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"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow."



"Happiness is a choice that requires effort at times."

On the 8th day god said:

Ok Murphy, now it's your turn.  


As you grow older, you stand for more and fall for less.


You can only be young once, but you can be immature forever.


Many use their youth to make their old age miserable


The sooner I fall behind, the more time I have to catch up.


Take a little time to do whatever makes a happy you.


Dawn: the time when people of reason go to bed.


Indecision becomes decision with time.


A garden is a friend you can visit any time.


When time has run its course, honorable men will triumph.


Every time you lend money to a friend you damage his memory.


We learn to love that to which we give our time.


It takes a long time to grow an old friend.


Every time we open our mouths, men look into our minds.


It usually takes a long time to find a shorter way.


Don't plant seeds: it is time to harvest.


A stitch in time would have confused Einstein.


Time ripens all things. No man is born wise.


The way to kill time profitably is to work it to death.


Time flies, but remember: you are the navigator.


Wake up - the time is Now!


Wasting time is an important part of life.


Worry takes as much time as work and pays less.


Time is ready cash - use it wisely.


If you aim for nothing, you'll hit it every time.


The time I know myself is the time natural





The trouble with our times is that the future is not what it used to be.

Paul Valery



The year turns about in its own course.

(Het jaar draait in zijn eigen spoor rond.)

(Vergilius, Georgica)





"The moment has no time"

Leonardo Da Vinci


O Time! consumer of all things; O envious age! thou dost destroy all things and devour all things with the relentless teeth of years, little by little in a slow death.

 Leonardo Da Vinci, Notebooks iX


Vyâsadeva in the Srîmad Bhâgavatam on time:




S.B. 1.6:8-9

While attending the school of the learned, I, being only five years old, lived depending on her, having no experience with the direction of time and the country.When once she went out at night for milking a cow, she was bitten in the leg by a snake on the path and thus she fell victim of the supreme time.

S.B. 1.8: 28

I consider You to be the eternal time that is without a beginning or an end - the all-pervasive one distributing your mercy everywhere equally among the beings living in the dissent of social intercourse.

S.B. 1.9: 14

All this, I think, is the result of the workings of time, as also with you, however detestable the rulers might be, the time rules as everywhere - just like the wind carrying a line of clouds.

S.B. 1.9: 15

And where there is Yudhisthira, the son of the ruler of religion, Bhîma with his mighty club, Arjuna carrying his Gândiva and our well-wisher LordKrishna, the effect of time is a reversal.

S.B. 1.13:17-20

Insurmountable, imperceptible eternal time supremely surpasses all those who are mad and engrossed in their thoughts of attachment to family affairs.Vidura, knowing this well, said to Dhrtarâstra: 'O king, please withdraw yourself from here without delay, just see how fear has taken over. In this material world there is no remedy of any measure or anyone as that fear concerns the Supreme Lord of eternal time who arrives for all of us. When a person has to give up life dear as it is to everyone, because it is certainly overtaken by the pull of this time - then what to think of the other things he has acquired?

S.B. 1 .13:46

How can this body and mind made up of the five elements [fire, water, air, earth and ether] that is under the control of time, action and the material modes of nature [kâla, karma and guna's] protect others when it is as well bitten by that snake as all others?

S.B. 1 :13.49

That unborn one, the father of creation, has , O king at present descended in this world in a form of time, in order to eliminate all those who are against His will.

S.B. 1:14: 3

He saw a fearful reversal of the direction of eternal time, observed seasonal irregularities and saw that the people in their human sins turned to anger, greed and falsehood in heartening their means of livelihood.

S.B. 1:14: 5

Seeing these serious causes and bad omens in the course of time preparing humanity at large greed and irreligious habits, the king spoke to his younger brother.

S.B. 1.14: 8

Is it so, as Nârada instructed, that the eternal time has arrived that the Supreme Personality will quit from the manifestation out of His own will?

S.B. 1.15: 27

Now I am attracted to the remembrance of the words spoken by the Lord of pleasure, Govinda, which extinguish the burning of the heart by impregnating it with importance according space and time.

S.B. 1.16: 24

Please inform me, o reservoir of all riches, about the reason of your tribulations that reduced you to such weakness. Is it mother, that your good fortune that was even adored by the godly, was forcibly taken away by the very powerful influence of time?' 


S.B. 1-18: 37

Because of breaking the etiquette, a snakebird, at the seventh day, will for certain bite the wretched one of the dynasty who offended my father.

S.B. 1:19: 4

While he [Parîkchit] thought like this he came to hear of the curse of death of the sages son, which he accepted as well and good to happen in the nearby future as the fire of the snakebird caused by the indifference of one who is too attached.  




S.B. 2.1: 14

O, member of the Kuru-family, therefore also your life's duration limited to seven days should inspire you to perform everything that traditionally belongs to the rituals for a next life.

S.B. 2.1: 24

His personal body is this gross material of all matter wherein all those phenomena are experienced of the resultant past, future and present of the universe.

S.B. 2.1: 34

Let me tell you that the hairs on the head of the Supreme Controller are the clouds, o best of the Kuru's, and that the intelligence of the Almighty is the prime cause of the material creation, so one says. His mind , the reservoir of all changes, is known as the moon.

S.B. 2.2: 15

Whenever one desires to give up one's body, o king, one should as a sage without being disturbed, comfortably seated with the mind unperturbed by matters of time and place, control the senses by the mind in conquering the breath of life.

S.B. 2.2: 17:

Therein one will not find the supremacy of time that for sure controls the godly who direct the worldy creatures with their demigods, nor will one find there mundane goodness, passion or ignorance, nor any material change or causality of its nature.

S.B. 2.2:18

Knowing what and what not relates to the divine of the supreme feet, those desiring to avoid the godless give up the perplexities [of aguing to time and place] completely in the absolute of the good will taking the worshipable lotus feet in their heart at every moment.

S.B. 2.2: 24 -25:

In control of the divinity of fire one reaches, following the movements in the sky, through the gracious passage of breath [the Susumna], the pure spirit [Brahmaloka, place of the Creator] that is illuminating and washing off the contaminations, thereafter upwards reaching the circle [the cakra, the wheel], o king, called Sisumara [meaning: dolphin, to the form of the Milky Way, galactic time].That navel of the universe is the pivot of the Maintainer [Vishnu] which due to the ones purified by discipline alone is worshipable by the living entity and those transcendentalists who for a certain period can rejoice in the soul reaching it.

S.B. 2.5:11

From the light of the radiating world [called brahmajyoti] I do manifest just like the sun and the fire, as well as the moon as also the firmament with its planets among the stars.

S.B. 2-5:21-22

[The Lord of] Eternal Time, the controller of the deluding potency of matter [mâyâ] that sets the workload [karma] as also the specific nature [- or svabhâva - of the living entity], by the energy of its [His] own Self appears, independently merged, employing different forms.

From that eternal time it so happened that because of the transformation of the activities created by the modes of nature, the original person His modification of the principle reality [the maha tattva] took place.

S.B. 2-5: 26-29:

Of the transformation to the sky one came through the quality of the air in touch with the previous in succession to the full of sound [oral tradition] and thus also to a life of discrimination and the might of strength. Likewise transforming to that air time as a reaction to the past naturally generated the element of fire duly giving form, touch and sound also [in books e.g.]. Of that fire of being transformed it also happened that one came in touch with the juices and taste of the element of water which, like seen before, also gave sound in succession [tears, saliva, semen, blood]. But by the variegatedness of that transformation of water next in succession became the odorous [of the earth element] of the juice taking the form of the qualities of touch and sound.

S.B. 2-5:32:

For the time that all these elements of the senses and the mind to the modes of nature remained separate, for that time the body [of man and mankind] could not be formed, o [Nârada] best one in knowledge.

S.B. 2-5: 34

Countless millennia that universal reality remained drowned in the [causal] waters until the individual soul [jiva or the Lord] of the action of eternal time to the modes of nature caused the non-animated to be animated.

S.B. Text 2.6: 24:

For the performance of sacrifices, the sacrificed such as flowers and leaves with the burning material [such as straw] is needed together with an altar as also the great of time in following the modes of nature




S.B. 3.2: 7

Uddhava said: 'The sun of Krishna has set being swallowed by the great snake of what is the past. What else can I say about our wellbeing with the disappearance of the house of my family?

 S.B. 3.4: 16

Although without desires You engage in all kinds of activities, although unborn You still take birth, although the controller of eternal time, You take shelter of the fortress out of fear for Your enemies and although You enjoy in yourself You lead a household life in the association of woman; this bewilders the intelligence of the learned in this world.

S.B. 3.4: 17

Although you are never divided under the influence of time, You call me in for consultation asking me in your eternal intelligence o master, as if You are bewildered while that is never so; that is boggling my mind, o Lord.

3.5: 26-28

The Supreme Living Being, by the incarnation of the Original Person, which is the plenary expansion of the original soul, impregnated through the seeds of the living entities, under the influence of time, the external energy in being the Transcendence to the modes of mâyâ.

