Form: Calculation help for setting a clock to the sun

Calculate solar time
for any time of the day

and thus change your clock into a tempometer
, a clock astronomically set  set to the sun. 

With this calculation helper you can calculate your solar time
by filling in below your longitude details
and the GMT
* values as indicated.

Step 1:

First look up your longitude.

Paris F: 48n52, 2e20, France
New York (US): 40n43, 74w0, US
Amsterdam NETH: 52n22, 4e54, Netherlands
Den Hague NETH: 52n05, 4e19, Netherlands
Tokyo, JAPAN: 35n42, 139e46, Japan

For New York e.g. must below next be entered
at longitude degree 74 and with the minutes 0 !
New York (US) is west (w) of Greenwich

Longitude degree:

Longitude minutes:

Position to Greenwich:


Step 2:

Next enter below
the data of the here presented GMT

(N.B.: You can thus also calculate your suntime
for a GMT-time different from the present one) 

Hours GMT

Minutes GMT




For your meditation on the natural order
thus having set a clock to the sun
 requires that you
correct the time thus found about once a week.
Thus you will keep your corrected clock  at pace with the sun
within a margin of a couple of minutes.
Not doing this the difference quickly amounts
to about half an hour (from Nov. 5 to Febr. 5 e.g.).

Correcting for the sake of nature
can best be done with natural regularity:
on Cakra-sundays e.g., see below:

To check this by hand you need to consult
the pages about
the equation of time
and the

*: GMT: Greenwich Mean Time - the time standard for the entire world.
It is mean local time to the longitude of zero irrespective summertime. 
It is also called UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) or worldtime.
The time on your clock differs from this one
depending your time zone and summertime.

Also take notice of:

- The Full Calendar of Order (FCO): the table for the equation of time to incorporate this all in your agenda.
- And the pages about the
Order of the Sun, the Moon and the Galaxy to understand the source of the time divisions used.
Wikipedia on Solar time

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