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The problem with teachers is that people learn from them.

Terrorists blame the democracy and the civilians for making bad governments - hence the need for drawing the democracy closer to God.

Intelligence test: how can it be that we count ± 1236 months in a century when we have never more than twelve in a year ?

Love for the knowledge, end of the trouble.

Toekomst: lang wachten op wat je toekomt. ( not really translatable: the future: wait long for what's yours.)

He who calls theory practice and practice theory thinks too much.

Do you have a bad time; just look for the right one.

Time is what you need when you seek God.

Modern time conditionings form a prison to escape from, a debilitating complexity to be remedied with a solar timer.

To meet the time one has to meet with as many conditions as there are cogs on the cogwheels of the clock (and one is missing).

The essence of remembering transcends always the time, as the object of time is that what is remembered (unless cyclic time is the hold and memory for linear time, or time is unequal to its objective manifestation).

' Groucho Marx' shortest joke on being asked : 'Do you have the time?' : "No".

As long as time changes it stays the same (if you don't want the same, then don't change the time).

Einstein was right: time depends on the place, the frame of reference; wasn't it Hitler who, against the jewish scientist, broke the link between time and place defending american zonetime in self-destruction?

As long as the Time changes, it cannot be known.

The more I worship time, the less I've got it.

Who loves the time truly will never be tormented by it.

If God is the Time, is it impossible to prove that He does not exist: that is the real problem Mr Kant.

Live from the time by the time to the time.

Live by the time until you're big enough to change the times.

Time is absolutely relative.

Time is what you make of it.

Time speaks for itself: don't kill me or I'm getting humorous.

Your time is Your Godhead.

Time is honey.

If time is money, must God be a big spender.

Time: the more you measure it, the less you know it.

Time is something that happens in heaven.

Time defies its own definition.

There is a time for everything, even for time.

The law of time: it is dynamic (no fix will hold).

Augustine of Hippo rejecting the fact that time relates to the movement of the heavenly bodies, God's creation, makes him in fact the first christian heretic (because of Josua 10-12 where the Lord arrested the movement of the sun and the stars while time itself continued.)

Searching for your own definition of time is in fact searching for your own religion.

Time would go much faster if we knew what is in the future.

T.v.'s, radio's, computers, they are all time-keepers that ran out of control with too much imagination, keeping distance etc. (or the neurosis thereof)

Believe it or not, if you forget the time, God knows you not.

Timelessness certainly does exist... if you sit every day for it.

Timelessness is what you think it is when it is cyclic.

The true nature of thought is a <?> question mark.

Thought is the effort to create order out of identifying with the material nature that dissipates to chaos.

Trust-management: management not defined as such.

The Truth can't be defeated by an interpretation.

Was it the knights of the round table... or the square table? Or would it be a time-table? (the holy grail...or was it just a clock they were looking for?).

Time perspective: the past is there for inspiration, the futrure is there for aspiration, but the present is there for transpiration. 

When the going is on time, the time gets going.

If you miss the time you tend to forsake the service, therefore always worship the Lord who says He is the Time.

Tijd brengt raad, dat is waar, maar goede raad is duur (Time offers counsel, that is true, but good counsel is costly).

Long toes do not find the shoes to get somewhere (lange tenen vinden geen schoenen om ergens te komen).

T.v.: it is the cyclops of Ulyssus caught in the cave: only by the sheepish attachment to the flock one may escape.




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