Thereafter came about, by the interaction of time, from the unmanifested, the sum total of unalloyed goodness that could root in the embodied to manifest the supreme light of complete universes.(28) Dat eindtotaal, welk eveneens moet worden beschouwd als een volkomen expansie van de ziel naar de geaardheid en de tijd, differentiëerde, als het vergaarbekken van de wezens in wording, zich in de vele verschillende vormen van het bereik van het gezicht van de Persoonlijkheid van God en hiervan het voortbrengen van de vervalsing ermee.

That sum total, which must as well be considered a plenary expansion of the soul to the mode and time, differentiated as the reservoir of the becoming entities into the many different forms of the range of sight of the Personality of Godhead and of this one saw the generation of its falsification.

S.B. 3.5: 33-36

The Supreme Lord glancing over the sky as [cyclic] time mixing the external energy, created from the touch of contacting with the sky the air.

The air, also transformed by the extremely powerful sky then gave rise to the lightening [bio-electricity] of sense perception and thus the light of the world to see.

The interacting of the air and the glance of the Supreme with that electricity created of the time mix of the material energy the taste [of life] in water.

Electrified water subsequently, due to the transforming glancing over by the Supreme of the earth, achieved to the quality of smell in the partial mixture of cyclic [eternal] time with the external energy.  

S.B. 3.6: 15

As His eyes, the sun, the lokal ruler of light entered the gigantic of which to the forms the experience of the part of the eyesight came into being.

S.B. 3.6: 24

Also the heart of the Universal Being Candra manifested, the rule of the moon, that entered as the controlling power over the mental activity by which the living entity decides and transacts.

 S.B. 3.7: 33

How are the periodical offerings of respect regulated, o brahmin, to the created of the forefathers and how are the timedurations determined to the planets, the stars and luminaries?

 S.B. 3.8: 11

He, from within the body of transcendence kept the subtle material elements as the soul of time [kâla] , giving life and energy residing in the water, from His own position, the way the power of fire is contained in firewood

 S.B. 3.8: 20

Because of looking in ignorance, o Vidura, contemplating the cause of the creation, thus it came to the dominance of three-dimensional [material or linear] time which to the embodied generates fearfulness and the diminishing of the lifespan to a hundred years in relating to the self-born and the wheel [sisumâra cakra or galactic] of eternal time [compare 2.2.: 24-25].

 S.B. 3.9: 17

As long as the people in general engaged in unwanted activities, are negligent of your benificial activities in their acts of being fixed on their own business, will the struggle for existence of these people be very tough and all run into shambles; let there me My obeisances to Him who operates as the eternal of time.

 S.B. 3.10: 10-14

Vidura said:' You spoke to the variety of different forms of the Lord, the wonderful actor, of the eternal of time, o brahmin; can you please describe us what the factual appeanace of it is, o Lord?

Maitreya said: 'It is the source of the interactions to the modes of nature, it is undivided and unlimited and the instrument of the Original Person who created the material life of the soul through His pastimes

The phenomenal which for sure is situated as the same energy of Vishnu separated itself from the Spirit by the Supreme Lord in the form of time [kâla], which is considered His unmanifested [impersonal] feature.

To the creation there are nine different kinds to the eternal of time: by the three material modes of nature [goodness, passion, and ignorance], the three qualities of matter [knowledge, movement and inertia] and the three kinds of annihilation [the end of the universe, the ending in the Lord and the end of ones own material life].

S.B.  3.11: 11-13

The aggregate of such a 'day' and 'night' is called an ancestral [traditional and solar] month with two of them forming a season of which there are six [resp. 'cold' or hentanta, 'dew' or shirshira, 'spring' or vasanta, 'warm' or grishma, 'rainy' or varsha and 'autumn' or sarad, counted from the 22 of dec.] according the movement of the sun going through the southern and the northern sky.

This movement of the sun is said to form one day of the demigods and is called a vatsara [a tropical year] of twelve months. The duration of life of the human being is estimated to be of a great many of those years [see also the 'full calendar of order'].

The planets, the heavenly bodies [like the moon] and the stars all rotate along with the atoms in the universe completing their orbits as a conclusion of years in the Almighty [or cyclic] of the eternal of time.  

S.B. 3.11: 39

This eternal time beginning from the atom up to the final duration of two parârdha's, for sure is never the controller; it is only capable to exercise control as Lord of the earth over those who are of body-consciousness.

S.B. 3.12: 39

The histories, the purâna's or the fifth Veda came for sure all of them forth from the mouths of him who can see all of time all around.

 S.B. 3.15: 3

The godly said: 'Of this darkness that you know, o mighty one, we are very afraid because we are not unmanifested as you are; your Supreme divine ways are unaffected by the touch of time.

  S.B. 3.21: 16

Under the direction of You as the father of all living beings, o my Lord are all these who are victim of their desire bound by the rope of their conditions and do I, conditioned like them, offer You my oblations, o embodiment of religion who operates as the eternal of time.

 S.B. 3.21: 18

The universe that with a tremendous speed wheels around the axle of the imperishable of You [Brahman] with three naves [sun, moon and stars], [twelve to] thirteen spokes [as lunar months] three hundred and sixty joints [as days in a demi-god year], six rims, [as seasons] and innumerable leaves [moments], does not at all diminish the lives of the devotees.

 S.B. 3.24: 33

I surrender myself to Lord Kapila, who is the transcendental supreme personality, the origin of the world and full cognizance of the time and the three modes of nature; the maintainer of all the worlds, who in Himself after His own potency dissolved His manifestations and who is the power of independence.

 S.B. 3.26: 15

Thus are of the spirit the material qualities enumerated as they indeed are arranged by Me, to which time is spoken of as the twenty-fifth.

 S.B. 3.26: 16

The influence of the Original Personality of God is said to be in the time factor from which some do fear in being deluded by the ego of contacting the material nature of individual existence.

 S.B. 3.26: 17

The movement of material nature without its interaction of the modes and its specific qualities, o daughter of Manu, is the time from which we here know Him, the Supreme Lord.

 S.B. 3.26: 18

He who exists from within, in the form of the original person and from without in the form of time, is He, the Supreme Lord by all His potencies to all [the elements] of life.

 S.B. 3.26: 22

Being of clarity, undistracted and serenity are thus the characteristic traits of [Krishna- or natural time-] consciousness called alike the natural state of pure water.

 S.B. 3.26: 35

From the ethereal evolving from the subtle of sound, does under the transforming impulse of time the evolution of the subtle element of touch take place and thus is the air found, the senseorgan for it and of that sense the perception.

 S.B. 3.26: 50

When these [in the beginning] were unmixed, did all the seven of the primal complete [the five material elements, the total energy (mahat-tattva) and the false ego] enter from the origin of the creation; in fact from the association with the time, the karma and the three modes of nature. (51) Then by and by [with Him as the time] from these seven principles, roused into activity, an egg-shape united with no consciousness, from which the celebrated Cosmic Being [or original person, the virat purusha] arose.

 S.B. 3 -28: 12

When ones own thinking is purified and controlled by the practice of yoga, one should meditate the Supreme Lord His form and measure of time [a mechanical or waterclock fixed on the sun's summit with the division of time according the Bhagavatam], looking at the tip of ones nose.

 S.B. 3.29: 4

And oh, what about Eternal Time, the form that represents the Supreme Ruler and of Your nature is the lead of all the other rulers, under the influence of which the people in general act piously?

 S.B. 3.29: 37

The divinity of time, as the cause of the transformation thus known of the forms of the living entities originating from the Supreme Spirit, is the reason because of which those who see themselves as separate live in fear.

 S.B. 3.29: 38

He who from within enters the living entities, annihilates by living entities and of everyone is the support; He is named Vishnu, the enjoyer of all sacrifices who is that time-factor which is the master of all masters.

 S.B. 3.29: 40-45

Of whom out of fear the wind blows and out of fear this sun is shining, of whom out of fear rains are sent by God and of whom out of fear the heavenly bodies are shining, because of whom the trees and the creepers do fear and the herbs each in their own time bear flowers as also fruit appears, the fearful rivers flow, and the oceans do not overflow, because of whom the fire burns and the earth with its mountains doesn't sink out of fear for Him, of whom the sky gives air to the ones who breathe, under the control of whom the universe expands its body of the complete reality [maha tattva] with its seven layers [the seven kosa's with their states of consiousness at the level of the physical, fysiological, psychological intellectual, the enjoying, the consiousness and the true self], out of fear for whom the gods in charge of the modes of nature of this world concerning the matters of the creation carry out their functions according to the yuga's [see 3-11], of whom all these beings animate and inanimate are under control; that infinite final operator of beginningless Time is the unchangeable creator creating people out of people and ending the rule of death by means of death.

 S.B. 3.30: 1

Kapila said: 'Despite of its great strength do people not know about the time factor and are they carried away by it, just like a mass of clouds is by the powerful wind.'

 S.B. 3. 32-37

I explained to you the four divisions [to the modes and the transcendence above it] of identity in devotional service as also the imperceptible of the movement of time that drives the living entities.



