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' Heated discussion: that I expected to be different' said the martyr on the stake.

 With desire as the mother of all murder, what is the deathpenalty all about? Jealousy?

Death penallty: foul mammonists who abuse the name of Christ; they take lives but can't even manage their own.

Condemmned to death in deathrow. Would the inmate rather fight the other one or a lion in the arena?

A curse against all adherents of the death-penanalty: that they may never find peace and will thus land in hell.

The Danger of the group-ego is to forget the time. Forgetting the time, the discipline goes upon which the lack of order is found as a fault with others.

The more you philosophize, the greater the decline understood by it.

Since the Devil won't come to God, God must come to the Devil.

With the digital control over money, the tax required on hard currency to cure the economy of passive capital will be of just a temporary - and thus little - benefit, so that only an idealist economy can manage a worldorder that is based on the digital control of all privately managed (but not really owned) capital.

One must kindle the fire of the better desire to be happy together, not alone.

Discipline: An as well as genetically as behaviorally programmed routine.

The celestial sky is the only true democracy.

The main reason for the madness of the world is blocked devotion.

Denial: the act of opposing what is wanted with the purpose of sanctioning it.

The filognostic, politically viable demands that terrorists should formulate to make sense with their threats:

1) Veritas (thruth): The abolishing of all legal settlements of time. (for the sake of the freedom of subcultural timepractices).

2)Temperantia (moderation): One basic income for each person on this earth to assure each worldcitizen in service of peace his food, clothes, social participation and shelter (children under 18 excluded).

3) Patria (land, party); The incorporating of the crescent moon in the flag of the united nations as a token of unity between the stars of Christianity and the lunar order of Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism. E.g. the combining into the color purple of turkish (european) Islam red, UN-blue, the moon, sun and stars plus the UN symbol as follows (we unite internationally not so much on the basis of territorial claims, but on the basis of the claims of a shared concept of natural order):

4) Pax (peace): The official prohibition of the feasting on flesh in every military, political and scientific association. Thus is the principle of nonviolence against other living beings for our scientific, political and military leadership practically assured in peacetime (peace is peace when peace is respected, meat-eating is bad for your mental health because doing so one subscribes to a philosophy of unnecessary violence against innocent creatures).

Any denial of each of these demands will break the filognostic alliance resulting from a political accord on this. Without meeting them will peace be lost in the world and will justice and prosperity for all be wasted (see also 9-11 condolences, the 9/11-links to the definitive proof that the buildings were demolished with thermate, the explanation of the logo of filognosy and the articles on the politics of time-management, vegetarian sharing and vitamins).


Nepotist politicians are the priests of disharmony and standard time is their deity.

Depression: the last straw of desire.





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