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Fate and faith, what is the difference?

A fool outside, a God inside. who delivers the proof? The Lord certainly won't and that's why He says to be the universe.

To be famous one must not be indebted.

To pay your debt, you must be famous.

Always be delighted about the faults of others because then one sees the opportunity for one's own service.

If you polish the golden feet, then see the ones in need.

Virtue needs no fame, but fame does need virtue.

I cannot prove that the Lord is a fraud, otherwise I would be the Lord.

If the fear and wonder of the colosseum is the beating heart of Rome, then is the football stadium with its supporters' violence of today an improvement to that morality?

True, in fact financial speculation should give never more than a social security check.

It is not about the fixation on the divine, but about correcting ones fixation to the divine.

The only poor thing about the French is that they speak French.

Friends are people you lose when you fall in love (and when you fall out of love you discover who the Lord is).

O fruit, o fruit, are you as it should; or are you just rotting never understood.




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