S.B. 4.29: 21-22

The time of a year was called Candavega, to which the days and nights of this life are understood to be taken away as symbolized by the roaming of the three hundred and sixty men and woman from heaven above. [see 27: 13]. The old age of all living beings was directly the daughter of Time who was welcome to no one and whom the king of the Yavana's, who was for death and destruction, accepted as his sister-in-law. [see 27: 19-30].

S.B. 4.29: 54

...The group of tigers in front of it are like all the moments of the days and nights that, unnoticed in one's enjoying the household, take away one's span of life. And from the back sure not to be seen follows behind the hunter, the superintendent of death whose arrow in this world pierces one's heart. You should in this see yourself as the one whose heart is pierced, o King.

S.B. 4.29:  69

With a mind of being of single goodness with the Supreme Lord, one has a constant association, like still having a moon while it is eclipsed, and thus being connected does one see this universe as it is.

S.B. 4.30: 28

You compassionate, thus so surely by Your expansions visible to the humble devotees, are with the necessary repect of time always remembered by ones devotional service, o destroyer of all inauspiciousness.




 S.B. 5.8: 9

'Alas! [he thought to himself], is by the Controller turning the wheel of time, this one deprived of its kin, friends and relatives and has it finding me for its shelter, me only as a father, mother, brother and like belonging to the herd. Surely having no one else it puts great faith in the person of me to rely on and is it fully dependent on me for its learning, sustenance, love and protection; without a grudge I should know what the fault is of neglecting someone who has taken shelter and act accordingly.

  S.B. 5.9:6

Thus thinking that his son, although he didn't like it, by himself should be fully instructed in all the cleanliness, vedic study, vows, principles, sacrifice and service to the guru that belongs to the celibate state [the brahmacarya-âsrama], was the brahmin, in that considering his son to be his life and soul, himself heavily attached to his home indeed so that in the course of the in its turn not so forgetful time he had to take leave of the world as a man frustrated by the unfit obstinacy of his son.

 S.B. 5.9: 20

Oh, Vishnudatta ['protected by Vishnu'; Parîkchit], this is not a great wonder to the ones not perplexed who, of no enmity and of goodness to all, by the Supreme Lord of the invincible time who carries the best of all weapons [the Sudarshana disc], directly are fully liberated from the very strong and tight knot in the heart of a false bodily concept of life. Even though threatened by decapitation, have those liberated souls and devotees who are of full surrender and who are protected at His lotus feet, nothing to fear and are they never upset by these kinds of moods of the Divinity.

 S.B. 5.11:11

By the elements, by nature itself, by the culture, by the karma and by time are all these eleven of the mind modified into the hundreds, thousands and millions who do not follow from one another nor from themselves, but from the knower of the field.

 S.B. 5.12: 10 

Thus being meager, fat, tiny or big, existing as individual entities, inanimate matter or whatever natural phenomenon else is all impermanence in name of a certain disposition, time and activity, which you should understand to be of the operating of natures duality.

S.B. 5.14: 9

Sometimes does he also, in the dark of night, driven by a momentary whirlwind of passion, mount an alluring woman; in total neglect of the higher vision does he then, blinded by the strength of that passion, notwithstanding the divinities of sun and moon lose all notion in being overcome by a mind full of lust.

 S.B. 5.14: 29

It so happens that of the Controller, the Supreme Lord Vishnu His cakra or disc of Time, stretching from the first expansion of atoms to the duration of the complete life of Brahmâ, one has to suffer the symptoms of its cycling of which in due course swiftly before ones eyes, without a blink, all lives of the entities, from Brahmâ to the simplest blade of grass, are spent. Directly of Him, the Controller whose personal weapon is the disc of Time, is one for sure afraid at heart ['the lion']. Not caring for the Supreme Lord, the Original Person of Sacrifice, does he, with self-made gods who are denied by the scriptures of civilization and are like buzzards, vultures, herons and crows, accept the unfounded as worshipable.

S.B.  5.18: 30

'My Lord, our respects for You, as the Supreme Lord in the form of a tortoise, You are the transcendental good of all; unto You whose position cannot be discerned, our homage. You, although the oldest, are unaffected by time; my reverence for You as the great One reaching everywhere; again and again I bow for the shelter of all - our respectful obeisances are for You!

5.18: 33

In You, who art innumerable in the particular of names and forms, of different bodily features, have the learned ones this idea of numbers, the truth of which they extract through observation; unto Him, You who thus discloses Himself in analysis, my obeisances.

 S.B. 5.20: 12

'By His own effulgence does He divide the time into the light and dark period of the month [sukla and krsna]; may He, that divinity of the moon as well as of the grain to be distributed to the forefathers and the gods, that King of All People, remain favorable towards us.'

 S.B. 5-20: 30

Within that Dvîpa there is the one [mountainrange] named Manasottara marking indeed the inner and outer side of the lands there; it has, being as great as 10.000 yojana's high and wide, in its four directions the cities of the local rulers, the demigods headed by Indra. On its highest point cirumabulating mount Meru moves around the chariot of the sun in an orbit that by the days and nights of the demigods consists of one whole year [a samvatsara ].

 S.B. 5.21: 7

(...) At all of these four sides of Meru thus making for the sunrise, the sunset, the noon and the midst of night causes he the particular times of the living beings to be active or to cease activity.

 S.B. 5.21: 13

It [the chariot the sungod] has only one wheel [a solar year] with twelve spokes [the months], six segments [the seasons] and three pieces to its hub [the four month-periods], that in its entirety is known as a tropical year [samvatsara]; its axle is fixed on the top of Meru with Mânasottara at the other end. The wheel of the chariot of the sun is fixed there rotating on the mountain range of Mânasottara like a wheel of an oil-pressing machine.

 S.B. 5.22: 2

To that he [Suka] clearly stated: 'Just as it with the movements of small ants, on a potters wheel turning around, is sure that due to their changing locations there is a different experience, so too is that relative to Meru and Dhruvaloka [the central heap of stars and the galaxy center]: with the stars, that go around with the great wheel of time, they are located at the right, but of the individual motions by the planets lead by the sun upon that spinning wheel of time, is the movement to the stars and signs for sure observed differently.

S.B. 5.22: 3

That cause, this supremely powerful original person directly seen as Nârâyana the Supersoul of the three Veda's, who is there for the benefit and karmic purification of all the worlds, is the cause which all the saintly and all vedic knowing is inquiring after; He arranges for the twelve divisions of the year and, according to what was enjoyed before, for the different qualities to the sixfold of the seasons beginning with spring.

 S.B. 5.22: 5

Therefore is He this living force of all the three worlds that between the upper and lower of the universe are positioned in outer space on the wheel of time; in twelve months passing through signs that accordingly divide the solar year, is there a month with two fortnights that are like the day and night and indeed that portion of the year that is remembered as a season covering one sixth of the orbit or two and a quarter constellation by stellar calculation [thus one speaks of twelve or more constellations].

 S.B. 5.22: 11

[More than] two hundred thousand yojana's behind [the moon], leaving Meru to the right are there, together with the many stars by the Controller attached to the wheel of time, the twenty-eight stars headed by Abhijit.

 S.B. 5.23: 1-3

Srî Suka said: 'Beyond them [the sages] one finds 1.3 million yojana's further up [astronomy: at 26 thousand lightyears from the earth] that supreme abode, praised in the Rg veda mantra's, which is of Vishnu, the source of life of all entities that live from now up to the end of creation. There indeed remains the great devotee Dhruva, the son of Uttânapâda whose greatness of following devoted I already described; and around it, keeping it to the right do Âgni, the fire-god, Indra the king of heaven, the founding father the Prajâpati and Kasyapa as well as Dharmarâja, in their concern of time always full of respect keep to their image [see 4-9].(2) To all the restless luminaries such as the planets and the stars is that place indeed there as the, by the Controller established, incandescent radiating pivot of which the inconceivable, all-powerful force by the factor of time is known as the cause of their revolving.(3) Like three bulls that for threshing rice are yoked to a central pole, do the luminaries keep their proper places moving in their orbits fixed on inner and outer circles of the wheel of time, the same way as the planets around the sun keep their positions. Holding on to Dhruvaloka till the end of creation, they revolve as driven by the wind in the sky, just like heavy clouds and big birds that controlled by the air move their bodies around according their previous positions. So do the luminaries which, by the combined effort of material nature and the Original Person, consequential act to their previous existence, never collide with the earth.

 S.B. 5. 23:4

Some imagine this great wheel of planets and stars to be a s'is'umâra [a dolphin] and do, concentrated in yoga, describe it as [the visible of] the Supreme Lord Vâsudeva [see also a picture of the celestial sky as factually seen in a telescope].

