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In a world full of beggars nothing is for sale...

Belief is the effort to do so.

Een pakje brood mee naar school is een uitvinding van moeders die zelf niet naar school willen

I don't believe in God is a political statement.

Do we believe because we do not want it to be proven?

How can you believe when you know yourself, and if not what's the use?

I'm an intelligent beggar, I beg for Time.

If the Bible says to worship God seven times a day (ps.189 verse 164), then how should we worship God in the dark? (if God created the night, should we put on the lights?).

What art may be as a parent to see...(wat kunst vermag als ouderlijk gezag..)

My birthday is something between me and my mother.

A good book cures you of the madness it gave rise to itself.

Most of the time, you don't have to learn to bear it all.






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