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Cyniscism is nothing but the cursing and swearing of one dictature against the other.

Old roman saying: civilization is a matter of preaching, not a matter of the sword.

Is christianity Moon-shame?

And once a week you're sitting inside the church, just to escape the vision of it's ugly outside.

A fool tries to change the world, a wise man knows it changes of its own.

The chinese will make class as soon as they have a teacher of class.

From the mother of all clocks we have these children: a clock with a radio, a clock on wheels, a clock with a screen, a clock with a keyboard, a clock with a telephone attached to it and even a clock with wings and still do we, except for a muslim prayer table, not know what time exactly the sun is making. That clock faithful to the original father of time is found in a museum in France (as well as on the internet since 10 Nov. '05).

 Everyone with a clock is a devotee; praise nor criticism for them.

Ever wondered why there are no clocks inside the church?

 If the time would be of everyone, no one would say he hadn't the time.

You are a comedian when you tell so many jokes that people laugh about it.

Condemnation: each is bound to his own locality and local concept of order.

Confidence grows forgetting the Master.

Consciousness: A way or state of being intentionally alert and aware; that which comes forth from an opposition by denying it.

If you don't lose control, you probably don't know how to.

Problems with control? Check it out with the true controller: the natural order of time!

From a perception one is convinced; has one an opinion. From a conviction one is confined in understanding. From understanding one may cease to think in wisdom and from that cessation one can perceive.

One can end the problem of communication by doing one's best for it.

In the old days we proved how much we did not need our brains, today we prove how much we do not need the computer.

Credit-system : A system of frustrating desire using the desired as an award. (usually leads to aggression because of reinforcing the profitmotive).

Culture is the best preservative.

Criminals probably make it a bad habit.

Fix yourself on the change instead of changing to the fix.

Mel Brooks was right: there were more commandments:
11 Thou shalt be social.
12 Thou shalt proselytize.
13 Thou shalt not masturbate.
14 Thou shalt not overdo in labor.
15 Thou shalt keep the balance.
But arriving at the sixteenth commandment, 'thou shalt not write down the living word', he could not proceed. Thereupon taking the three tablets to his people, he dropped the third one and broke it and thus realized that that third one was defeated by itself or by God since he should be social himself, tell it to the people himself, not delight in intellectual self-gratification, not overdo as a writer, keep the balance between the word spoken and the word fixed and indeed thus should not have written the third tablet. Thus we have the ten commandments to the will of God (according the Hindu's, talking about the four legs of the bull of religion, it are in fact only four: if you are really truthful, faithful, of penance and peace, follows the rest automatically).

It's not so much about converting souls, it's more about denying them the right to complain. Do you want to know who taught me this? The government!

Identifying with matters is not always the solution for the problems at hand, one is oneself also but a control-light of civilization (Aan onszelf denken is niet altijd de oplossing voor de problemen, je bent zelf ook maar een controle lampje van de beschaving ) .





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