 S.B. 5.23: 8

 This [form of S'is'umâra] indeed is for sure the form of the Supreme Lord, of Lord Vishnu who consists of all the demigods; observing it each morning, noon and evening one should in worship meditate controlling ones words as follows: 'Our obeisances unto this resting place of all the luminous worlds, unto the master of the demigods, the great Personality in the form of Time, upon whom we meditate' ['namah jyotih-lokâya kâlâyanâya animisâm pataye mahâ-purusâya abhidhîmahi',]

 5.24: 3

The Supreme Lord around for the protection of both operates by the supreme presence of the wheel of time [the Sudarsana Cakra] which is deemed the dearmost devoted and most favorite weapon that by its power and unbearable heat makes Râhu, with its fearful mind and frightened heart, flee away from that position of being around for almost an hour and of which the people thus speak of a solar eclipse.

 5.24: 11

For certain is one there of no anxiety about the divisions of time to the operations of night and day.

5.24: 14

No way can any of the virtuous or death itself influence them, except for the weapon of the Lord His powerful wheel of time.

5.24: 15

It is practically always out of fear for the Lord his cakra-order that the wives of the godless lose their fetuses in miscarriage.

 5.24: 28

Below Sutala in the world of Talâtala rules the dânava [demon] king named Maya; by the most powerful Tripurâri [Shiva], the Lord of the three cities, were, desiring the good fortune of the three worlds, his cities burnt; but by the grace of mercy did he obtain a kingdom as the master of all sorcery and thus being protected by Mahâdeva [the great god that is Shiva], he thinks he need not fear the Sudarsana Cakra [the acute presence of the Lord in the form of Time] that is worshiped.

5.26: 8  

There is the person who, but having taken the money, the wife or another man's children away, is sure, by the most terrible men of death to be bound with the ropes of time and by force to be thrown into the hell of Tâmisra ['the darkness'] where he has to starve, crave for water, is beaten up with sticks and is scolded at; the living entity by the severe punishments received there certainly at times loses his consciousness having gotten into that most dark condition.





6.1: 42

The divinity of the sun, the fire, the sky, the air, the gods, the moon, the evening, the day and the night, the directions, the water and the land; all these are Dharma personified verily thus bearing witness to the embodied living entity.

 6.1; 47

Just as the present time is evidence of the past and an indication for the future, is even so this birth indicative of the dharma and adharma of ones past and future births.

 6.3: 27

Never be after them, the godly and perfected to the pure narrations of which the devotees are singing who with an equal vision are of surrender to the Supreme Lord; because they are fully protected by the club of the Lord is it us, just as the time itself, not given to punish them.

 6.5: 11

The earth was the field of action, the designation of the living being, which, existing since time immemorial, is the cause of his bondage; what use of timebound labor would there be not seeing its finality?  

 6.5: 19

kâla-cakram bhrami tîksnam

sarvam niskarsayaj jagat

svatantram abudhasyeha

kim asat-karmabhir bhavet

The so very sharp, revolving wheel of time drives all the world according its own rule; what use is it to endeavor in desiring profit in this world not knowing about this [this order of time]?

 6.8: 20-23

May Kesava with His club protect me in the morning, may Govinda holding His flute do so in the afternoon, may Nârâyana protect me in the late afternoon and may for the fourth part of the day Lord Vishnu, the ruler with the disc, be the controller of all forces [see also 5.21.10]. (21) May Lord Madhusûdhana with the fearful bow Sârnga protect me in the early evening. May Mâdhava, the Lord of Brahmâ, Vishnu and Shiva, protect me in the late evening and may Lord Hrisikesa protect me in the early night. May around midnight Lord Padmanâbha [the Lord from whose navel the universe sprang] be my only protector. (22) May the Lord with the Srîvatsa-mark be the controller after midnight, may Janardhana, the Lord with the sword in His hand be the controller over the end of the night, may Lord Dâmodara protect me at dawn and may the Controller of the Universe, the Supreme Lord that is the personification of time rule over the early morning [**]. Please let the sharp rimmed disc operated by the Lord [His order of time, the cyclic of natural time], that at the end of the age is as the fire of devastation, with its moving around the entirety of worlds, burn to ashes the enemy forces just like a blazing fire with its friend the wind would do instantly with dry grass.

6.9: 31

The godly said: 'Unto You o Lord of the Sacrifice do we, although You are the one to round it all up, bring our obeisances as You are indeed the one using the cakra [the disc, the cyclic, the order of time] as a weapon; all our respect for You who is known by so many transcendental names.

6.9: 35

In that respect therefore we wonder whether your Lordship is like an ordinary human being bound to action in the material world, that has fallen under the influence of the modes in dependence on time, space, activities and nature and is forced to accept the good and bad results of what he does oneself; or whether You are completely self-satisfied, self-controlled of nature, never missing the spiritual potency and the ever neutral witness. Here we are sure not to understand You.


Therefore o Supreme Lord, being like sparks to the original fire, of what extent or special necessity would it be that You, who art directly the Supreme Absolute Truth, are informed by us? You being the cause of all creation, maintenance, and destruction of the material world, in Your amusement with the spiritual energy, are as well present in the core of the hearts of all the hordes of living entities as outside of them, as well as of the Supersoul beyond them. By the external elements of Your forms and the particulars according the circumstance, time, sort of body and material position is there through You, as the exhibitor of all material causes, as the witness of all that is going on, as the witnessing itself, the eternal memory of the whole universe [the âkâshic record].

6.15: 3

 Just as grains of sand come together and move apart by the force of the waves, are they, the embodied, similarly united and separated by time [compare B.G. 2.13 ].

6.17: 21

He is the One Supreme Lord, who by His potencies creates the conditioned life of all the beings as well as the life of liberation; the happiness and distress at the one hand and the position above time at the other.


Canto 7

7.1: 11-12

O Ruler of Man, the true Creator, Controller in Person of the matter and Shelter for the beings is the Time that by its movements conditions [see also B.G 11:32 ]. It is but with this Time that the Supreme Lord His glories are widespread, o King, by which to sattva the certainty of the numbers of gods is furthered and hence with those who are covered by rajas and tamas the inimical if found whereto He as the friend of the enlightened destroys the unenlightened.

7.1: 23

Sri Nârada said: 'In order to experience insults, praise, honor and dishonor without discrimination has the Supreme of the Primary Nature [pradhâna] created this vehicle of time, o King [see also B.G. 2:14 ,12:18-19 ].

7.2: 42

This body of the person born of ignorance is just as separate from him as the material of a house is to its indweller; just as the conditioned soul with water, earth and fire by time took birth is he also by time transformed and overcome.

7.3: 31

Without being affected by it yourself are you verily the Time ever wakeful, that reduces the duration of life of all beings with each of its segments; of this material world are you the Great Self and Supreme Controller unborn as well as the essential cause of life.

7.8: 8

He the controller, the time-factor, is the unique Lord who is the one strength of mind and life, the steady of ones physical power and senses; He, the Real of the self, is by all His potencies indeed the Supreme One Master of the natural modes who creates, maintains and winds up again the entire universe.

7.8: 52

The keepers of the wealth said: 'We, the foremost among Your servants will right now try to please You with our services; by the son of Diti we were forced to carry his palanquin but he caused the poverty of each and everyone; thus we acknowledge You as You are the one that has put him to death, o twenty-fifth principle [that is the time, see 3.26: 10-15 ]. '

7.9: 5

With him, such a little boy, fallen at His lotusfeet was the godhead merciful greatly moved and with the raising of His lotushand placed on his head, He dispelled the fear from all minds about the snake of time [to its four physical necessities of âhâra, nidrâ, bhaya and maithuna; eating, sleeping, fearing or defending and mating].

7.9: 21-24

The illusory of matter is a creation of the mind [that is lived as a fixation] that produces endless actions of desire that are conditioned by the Time that stirs the three modes of nature and then is one, permitted by the glance of God under the influence of the Veda's, less victorious offered the sixteen spokes [senses, the elements and mind] of the wheel of rebirth, o Unborn One; who can get out of this missing the best of You [see also B.G. 9.25]? (22) You are indeed that one element of Time, by which one in ones intelligence, through Your personal energy, eternally is conquered; as material energy in all effects and causes brought under Your cyclic control am I thrown into loss, o Controller, and am I crushed under the wheel with the sixteen spokes; please help me out of it, o Mightiest, as I am of full surrender. (23) I witnessed o Almighty One, how all the higher placed state leaders in their desire for lifespan, opulence and glory all in that by our father with his sarcastic laughs with the single wink of an eye were baffled, yet was he by You completely vanquished. (24) Therefore, knowing where all the sensegratification of all that longevity, opulence and fineness of all the ones embodied, from Brahmâ on to the smallest ant, leads to, have I no want for being subjected by You who art so powerful as the Master of Time; please kindly lead me to the association of your faithful servants.

7.9: 33

 From Your slumber on the bed of Ananta in the causal waters having awakened appeared the great lotus of all the worlds from Your navel like a bananatree does from its seed and that cosmic body of Yours, this universe agitated by the time-factor, shows Your way of acting [in the form and divinities of the modes] upon the matter.

7.10: 43-44 

They deal with Prahlâda that most exalted devotee his characteristics of devotion, spiritual knowledge and renunciation; try to understand each of them and by this indeed know what is of the Lord, the Master of maintenance, creation and destruction; what are His qualities and activities, handed down wisdom and how He, by Time, is the finality of all the higher and lower living beings and their cultures, however great they might be.

