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Ego: a cramp of thinking that I'm always right always thinking you are wrong.

Ego is the best employer.

Einstein is bullshit: how can light not escape from a black hole and not be directional? Light drawn by the gravity and thus being directional cannot give a constant lightspeed in all directions. Therefore is Einstein in defense of the constancy of lightspeed bullshit.

Employed is he who serves the time of nature; employed for a salary one doesn't know ones real employer.

The filognostic dilemma: I cannot prove that I do not experiment.

An Englishman is a colonial out of order, cursed for being as mean as Greenwich.

The Universe expands, the earth is part of the Universe, therefore the earth must be expanding too and therefore matter, beyond a certain critical mass, is selfgenerating and thus must black holes, if they are material at all, generate rotational matter in stead of swallowing it. (gravity would only be curved space, woudn't it?) How Can I prove my ignorance in this?

The more one errs, the more one imagines.

The problem with being easy is that it is very difficult.

Where expansion goes, the soul must be .

Only those can enjoy who sacrifce.

What you do in life goes on in eternity is an old roman saying, but if Rome is still saying this today, then what have we learned?  

Existentialists! How can one say that the existence of the outer world cannot be proven when conciousness cannot exist without is object? Consciousness proves the object that is the outer world and the outer world proves itself as consciousness!




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