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Hardening is for the ignorant, because that is how they die.

There is help in the future, but today you're looking for yourself.

The head given is usually on the neck.

You can only go to heaven if you doubt about it.

Heaven o.k., but is it necessary?

Hell begins after the best party you ever had.

It is more the difficulty to accept help than to give help, that gives trouble in the world.

Heresy is in the eye of the beholder.

The Holy Ghost is usually born yesterday (or even before), but the Pope is that progressive that he doesn't want to know but the here and now of it.

People are homeless, because there is a vedic Godhead who was homeless (since He was it's not necessary to be so anymore; it is a phase...).

Homeless one will never be if one makes ones home a temple: put a clock on the wall to worship the God of Time (toy-clocks are the best since twice a day - not playing- they will give the proper time which is much better than any standard time piece will accomplish).

Animal weaknesses, human principles and divine powers, not: animal powers, human principles and divine weaknesses (if you reverse the threesome, you have the same human result).

Sex, the loot,sleep and food, that's the lust of life...
Loyal and true, share care with you, that's the
human thing.

Humor: a discrepancy you don't accept.

Hyperspace: a blob of conditioning that is the cause and not the effect.

Hypnosis: blame is to nature for that.

If mere strenght and honor brought the Roman Empire down being unmasked as materialistic exploit, then in what sense is Rome doing it better nowadays?  

Heresy is usually condemned for being new.




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