7.10: 67

O ruler of man, with the arrows joined on his bow did Shiva as the Lord and Controller this way by them at the time of noon set the so difficult to pierce three cities afire.

7.12: 11

All this following to the directions of the guru applies to a householder as good as to a renunciate, be it that the householder can have sex for a certain period of time [also: B.G. 7.11].

7.13: 6

One should not rejoice in the sure, or not sure either, of the death of this body and its lifespan, rather the Time Supreme ruling the manifestation and disappearance of the living beings should be observed.

7.13: 33

Of the government, of thieves, of enemies, relatives, animals and birds, of beggars, of Time itself, as well as of himself, is the one living for the money always afraid.

7.14: 3-4

Always faithfully to the right time hearing the nectar of the narrations about the avatâra's of the Lord, being surrounded by people and relieved of all material activities, should one with such good association gradually free oneself from one's attachment to wife and children and thus, personally set apart, awaken as from a dream.

7.14: 10

On the threefold path [of dharma, artha and kâma] not overly zealous [in ugra-karma] should a person, although concerned about his household, obtain only as much as the grace of God according to the time and circumstance would provide.

7.15: 41

One says that the body is the chariot, the senses are the horses, the mind, the master of the senses, is the reins, the sense-objects form the destinations, the intelligence is the charioteer and the consciousness is of the great bondage, the conditioning, created by the Lord. 

7.15: 50-51

The senses then put to the mind that is infected by words in waves of material preference, the words then delimited to the complete of its elements, the letters, those then restricted to the AUM of the pranava vibrated and that ultimate vibration next given up to the point enclosed, indeed then gives the life-air unto the Supreme of the Living entity. From the fire then the sun, the day, the end of the day, the bright half of the month, the full moon, the northern path and the Supreme of Brahmâ is he, going from the gross destination to the subtle one, as a natural consequence the transcendental witness of the soul.

7.15: 66

A person should by whatever would be allowed as for means, time and place proceed according his prescribed duties, o King, a man by that process, when everything is in order, should not try any other way.


 Canto 8

 8.5: 42

Greed is His lower lip and affection His upper lip; the bodily luster could exist from His nose and by His touch could there be the animalistic lust; from his brows there was the Lord of Death [Yamarâja] but from His eyelashes could there be the eternal Time; May He, the One of all Prowess, be pleased with us.

8.6: 25

Do not be afraid of the kâlakuta ['false time'] poison that will appear from the ocean of milk, never be greedy in operation, nor permit any anger to rise whenever and do not lust after the products either.

8.7: 25-26

You are the source of the [spiritual, vedic] sound, the origin of the universe, the Soul, the life-force, the senses and the elements, the modes of nature and the selfbecoming, the eternal time, the determination and the religiousness of the truth [sathya] and truthfulness [rta]; it is unto you that one utters the original syllable consisting of three letters [A-U-M].Fire, your mouth, makes for the complete of all divine souls; the surface of the globe one does know, o love of all worlds, as your lotus feet; the time is the progress of the aggregate of your demigods; the directions are your ears and the contoller of the waters [Varuna] is your taste.

8.8: 21

Proficient in the religion one finds no friendship with other living beings, renunciation one may possess but the cause of liberation may be missed, and with whatever power one may find with people, one finds no relief from the power of time; never will one [apart from the Lord] find a second one freed from the contamination of the modes of nature [see also 1.2: 8].

 8.11: 7-8

Bali retorted: 'All present here on this field are subjected to the rule of time and do all in due order, like any one else does to his job, find reputation, victory, defeat and death. (8) Because the whole world, moving onward, is running on time, does the sura cognizant of this rejoice nor lament; as such are you thus all of little study!

8.12: 40

Once joined with Me in the form of eternal time will that illusory energy consisting of the modes of nature, with all her different elements [the goddess Durga in sum*] no longer be able to bewilder you.'

8.14: 9

As the founding fathers [the prajâpatis] He creates offspring; to annihilate the miscreants He takes the form of kings and in the form of time is He there to put an end to everything that grew different to the modes of nature.

 8.17: 27

You as the original cause, the end and the maintaining of the universe and the reservoir of endless potencies are the Supreme Person of whom one speaks of as the Time; You are the Lordship, the Controller keeping together the whole universe as waves within the water into which we fell so very deep.

8.19: 8-9

Observing closely how he like death personified came after Him with the trident in his hand thought He, the Knower of Time, Lord Vishnu, the Chief of the Mystics: (9) 'Wheresoever I go will this one, like the death of all, go likewise; therefore will I enter his heart as he is only looking without.'

 8.21: 22

Before time worked in our favor and brought us the victory over the godly, but today does the time, which indeed is the Supreme Lord in existence, work against us.Not by any power, counsel, cleverness, fortifications, spells or drugs, diplomacy or other means or likewise schemes is but a single person able to surpass the time factor.

 8.22: 34

None of the local controllers there will be able to overrule you, not to mention the common man, as I with my cakra will take care of all the daityas transgressing your rule.

 8.23: 16

To the time and place, the recipient and the paraphernalia there can be weaknesses with the mantras and following the principles, but it is all made faultless by regularly singing the glories of Your Lordship [*].


Canto 9

9-1: 38-39

Pleased with him said he, o servant of rule, keeping true to his given word and to show the sage his love: 'This disciple of your line will every other month be a female and with this settlement may Sudyumna as desired rule the world.

  9.4: 3

All these so very intelligent descendants of Angirâ [see 6.6:19] are today performing a sacrifice but every sixth day after having such a day, o learned one, will they fall in ignorance on their karma.


Pleased with his unalloyed devotional service gave the Lord him for the protection of the devotees His cakra so intimidating to the ones opposed.


Lord Brahmâ said: 'With a flick of His eyebrows will the place where I am, my residence, along with this whole universe at the end of the Supreme Lord His pastimes, upon the desire of Him in the form of time to burn it after one day of my life [a dvi-parârdha, see 3.11: 33], be vanquished indeed. I, Lord Shiva, Daksa, Bhrigu and others under their lead, the rulers of man, the living beings and the demigods - we and all lead by us, who are bowing our heads for the good of all living beings surrendered to the principles regulating, do carry out His orders.'Turned down by Lord Brahmâ went Durvâsa, scorched by the cakra, for his shelter to him who always resides on Kailasa [Lord Shiva]. Srî Sankara said: 'We relative to the Supreme One lack in power, my dear - with us rotating in Him, the Transcendence, can [I and] the other living beings up to the Unborn One, Lord Brahmâ, and the universes also not, by time become [that power]; indeed can we and all of the thousands and millions of our worlds not grow alike this. I, Sanat and the other Kumâras, Nârada, the great Lord Unborn, Kapila, Vyâsadeva, Devala [the great sage], Yamarâja, Âsuri [the saint] and Marîci, and the others all-perfect in knowledge headed by them have met with the limits of all knowing, but none of us can fully comprehend His illusory energy and that which is covered by it. The Controller of the Universe His weapon [the cakra] is indeed even for us difficult to handle and therefore should you seek your refuge with the Lord who will not fail you in His auspiciousness.'

(from the Cakra-prayers:) 9.5: 6

All respects unto you, the auspicious center of spin, the measure of the complete nature, who indeed art like a bad omen to the unenlightened bereft of the religion; the maintainer of the three worlds you are, the supreme goodness whose effulgence so wonderfully active is as speedy as the mind I try to voice.

9.10: 22

Râma said to him: 'You servant of scum, since you criminal like a dog have kidnapped My helpless wife will I, in my heroism unfailing, for that shameless act, as a result today punish you, abominable evildoer, as the Time itself in person [see also B.G. 16: 6-18]!'


Canto Ten

10.10: 30-31

You are the One for all living beings, You are the master of the living force, of the body, of the soul and the senses; You indeed are the time, the Supreme Lord Vishnu, the imperishable controller. You as the greatest, the cosmic creation ànd the subtle are, consisting of the passion, goodness and slowness, indeed the Original Personality and Proprietor, the knower of the restless mind in all fields.

10.16: 41

To the Time, to the Secure of Time, to the Witness to the divisions of Time, to Him in the Form of the Universe, to the One Watching It Over, to its Creator; to the Final Cause of the Universe [our reverential homage].

10.16: 49

You indeed are the Almighty Lord of creation, maintenance and destruction of this universe who, beginningless with the potency of Time by the modes art the employer uninvolved; awakening by Your glance the distinctive dormant characteristics of each of them [modes] You play Your game impeccable.

10.17: 24

Please protect us, Your people, Your friends, against that insurmountable fire of Time [of death], o Master, we impossibly can think of abandoning Your feet that drive away all fear.


The roads out of use faded away grown over by grass just like written texts that, not studied by the brahmins, wither away under the influence of time.

10.24: 22

Of the goodness, passion and ignorance as caused by maintenance, creation and destruction [see guna] was by the mode of passion [the moving around] this universe generated and is there from the dyadic the world its variety.

