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"Bartering By James Harvey Stout"

By James Harvey Stout (deceased). This material is now in the public domain. The complete collection of Mr. Stout's writing is now at >


This is two books in one:

  1. Personal and Business Bartering. This book is for adults. (The business-oriented chapters are in the second part of the book). Personal and Business Bartering was originally published by TAB Books, Inc., in 1985.
  2. The Kid's Guide To Bartering. This book explains many ways for kids to survive and thrive in a world where money is generally controlled by adults. Bartering is a natural activity of children; they all trade toys and clothes and other items. This book will show them how to barter better.

Jump to the following chapters of Personal and Business Bartering:

  1. Starting To Barter.
  2. What Can We Trade?
  3. How To Meet Barterers.
  4. How To Barter.
  5. Barter Clubs.  
  6. What Is a Fair Trade? 
  7. How To Protect Yourself From the Risks Of Bartering. 
  8. The Rewards From Bartering.  
  9. How To Barter For Housing. 
  10. How To Barter For Transportation. 
  11. How To Barter For Education.
  12. How To Barter For Child Care.
  13. How To Barter For Food.  
  14. How To Barter For Real Estate. 
  15. How To Barter For Things We Can't Barter For.    
  16. How To Save Money With Cooperative Buying. 
  17. Bartering Comes To Life In Business.
  18. How To Barter For Advertising.
  19. Bartering Can Pay Many Business Expenses. 
  20. Bartering Can Increase Our Sales Volume.  
  21. How To Start a Barter Club. 
  22. The Taxation Of Bartering.  
  23. The Economic Impact Of Bartering. 
  24. The History of Bartering and Money.  

Jump to the following chapters of The Kid's Guide To Bartering:

  1. Welcome To the World Of Bartering. 
  2. What Can We Trade?  
  3. What Is a Fair Trade?  
  4. How To Barter.
  5. Meet Our Barter Partners.
  6. Barter With Your Family.  
  7. Barter In Your Own Business.
  8. Barter At School.
  9. Barter At Your Yard Sale.
  10. Barter Your Junk.  
  11. School Projects On Bartering.
  12. Put On a "Barter Fair."  
  13. Have a "Barter Party."  
  14. Games For Our "Barter Party" Or Any Other Time.  
  15. Jokes About Bartering.
  16. The History of Bartering.
  17. A Boy Who Swaps.
  18. Bartering Can Change Our Lives.
  19. What Is It Like To Be an Adult Barterer?
  20. The Laws Regarding Bartering.
  21. The Taxation Of Bartering.