. Now that is clear. So what is the error of disobedience they have in common, or what is, what science calls, the constant error? Psychology says that if you cannot find your own error, you blame someone else for it. That is called projection. We can see that happening all the time with our ignorance and we don't want to see this escalate, certainly not internationally. Lets agree about it and therefore discuss this.

Furthermore says behavioral science that we are conditioned beings and that, when we have a conflct of authority, this, with respect to the notion of our conditiong, refers to the very authority of this conditioning. Conditioning happens being systematic with time. So what matters then is the question: Who rules the time? Who is the boss? Who sets the agenda, who fills the calendar? Most political meetings deal with this problem, where to meet when to meet and when to do it again. Isn't it? But is that time system of ours the obedience to our one God in this case? Well, I don't think so. Apparently both Islam and Christianity are missing the point of oneness here. Apparently we suffer from some original sin. Sounds familiar, not? So, we can safely say that the authority of the timesystem is in conflict with these religions, that is a sure thing.

So let's take the argument one step further. The two religions not aware of the constant error of a failing timesystem are projecting: they blame each other. True awareness of guilt would render this impossible. Thus is following this argument the unconscious state of both the religions proven. Religiously being concious there wouldn't be such a lack of penance with both sides blamin the other. Would behavioral science make a better mind with this maybe? Lets give it a try. Constant error in science means that whatever you try you always get wrong results because an underlying error has not been detected. Christianity finding fault with Islam and Islam finding fault with Christianity is such a case: whatever they try, the confict continues. The common error is not found. And we now know that they are projecting their own ignorance in disobedience. Isn't it? Yes.

Then let's go to the next point. On what issue is each of the parties disobedient? Should they all be vegetarians? Maybe. Should they all be celibate? Possibly. Should they give up on doing it for the money? Could also be true. But it is not to psychology to say that. The question for behavioral science is: in what way would the timesystem of their conditionings fail to make peace as it should with the one God they have? Let's take a look at what the leaders have to say. In science I may represent a point of view if I correctly refer and not claim the control for myself. So... Jesus said: do it on earth as in heaven in the Lord's prayer. Point One: Christianity doesn't really do this setting the clock and the calendar to the money and not to nature. Christians definitely do it with standard time not completely on earth as it is in heaven. The dates and months are leaped, but not the days and the weeks. There we have the disobedience we talked about, and it concerns the conditioning time system. And now Islam: Mohammed said: do the pure sun and the pure moon.

Point two is that, even though Muslims respect the sun with their prayer times, and the moon with their fasting for a month, outside of that, outside the mosk with the cresent moon on top so to say, they defy the profet submitting themselves to standardtime settlements the same way as Christians do. They just as well submit for their daily activities to this reductionist and materialistic concept of commercial time management which by the politicians is called a pragmatic necessity. What they really say then is: warfare and its madness f collective selfdestruction is pragmatic. It comes handy, it might make a buck. ... And listen carefully: both the parties are saying this. Interesting not?

They have the same clock and the same calendar. They have mean time and zone time, and together with the gregorian calendar with its linear weeks they both defy the commands of their lordships. This they have in common, that is sure. The week is not leaped, the day is not leaped. Is that the pure natural time of Allah to the words of the profet? Is that to the heavenly pattern of the Father as Jesus advised us to pray? I don't think so. The moon is forgotten, and the sun scorches the planet dry with commercial energy philosophies which need to be overhauled by sustainable energy technologies. Christianity by means of Pope Gregory abandoned the respect for the lunar order, the so-called Ides and Kalends, for the monasterial rule at the end of the middle ages. Islam has the cresent moon as its symbol, but prefers nevertheless the linear weeks for civil purposes, material puposes by which they defy the natural order of the moon. Iraq is a timezone island... The time zone introduced in America they follow against the natural order of the sundial and at the same time they fight America blaming them for the original sin. It that a maturity of understandung? I don't think so.

So in conclusion: both religions defy the order of the natural time of the sun and moon. Right? Both do it the same way isn't it? Christianity and Islam have standard time in common, isn't it? So they have in common that which is in defiance of their own original leaders. Standard time is the devil, to speak in their own words. Not the religiosness itself, but the projection and the unconscious state of ignorance of the people involved is the problem. The cultures blame each other for being godless and barabaric. So, does that ring a bell with you personally? The common cultural defiance of the natural order of time is the error in common, it is a constant error in terms of behavioral science, and whatever the religions do without refuting standard time is futile. Right? Let behavioral science take care of overhaulimg these societal institutions that are so powerful and dangerous. And now you as a listener, personally take some real time, some natural time, and do so being reguarly with the sun and the moon. And then think about what you can do about this international conflict yourself. Better the world and begin with yourselves! Yes?

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