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The technical possibility of economically and effectively combusting water separated in hydrogen and oxygen is not used for psychological reasons: we are water (80%) burning (food) ourselves, and do not want to think of (do not believe in) a machine doing it. (although the Chinese use 'Brown's' mix for welding equipment already).

My last will: not end.

A wise man forgetting what he says proves that it is better to think than to speak.(a wise man should forget what he says since it does not apply to him).

If I am only satisfied after the eating, is the food then the cause of war? No, but it's not the knowledge that you can eat.

In heaven we are wise, and the rest is not so nice.

Wisdom is nothing but the desire for it (Wijsbegeerte is gewoon een begeerte).

Casanova must have said (in the end): "all wisdom is short".

Wisdom is not one man.

Wisdom is the terror of the reincarnated.

Wisdom is always faster than the understanding.

If wisdom is a false meal, would ignorance be a proper one? My sandwich really can't tell.,

If one withdraws oneself far enough, one will find oneself in the middle of the world.

Women are the fruit of labor, men are the labor for the fruit.

Words are like medicine: too much of them and you are poisoned.

Who works to consume and has to consume to keep the work going, eats himself (maybe a vegetarian culture would be better).

Maybe, if we're all searching, the war can't be found anymore.

I'd rather talk to a whore void of any promiscuous thought left than to a decent lady who thinks of nothing else all the time.

A worldculture is a way of looking at one anothers diversity in such a manner that it is not so obvious that we are all looking at the same t.v.-set drinking the same sodas.

War is nothing but the hangover after the party of welfare before.

Worldpeace means to respect the world.

If all war is a symptom of collective insanity, then what kind of chemical warfare would be necessary? A lithium-bomb? Or would we need a psychoanalyst to unravel the history, complexes and conflicts of the conditioned behavior?

There is no way out, there is only a way in.

Do not worry too much about the elusive of wisdom, what is important will return to the consiousness.





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