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The best quote is the one you made yourself.

The problem with quotes: you start writing them yourself.



Animals don't reincarnate, otherwise I would be an animal; no it are the humans that reincarnate wishing for human perfection or the divinity of it and therefore must animals also be human beings!

Reincarnation: not believing in it doesn't mean it doesn't exist and doesn't happen.

Reality: The time-space of matter, matter of time-space, and other permutations of the basic three components defining reality (as long as it permutates).

Reading: who doesn't work ahead cannot look back (you can't read if you didn't progress).

Only because of regularity we think there is timelessness.

Deeply religious is a problem, because what's there at the sufrace?

Religion is ( like philosophy) a lot of bla bla about being on time, or joining with people without being interested in them.

The psychiatrist assumption that repetition (spelled wrong: repletion) of mindevents would be insane is wrong as it is not the cyclic of time that is the problem but its repression.

The difference between religion and repression is that it is holy.

The less you know about your subject of research, the better it goes.

When my rival takes off with my woman, I am such a good sport that I at least want a nice party.

Whoever thinks the Romans weren't joking, never met the Barbarians.(takes some time to laugh about). corollary: Whoever thinks the gurus weren't joking has never seen sin. (takes a while not to laugh about).

The two chinese proverbs:'I do not enjoy ruling; I only enjoy people not disagreeing with me.' and 'Being a ruler is difficult, and being a minister is not easy.', prove that their rule is purely philosophical.

For the sake of peace never demand tribute and respect; it's the prime cause of war.




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