10.24: 31

S'rî S'uka said: 'Hearing these words by the Supreme Lord, by the Time in person, spoken with the intent to break the pride of Indra, accepted Nanda and the the elder men them as excellent.

10.27: 6

The father, the guru, You are of the entire universe, the Original Controller and the Insurmountable Time of use as the rod, who, by Your own will taking up transcendental forms, endeavors to eradicate the self-conceit of the ones who imagine themselves to be the lord of the universe.

10.34: 29

He seeing the two like Time and Death approaching got afraid and confused left he the woman behind to run for his life.

 120 36: 32

Brought here I'll have them killed by the elephant as mighty as the time itself, and if they escape that, then will my wrestlers as strong as lightning put an end to them.

10.38: 5

But enough of that, even for a falllen soul like me it certainly may happen to have the audience of Acyuta; sometimes does someone pulled along by the river of time reach the other shore!

10.38: 16

And having fallen at the base of the feet will the Almighty place upon my head His very own lotuslike hand that makes one unafraid of the serpent of time of whose swift force the people greatly disturbed search for shelter.

10.43: 5

Thus threatened goaded the angered elephantkeeper the furious elephant toward Krishna, of time, death and Yamarâja the excel.

10.51: 19

Your children, your queens and your other relatives, ministers, advisers and subjects are not alive now, are not of this time anymore; time separates. Time, more powerful than the powerful, is the Supreme Inexhaustible Lord in Control who, playing a game of herdsman and flock, sets the mortal beings in motion.

10 54: 14

Nonetheless I do not lament or rejoice - not ever; knowing that the world is driven by time and fate combined. 

10 54: 16

Now, with our enemies having conquered, works the time in their favor and then shall we conquer when the time has turned to our side.'

10 60: 39

U, de Opperziel van al de Werelden die Zichzelf geeft, over Wiens kunnen de wijzen spreken die de staf opgaven [van het rondtrekken, Paramahamsa's wordend, zie 5.1*], bent aldus door mij verkozen in afwijzing van die meesters van de hemel, geboren op de lotus [Brahmâ] en het bestaan beheersend [S'iva], wiens ambitities zijn teniet gedaan door de kracht van de Tijd voortgebracht door Uw wenkbrauwen. Wat [dan zou ik, met U, moeten] met anderen?

10.68: 24

'Oh what a great wonder this is, the inescapable movement of Time; what is a shoe wants to climb on top of the head that is ornamented with a crown!

10.70: 26

The whole world prone to doing it wrong is bewildered about the duties out here that are beneficial in the worship of You to Your command that, in so far one is doing one's own of this, are the power of existence serving longevity and hope; may there be the obeisances to Him, the Ever Vigilant ['unblinking of Time'] who all of a sudden cuts this all off [at the time of ones death].

10.71: 8

Hiranyagarbha ['the one of the golden light or 'Brahmâ] and S'arva [he who kills by the arrow, viz. S'iva, see 7.10: 67], are of the Controller of the Universe, Your formless of Time, but the instrument in creation and annihilation.

73: 12-13

We who before by lusting for the wealth, having lost their sight quarrelled with one another for conquering this earth, very merciless harassed our own citizens, o Master, and have with death in front of us arrogantly disregarded You. They, we indeed o Krishna, have been forced to part from our opulence in our pride destroyed by the mercy of Your personal form, the irresitable power of Time moving so mysteriously; may we please remember your feet.

10.74: 19

 'Acyuta for sure deserves the supreme position, He is the Supreme Lord, the leader of the Sâtvatas, He doubtlessly covers all the demigods as well as the place, time and necessities and such.

10.74: 31

The vedic word of truth that Time is the unavoidable controller, has been proven true since even the intelligence of the elders could be diverted by the words of a boy!

10.84: 12

Not the fire, nor the sun, the moon or the firmament, not the earth, the water, the ether, the breath, the speech or the mind take, being worshiped, away the sins of the one setting things apart; they are wiped out by a few moments of service to men of wisdom.

10.84: 23

None of these kings enjoying with You, nor the Vrishni's know You, covered by the curtain of mâyâ, as the Supreme Soul, the Time and the Controller.

10.84: 32-33

[The Lord] His awareness is for no reason, nor on its own nor due to some other agency, in its qualities ever disrupted by the destructive and creative that is caused by the time of this [universe, see B.G. 4.14 and 10.30]; He, the Controller without a Second, whose consciousness is unaffected by hindrances, material activities and their consequences and the modes and their flow of changes [kles'a, karma and guna], is by someone else [ignorantly] considered as being covered by His own expansions of prâna and other elements, just like the sun is being covered by clouds, snow or eclipses.'

10.84: 38

One who is intelligent should renounce the desire for wealth by sacrifices and charity, the desire for a wife and kids by engaging in household affairs and the desire for a world for oneself [or an other life], o Vasudeva, by means of the Time [in studying its effects, see also 9.5 and B.G. 3: 16]; all the ones sober renounced their desires for a household life and went for penance into the forest [see also B.G. 2: 13].

10. 86: 53

A brahmin is by birth the best of all living beings, and what more would he be unto Me, by his austerity, his learning and his contentment being endowed with a grip on the time [of this age of Kali]!  

 10.87: 24

Ah, who out here recently born and soon to die indeed knows who came first, from whom arose the seer [Brahmâ] and from whom followed the two groups of demigods [to the senses and the principles] [see B.G. 7: 26]? When He lies down to withdraw is there at that time neither the gross, nor the subtle, nor that [the bodies] comprising both; nor is there the flow of Time or are the s'âstras there [B.G. 9: 7].

10.87: 30

If the countless embodied beings wouldn't be time-bound, would then the omnipresent not be such a sovereign rule, o Unchanging One; [because of You] not separating from the substance from which they were generated must [You] the regulator [of Time] be known as being equally present everywhere, not as being somewhere else; and thus is one having it wrong supposing that one knows [the complete of You] since one is of the imperfect [local order] of what is known [see 6.5: 19].

10.87: 31

The generation of material nature and its male principle, the person, does not really happen; by the combination of both being unborn come these living bodies in You into being like bubbles on the water [in touch with the air] and have they therefore different names and qualities [later again] merging in the Supreme as rivers merging into the ocean and all flavors of nectar merging into honey [see also B.G. 9: 7].

10.87: 32

The ones of wisdom fervent unto You understanding how Your mâyâ bewilders the human beings render potent loving service unto You, the source of liberation; how would for those who faithfully follow You, there be any of the fear of a material existence that the three rimmed [wheel of Time of past, present and future] of Your furrowing eyebrows repeatedly creates with those who do not take shelter of You? [see also B.G. 4: 10, 7:14 & 14:26].

10.90: 47

O King, taking birth among the Yadus outshone He the site of pilgrimage of the river of heaven [the Ganges] washing from His feet; friends and foes attained to His embodiment [7.1: 46-47]; His is the undefeated and supremely perfect goddess of S'rî for whom others are struggling; His name heard or chanted is what destroys the inauspiciousness; by Him was the dharma settled for the lines of descent [of the sages]; with Lord Krishna, whose weapon is the wheel of Time, is this removal of the earth's burden, no thing of wonder [see also 3.2: 7-12].

Canto Eleven

11.1: 11-12

Having performed fruitive rituals bestowing piety stayed the sages Vis'vâmitra, Asita, Kanva, Durvâsâ, Bhrigu, Angirâ, Kas'yapa, Vâmadeva, Atri, Vasishthha, along with Nârada and others, [once] in the house of the lord of the Yadus [Vasudeva]. Bid farewell by Him, the Soul of Time of whom chanting about most auspiciously for the whole world the impurities of Kali-yuga are taken away, they went to Pindâraka [a site of pilgrimage].

11.1: 24

The Supreme Lord quite capable knowing the meaning of everything, didn't want to make things different though and was, exhibiting His form of Time, glad to sanction the curse of the learned.

11.3: 08

When the dissolution of the material elements is at hand withdraws the [Lord in the form of] Time Without a Beginning or an End, the manifest universe consisting of the gross objects and subtle modes [back] into the unmanifest [see also 3.29: 40-45, 3.26: 51].

11.6: 14

As oxen bound through the nose do Brahmâ and all the other embodied beings exist, struggling among each other under the control of the Time; may the lotus feet of You, the Supreme Personality in the beyond of both the material nature ànd the individual person, for us spread the transcendental fortune [compare 1.13: 42, 6.3: 12].

11.6: 15  

You are the cause of this creation, maintenance and annihilation, the cause of the unseen, the individual soul and the greater of the manifest reality; You, this same personality, are said to be the controlling factor of time appearing as a wheel in three, who, as the Time uninterrupted in its flow effecting the diminution of everything, is the Supreme Personality [*].

11.7: 43

The same way as the ethereal sky is not touched by the winds that blow the clouds, is a person [in his real self] not affected by bodies consisting of fire, water and earth that to the modes of nature are set in motion by the Time.

