Apart from being straight and measured time can also present us with inscrutable mysteries. Physicists made the greatest errors and discoveries researching on exceptions finding out about the general relativity that defeated the oneness of place and time. Time depends on the frame of observation. Time is absolutely relative. Not only straight physicists were concerned about this. Many common people observed phenomena of time oddities like flying saucers; UFO's and crop-circles. Although we rather not think of these exotic notions, still a few are taken into consideration here like alternative timetravel-techniques and the communication in crop-circles. The scientific noblesse obliges. Keep your mind open to the new and wonder!


Crop circles and the Key to the World Order. This article takes up the challenge formed by the reality of crop circles from an unknown origin. After discussing the psychology of repression and denial and an analysis of the phenomenon there is a conclusion stating that to arrive at a mondial concept of time-management is fundamental to the idea of a practical key to the world culture we could offer the unknown intelligences we are dealing with.


How to Build a Flying Saucer ?

1:an article adopted from outside This site written by T. B. P. It is set up threefold: first there is an explanation tiltled 'How to Build a Flying Saucer After So Many Amateurs Have Failed' about how flying saucers are supposed to work.

2: Second there is an article about the historical antecedents of this insight concerning experiments on electromagnetic field lift and drive technology.

3: Thirdly there is a post script of The Order of Time that reminds the reader of some basic conditions and considerations needed to take this all seriously. Next there are links to other sites on this subject.

See also timesciences for less peculiar discourses on the subject of time.

The Energy Question and the Order of time. This freely accessible ebook presents the concept of free energy and selfrunning machines that convert vacuum energy into usable energy. In fact this concerns the fourth generation of free energy technoilogy which directly addresses the energy freely available in the universe. Discussed are the ins and outs of free energy question or what we also call space energy inventions and inventors, the paradigmatic conflict, UFO's, alien communications in crop circles, theoretical considerations concerning the classical and modern notion of the ether (the 'aether') all leading to a conclusion in accord with the tenets of this site.


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