Put On a "Barter Fair"

By James Harvey Stout (deceased). This material is now in the public domain. The complete collection of Mr. Stout's writing is now at http://stout.mybravenet.com/public_html/h/ >



Fairs can be fun. Barter fairs can be even more fun, because we can get wonderful things there, by bartering.

We can have the barter fair at our school or at a club like the YMCA.

At the fair, people will have tables where they display their goods: apples from their fruit tree, some sports (baseballs, etc.), a chess game, oil paintings, comic books, and other things. They can bring photos or descriptions of things that are too big to display: a desk, or a bunk-bed.

We will have a list of things which we want so we can set up deals more easily. If people have the paperback books which we want, they can look at our list and see whether we have anything which they want. Or we can offer them something which is not on the list. Maybe they will make a deal with you.

To tell the public about the fair, we can advertise it with posters on bulletin boards.