11.7: 48-50

By the Time imperceptible in its grond of being are there, as with the moon, beginning with being born and ending with the cremation, the states of the body in its different phases; but none of these are of the soul [B.G. 2: 13, 2: 20]. Time urging, speeding as a flood, with its constant birth and demise of the created that like the flames are to a fire, is, from the perspective of the soul, not to be seen though [*]. A yogî accepting the material objects to his senses at the right time [to the cakra] gives them up; he doesn't get entangled in them just as the sun doesn't with its rays entering the waters [evaporating it and returning it again with the rains].

11.8: 36

How much actual happiness has the sensual pleasure and those men satisfying my senses provided; to have a wife and gods [even] has all, spread by time, a beginning and an end.

11.8: 41-42

Fallen in the dark well of the material ocean with my vision stolen in the pleasing of the senses, who else but the Original Controller is capable of delivering the living being seized by the timeserpent [see also 10.34] ? When the self thus can behold the universe as seized by the timeserpent, becomes he, vigilant detached from all the matter, for sure his own protector.'

11.9: 16-19

The one Self, the one Supreme Controller without a second, who became the Foundation and Reservoir of All indeed, is Nârâyana, the God that in the beginning by His own potency created and by the portion of time at the end of the kalpa withdraws this universe within Himself. When by His potency of the time factor the material powers of sattva and so on are being brought to equilibrium, exists the Original Personality, the purusha of the primary nature [pradhâna], who is the worshipable Controller of the gods and normal souls, in the purest experience of revelation denoted as kaivalya [beautitude], the full of bliss devoid of material relations [see also B.G. 7: 5]. By the pure potency of His Self, His own energy composed of the three modes, manifests He, agitating with it [the Time] at the onset of creation, the plan of matter [the sûtra, the thread, the rule or direction of the mahat-tattva, see also 3.26: 19].

11.10: 14-16

If you thus think of the variegatedness of the performers of fruitive activities, of those enjoyers of happiness and distress; if you then think of the perpetual existence of the material world, the time, the traditional records and the soul; if you think of the original certainty of the actual situation of all material objects to which, by the difference of all the objects' their forms and changes, the knowledge was born; then, o Uddhava, [you must admit from merely that material vision * that] there are constantly the states of existence of being born [old age and disease] and so on, since any one embodied is in contact with a body [conditioned] by the different limbs [or divisions to the sun and moon, see 3.11 ] of time.

11.10: 26

He, that long enjoying in the heavens until his pious credit is used up and his piety is exhausted, falls, moved away from time [being unsteady with -], against his will, down from heaven [compare B.G. 9: 20-22].

11.10: 33

As long as one is not free from the dependence will there be fear of the Controller [the Time]; those who devote themselves to this [dependence] will, bewildered as they are, always be absorbed in sorrow.

11.13: 13

Having conquered the breathing process and having mastered the sitting postures, should one attentively, step by step, without slackening gather one's mind, concentrating on Me at appointed times [to the position of the sun, see B.G. 7: 8 and 5: 26-28].

11.16: 10

I am the goal of the ones seeking progress, the Time of those who exert control, the modes of nature I am as well, and also am I the equilibrium and the natural virtue in the pious.

11.16: 27-28

Of what's ever wakeful I am the solar year, of the seasons I am the spring, among the months I am Mârgas'îrsha [November-December], and of the lunar mansions [the 27 nakshatras] I am Abhijit. Of the yugas I am Satya-yuga, among the sober ones I am Devala and Asita, of the vedic editors I am Dvaipâyana [Vyâsadeva] and among the scholars learned in spirituality I am S'ukrâcârya.

11.18: 3

With the hair on the head and body, the facial hair and the nails to carry the dirt, and the teeth not to be cleansed [at other times], should one three times a day get into the water and [at night] sleep on the ground.

11.18: 5

Op de juiste tijd etend behoort men ofwel dat te eten wat bereid is op een vuur of dat wat vermalen is met een vijzel, verpulverd is met een steen of vermalen is met de tanden.

11.21: 9-10:

That time is valid which, either by its own nature [the not-for-profit time of nature] or the same way to the person [the Lord, or the object, the lakshmî, the time for harvesting etc.], is suitable for executing one's prescribed duty; and bad and offensive is the time that impedes one's duty, the time that is unsuitable for doing work [lust- and profit-minded time, see 11.20: 26, kâla and kâlakûtha **]. The pure or impure of a thing [or: the substance] is there by another thing, by the speech and by a ritual performance or else by time or according the relative magnitude.

11.22: 43

For created bodies, my best, come into being and go out of being by the momentum of time that one perceives, that isn't seen because of its subtlety.

11.23: 55

If we say that time would be the cause of happiness and distress, then what for the soul in that idea; the soul belongs to time, the way fire doesn't burn the flames or the snow is not [harmed by cold] - with whom to become angry when there is no duality with the supreme [see also B.G. 18: 16 and timequotes]?

 11.24: 15

As arranged by Me, the Supporter, the Self of Time, rises one up and drowns one in the mighty stream of the modes of this world bound in profitminded labor.

11.24: 22-27

The mortal frame is [at the time of annihilation] being merged in the food, the food in the grains, the grains in the earth and the earth in the fragrance. The fragrance is being merged in the water, the water in its quality, that taste in the fire and the fire in the form. Form is being merged in the touch, the touch then into the ether, ether in the subtle object of sound and the senses [of sound etc.] in their sources [the gods of the sun and moon etc.]. The sources [as ahânkara ego of passion] are merged into the emotions [the ego of goodness], My dearest, and they merge in the mind, the controller of the sound, which dissolves in the original of the elements [ego of slowness], and that all powerful primal elementary merges in the cosmic intelligence [mahat]. That greater of nature merges in its own modes and they in their ultimate abode of the unmanifest which becomes merged in the infallible Time. Time merges in the Individual [the jîva] of the Supreme directing the illusory potency and that individuality merges in Me, the Supreme Self Unborn [âtmâ], who, characterized by creation and annihilation, established in Himself remains alone [see also 3.11: 28, 4.23: 15-18, 11.3: 12-15].

11.28: 16

Haughty dwelling within the self of the material body, the senses, life-air and the mind, assumes the living being his form according the gunas and the karma and is he, relating to the thread of the greater nature, thus variously described as he runs about in the material ocean under the strict control of Time.

11.28: 18

Spiritual knowledge [entails] the discimination [of spirit and matter], the scripture and the penance; the direct experience, the historical accounts and the following logic; and that which alone indeed is there from the beginning to the end of this [creation] and which is the same in the middle as the Time and Ultimate Cause [of brahman, the Absolute Truth, see also B.G. 10: 30, 33 and 11: 32 and kâla].

11.29: 11

Either alone or in assembly should one to the moon, at special occasions and at festivals arrange to perform with singing, dancing and such and greatly royal proofs of grace.

12.2: 1

S'rî S'uka said: 'And then, o King, will day after day under the strong influence of the time [of Kali-yuga] the religiousness, truthfulness, cleanliness, tolerance and mercy as well as the duration of life, the strength and the memory become ruined [see also 1.16].

12.3: 13

Living for me, o Mighty One, they expressed great possessiveness and have, by the force of Time subjected to death, not [as permanently or fully as the Lord] accomplishing their goals, turned into mere historical accounts [while He is still practiced religiously, see also B.G. 4: 7].


The honorable king [Parîkchit] said: 'By what means, my Lord, do the people living in Kali-yuga eradicate the faults accumulated of the time, please explain that as-it-is to me. (17) [Explain to me] the yugas, the duties prescribed for them, and the time they last and find their end, the Time that represents the movement of the Controller, of Lord Vishnu the Supreme Soul [see also timequotes page]'.


Impelled by the power of time indeed are within a person's mind thus [the gunas of] goodness, passion and ignorance observed in their being mixed [***].


These three modes o King are then, impelled by the Time, overtaken by the inexhaustible doer [the original unmanifest form of nature] of whom there are not the transformation and such by the divisions of time; unmanifest without a beginning and an end it is the infallible eternal cause.


This time when the energies helplessly merge, completely dismantled by the Time, is the [prâkrita pralaya] dissolution of all the material elements of the nature of the unseen Original Person.


Subject to transformation is a single atom, although it manifests, without the Direct Evidence of the Supreme Self [in the form of Time] not conceivable [or perceivable even], even if it is so equally [to the immutable soul] remaining without change.


Of the things subject to change which swiftly are being taken away by the force of the mighty current of Time, are the various conditions [stages of existence] the causes of their constantly being born and annihilated [nityah pralaya].

12.4: 37

The different stages created by the Time that, without a beginning and an end, is the representation of I'svara, are, as you know, not directly seen, just as the movements of the planets in outer space [or one's different conditionings] are not immediately seen [see also 3.10; 10-14]. (38) This way is the progress of Time [kâla] described as being of a continuous [nitya], occasional [naimittika], natural [elemental or prâkrita] and final [âtyantika] annihilation.

