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That modern physics makes me feel stupid is because of the indeterminacy that ttey determined.

The politicians actually have to proceed without salaries; just like with a ballgame, it's no sport really when it's all about the money.

Politics are there to fall, philosophy is there to succeed.

When it is only peace when I partake in the knowledge, then how did it all start?

When peace is only found after knowing the object of my love, isn't that than then object of my strife? ( If I am only satisfied after the eating, is the food then the cause of war? No, it's thus the knowledge that you can't eat.)

To defend the peace you have to give your life, but it is a R.I.P.-off

Being pulled a man feels abused, being pushed the opposite.

See a person, be a person (and obey).

To be of penance: voluntarily one keeps the honor, enforced one suffers double thus.

Pity the merciful, because they carry the burden.

From politics you cannot really aim a weapon.

I have no power, I have a computer.

Power to the computer ! (, said the electrician) .

You can only philosophize if you know what it's about.

One is rarely born in the house of a philosopher (but at her place it works!).

Philosophy is an attempt at personalism while having a bad memory.

If philosophy challenges thought, then what would philosophy itself be?

The purpose of philosophy is to perceive.

The problem of philosophy: it provokes itself.

Philosophy is a lot of bla bla about not being on time.

Philosophy is only understood when it is simple, and simple understanding is no philosophy.

The holy trinity of Philosophy: its creation is a permutation on the concepts of person, logic and reason.

The difference between a philosopher and a comedian is that the former doesn't get the joke he is telling himself.

The difference between a philosopher and a psychiatrist is that a philosopher considers himself to be the nutcase.

The complete of philosophy started with a fart: was that my free will?

The denomination of the moment is the mission of philosophy.

Another problem of philosophy: if you do it right, you don't need it.

We are all crazy until we realize where it comes from. Since the psychiatrist doesn't know, he must be crazy too.

I want to be in politics, but only on my birthday.

Politics is the behavior resulting from the denial of sex.

The danger of politicians is that they tend to do what they are thinking.

The Murphy of The Order of Time: If you find your prince, you don't have to kiss him. And if you don't kiss your prince, he's not yours.

There is only one thing older than vedic wisdom: prostitution.

Psychosis: too restless for God (He has something better to do)

Psychosis: war on Your own, but you'll win for sure!

Politics: nonrepressive progress towards the predictable unique.

Politics: empiricism of rationality without a lead.

Power consists of the need thereof (like logic) .

Suppose it is your job not to sit in the pub...

Psychotherapy is looking at an ugly face in the mirror telling it life is beautiful.

A psychologist a is a philosopher asking a depressed person the time.

The philosopher is an unemployed psychologist and the philosophers not seeing themselves that way still have to find that out.

If I were only a psychiatrist: I could check in anyone, even with violence.

All too easy is the party its war.

The worst punishment is that you let a murderer live.... locked away in isolation: it is his hell to overcome; that is the verdict of God - the saint does it voluntarily; one thus never punishes an innocent man.

All writers are prohets, but not when they publish.

I asked the parson visting my mother what the sunday actually referred to. He said: 'the moon'. He spoke but one word and I was cured.

When the profit-mind is at it's end one may know what it means to work.






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