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I don't need a salary, I need people.

I love nonsense when it makes some sense.

It's not so much about winning souls, its more about denying them the right to complain. You know who taught me this? The government!

Sin is the problem rising with nothing better to do.

Sanskrit: if you think long enough about what it all means, you have understood it.

The purpose of Sanskrit is translating it.

In the spirit one may be big, but in the world one is small.

Is science sceptic, or is scepticism scientific?

Science is a house built on the fundaments of opinion, with belief as its entrance door and understanding as its quarters.

Science: the more it talks, the less scientific it is.

Science is that action that brings those people together who claim not to know.

When a scientist has to prove a fact, it is not true.

Seriousness is nothing but an escape from intelligence.

Sex is nothing but politics.

If you don't have illusions you don't have to shoot each other, if you do have illusions, you can't shoot them.

You can shoot trouble, but not illusions.

Internet: the bigger the site, the more you have against it.

Never sleep with a woman that is younger than 15 years of your age, nor with a woman that is older than that.

Drop until you sob.

Literature doesn't know the solution, science doubts the solution and spirituality has to believe in what it knows for a solution.

Usually it is better to be silent than to speak, but if one doesn't listen it is better to speak.

The more I study, the more I realize that I study to be a child again.

The more you imagine yourselves the power, the less you study.

He who is not attached to his stupidity is really dumb.

The only way to have success is not to go into politics.

Patience is the mother of success and fortitude is its father.

Political summertime: a theory right as long as you don't decide.

Survival instinct is the ruling man.

One has to be a priest to believe a pagan. So what is the God we believe in?

It takes a system to fight a system.

Something is only something when it isn't anything yet (iets is alleen maar iets als het nog niets is).

I ? I am not a star, I am a galaxy!

To share is almost as important as to care.




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