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All of the material on this website is now free. It is now in the public domain. Please take whatever you want: You may download the digital books, and share them with other people. You may copy the pages (and the digital books) to put onto your own website. You may use the chapters (or just the ideas) in your own books. You may use the songs and poems, if you want them.

The chapters of the books were not registered at a copyright office. Some of the songs and poems were registered at the U.S. Copyright Office, but I now release the copyright; you may use the songs and poems without paying royalties.

I have been very ill. By the time you read this, I will be dead. I believe that my ideas are worthwhile, and I hope that my work was not in vain. I wish you well.

I have paid for this website to remain online until February, 2000. But I don't know whether Virtualis (the hosting service) will honor a contract with someone who has died, so please do not delay in taking the material that you want.

Download these digital books now!
All of the books are direct on-line accesible at this site. The digital books at this site can be downloaded in two Zip-files (± 0.9 Mb each excluding the music ra-files). for the whole site.Thus veryone -- including users of other platforms -- can read the contents of these books with a browser from his own hard disc also.
... You can also visit the rest of this website. The special features are listed below the descriptions of the books.

The Human Handbook

The Human Handbook is several books in one:

  • Dozens of chapters regarding psychological and spiritual well-being: the ego, shadow, midlife, self-image, motivation, intuition, stress, power, values, etc. (This website has a complete list of the chapters.)
  • An entire book regarding meditation.
  • An entire book regarding dreams.
  • An entire book regarding mythology.
  • An entire book regarding bartering.
  • An entire book of more than 200 poems.
  • An entire children's storybook.
  • An entire book regarding internet marketing.
  • Much more. Jump here for information.
Other Books By James Harvey Stout

(All of these books are included in The Human Handbook. If you don't want to download that big book, you can download these smaller books. (the smaller zip-files are no longer available)

  • Dreams With James Harvey Stout. Explore the world of dreams, and learn from them. Jump here for information.
  • Meditation With James Harvey Stout. The book presents dozens of techniques. Jump here for information.
  • Poetry With James Harvey Stout. The book has 215 poems, and a text about poetry. Jump here for information.
  • Internet Marketing With James Harvey Stout. This is a fast, no-frills guide to earning money on the internet. Jump here for information. (The book was formerly titled Rapid-Fire Internet Marketing.)
  • Bartering With James Harvey Stout. ("Bartering" is the same as "trading" or "swapping one thing for another thing.") Many people and businesses use this means of acquiring goods and services without spending money. Jump here for information.
  • Archetypal Fields. This book no longer exists. Instead, the contents have been incorporated into The Human Handbook.

Other Features On This Website
  1. Websites Of Psychology and Personal Growth. These sites present free information regarding psychology and personal growth. You can submit your site.
    • Websites Of the New Age. These links are for my new-age friends. My writing is not new-age, but I enjoyed the information on these sites.
  2. My Songs. I wrote these songs when I was performing professionally. Groove with the love ballads, inspirational songs, country music -- and a geek song!
  3. Awards Granted To This Website. See the awards; read the comments.

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