Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this site is to give clear and unequivocal instruction on the filognosy as proposed by The Order of Time. The Order of Time proposes for the science, politics, spirituality, personal interest, art and surfing of an alternative of time-consciousness. For that purpose it has developed e-books, designs, articles, definitions, timetables, a humanities directory for searching the net and even a game for searching on your identity for your life's mission. The complexity and diversity of The Order of Time might obscure the simplicity of its basic premises. To be clear about this simplicity this site offers straight questions and answers of a basic nature that will explain the concepts of consciousness, discipline, duality, liberation, order etc.

The purpose of this all is to arrive at a better (more conscious, conscientious, interactive, just, righteous, peaceful, responsible, civilized, welfaring, nondestructive, creative, progressive, spiritual, hopeful, liberated, aspiring, inspired, respectful, loving etc.) humanity and ultimately a worldorder that does justice to the complete diversity of not just our human nature.

It must be clearly understood that this filognosy is of a predominantly nonprofit oriented internet platform (apart from .com book selling) with no specific political, therapeutic or religious confession. The oppositions of politics, the inequality of the therapeutic relationship and the ritualism of the religious are not the objective (although they temporarily can be a means to an end). The purpose is to serve the independent mature self-realization of each individual in an also scientifically responsible manner and thus attain to a better world. Although there can be formalizations of a social nature with the Order of Time, it must always be remembered that the (restoration of the respect for the) ecological regime of the natural order is the ultimate objective of such formalization and that it is built upon the individual regime of the free selfrealizing individual.








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