12.6: 67

S'rî Yâjn'avalkya said: 'My obeisances unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead who, appearing as the sun, in the form of the Supersoul is present [as the Controller] in the form of Time in the hearts of the four kinds of living entities beginning from Brahmâ down to the blades of grass [as born from wombs, eggs, moist and seed see, also 2.10 37-40]. The same way as the sky is not covered by material designations ['clouds'] do You alone by the flow of years made up of the tiny fragments of kshanas, lavas and nimeshas [see 3.11: 7] carry out the maintenance of this universe by taking away and giving back the water [as rain].

12.8: 43

Nothing else but the attainment of Your feet, the very form of liberation, does benefit the person who has to fear from all sides o Lord; we know that Brahmâ, whose time takes two parârdhas, on account of this is most afraid, afraid because of the Time that You are - and what to speak of the worldly entities created by him? [see 10.13: 56].

12.9: 43

 He saw the basic elements of nature and all their gross manifestations, as also the Time itself of the different yugas and kalpas and whatever other object of material use in the universe that was manifested as if real.

12.10: (37)    

 With knowledge of the threefold of time [tri-kâlika] o brahmin, and with wisdom plus renunciation, let there for him who is given the brahminical potency, for you, be the status of being a teacher of the purâna'.

12.10: (42)  

For those two kinds of people, o best one of Bhrigu, who thus either hear or describe this [narration] infused with the potency of the Lord with the Wheel [of Time] in His hand, will there not be the course of mundane existence based on karma.

12.11: (14-15)

The club He carries is the principle element [prâna or vital air] relating to the sensory power, physical power and the power of mind; His excellent conchshell is the element water and His Sudars'ana disc is the principle of tejas [the vital power, the dignity, the fire in opposition]. His sword is, [pure] as the atmosphere, the ether element, His shield consists of the mode of ignorance, His bow S'arnga is the specific order [or spirit, the rûpa] of time, and His quiver of arrows consists of the karma [the action or the karmendriyas].

12.11: (17)

The cyclic [of time, viz. the sun and the moon] constitutes the exercise of respect for the Godhead, spiritual initiation [dîkshâ] is for the spiritual soul the way to purify, and the devotional service of the Fortunate One is there for someone to put an end to a bad course.

12.11: (31)

The Lord in terms of the material energy is thus, given in nine, described as the time, the place, the endeavor, the performer, the instrument, the specific ritual, the scripture, the paraphernalia and the result, o brahmin [compare B.G. 18: 13-15].

12.11: (32)
Beginning with Madhu is the Supreme Lord assuming the form of time, for the planetary motion there to the rule of twelve [months or mâsas, see also B.G. 10: 21], moving separately with twelve sets of associates.

12.11: (45)

These ones constitute the glories of Vishnu, the Supreme Personality of Godhead in the form of the sungod; they do, of those men who at the junctures of each day remember them, take away the sinful reactions.

12.12: (10)

The gross and subtle movements of time [3.11], [are discussed as well as] the generation of the lotus [3.8] and the killing of Hiranâksha in connection with the deliverance of the earth from the ocean [3.17-19].


Bhagavad Gîtâ   


Thus one following the other, the saintly kings received this science understanding it that way but in the course of time in this world this great way of connecting oneself was scattered, o subduer of the enemies.

4: 7

Whenever and wherever it is sure that one weakens in righteousness and a predominance of injustice does manifest, o descendant of Bharata, at that time I do manifest Myself.


Surely there exists nothing of knowledge in this world that can compare to this purification and he who is mature in his own yoga will enjoy that in due course of time within himself.

6: 4

When surely he is never for the good of the senses engaged in the necessary fruitive labor, at that time he is a renouncer of selfhood elevated in yoga, one says.

7: 30

Those who know Me as ruling all as well as the godly and the sacrifices also; they with their minds connected in Me even know me at the time of their death too.

8: 7

Therefore go on remembering Me at all times and fighting with your mind and intelligence surrendered to Me, certainly you will attain Me without doubt.

8: 26-27

According the Veda's there are these two ways of light and darkness in passing from this world by which one either does not return or does return again. Of knowing any of these different path's, o son of Prthâ, the yogi is never bewildered; therefore always get unified in yoga, o Arjuna.

9: 10

This material nature, which is one of My energies, is working under My direction, O son of Kuntî, producing all moving and nonmoving beings. Under its rule this manifestation is created and annihilated again and again.  

10: 30

Of the Daitya's [non-theist sons of Diti who churned the ocean] I am Prahlâda, of what rules I am the Time, of the animals the lion and of the birds I am Garuda [Vainateya].

10: 33

Of the letters I am the first one [the A], of the compound words I am the dual one and certainly am I the eternal of Time and the Creator facing all directions [Brahmâ].

11: 7

See here and now the universe completely, all at the same time, with all that moves and not moves, in this body of Mine, o conqueror of sleep, and also whatever else you wish to see.

11: 32

Time I am, the great destroyer of the worlds engaged here in destroying all people, except for you [brothers] only, will all the soldiers who are situated on both sides, find their end.


When one following that tries to see that the diversity of the living beings is resting in oneness and that it expanded to that reality, at that time one attains the Absolute of the Spirit.

14: 11

When to all the gates of the body the enlightenment of knowledge develops, at that time one says is the mode of goodness prevailing.

17: 20

Donations given dutifully, irrespective the return, at the proper time and place and to suitable persons - that giving is considered to be of goodness.

17: 22

That charity which is given at the wrong place, the wrong time and to unworthy persons and as well is given without respect and proper attention - that is said to be in the mode of ignorance.

18: 61

The Supreme Master resides in the heart of all living entities, o Arjuna, directing each creature subject to the mechanical of time and matter.


Bhagavad Gîtâ   


Thus one following the other, the saintly kings received this science understanding it that way but in the course of time in this world this great way of connecting oneself was scattered, o subduer of the enemies.

4: 7

Whenever and wherever it is sure that one weakens in righteousness and a predominance of injustice does manifest, o descendant of Bharata, at that time I do manifest Myself.


Surely there exists nothing of knowledge in this world that can compare to this purification and he who is mature in his own yoga will enjoy that in due course of time within himself.

6: 4

When surely he is never for the good of the senses engaged in the necessary fruitive labor, at that time he is a renouncer of selfhood elevated in yoga, one says.

7: 30

Those who know Me as ruling all as well as the godly and the sacrifices also; they with their minds connected in Me even know me at the time of their death too.

8: 7

Therefore go on remembering Me at all times and fighting with your mind and intelligence surrendered to Me, certainly you will attain Me without doubt.

8: 26-27

According the Veda's there are these two ways of light and darkness in passing from this world by which one either does not return or does return again. Of knowing any of these different path's, o son of Prthâ, the yogi is never bewildered; therefore always get unified in yoga, o Arjuna.

9: 10

This material nature, which is one of My energies, is working under My direction, O son of Kuntî, producing all moving and nonmoving beings. Under its rule this manifestation is created and annihilated again and again.  

12: 30

Of the Daitya's [non-theist sons of Diti who churned the ocean] I am Prahlâda, of what rules I am the Time, of the animals the lion and of the birds I am Garuda [Vainateya].

10: 33

Of the letters I am the first one [the A], of the compound words I am the dual one and certainly am I the eternal of Time and the Creator facing all directions [Brahmâ].

10: 32

Time I am, the great destroyer of the worlds engaged here in destroying all people, except for you [brothers] only, will all the soldiers who are situated on both sides, find their end.

11: 7

See here and now the universe completely, all at the same time, with all that moves and not moves, in this body of Mine, o conqueror of sleep, and also whatever else you wish to see.


When one following that tries to see that the diversity of the living beings is resting in oneness and that it expanded to that reality, at that time one attains the Absolute of the Spirit.

14: 11

When to all the gates of the body the enlightenment of knowledge develops, at that time one says is the mode of goodness prevailing.

17: 20

Donations given dutifully, irrespective the return, at the proper time and place and to suitable persons - that giving is considered to be of goodness.

17: 22

That charity which is given at the wrong place, the wrong time and to unworthy persons and as well is given without respect and proper attention - that is said to be in the mode of ignorance.

18: 61

The Supreme Master resides in the heart of all living entities, o Arjuna, directing each creature subject to the mechanical of time and matter.



Time is flying - flying , never to return.



"computus philosphical and computus "vulgar"

Time as measured by science and as to divisions of the church: Alexander of Villedieu around 1200



It's just a matter of time before we're late.

Michael Walsh 

Time is your chief stock in trade.


Make time your ally and time will make you.


Thomas Watson 

I feel like a million tonight - but one at a time.


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Hoe ouder je wordt, hoe sneller de dagen gaan:
in je kinderjaren leek de weg van Sinterklaas tot Kerst heel erg lang,
nu doe je de inkopen voor die beide feesten al zowat in één keer.


(The older you get, the faster the days:
during childhood seemed the way from Santa Claus (5 Dec.) to X-mass very long,
at present one shoips for both festivities as good as at once.)

(Willem Wilmink, Kinderen, blz. 40)

Time is the longest distance between two places.

Tennessee Williams  

  I Xeroxed my watch. Now I have time to spare.


Steven Wright 


We take no note of Time But from its Loss.


Edward Young   


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