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About the difference between true time and real time


There might be some confusion about an essential of time: there are different types of time. Time always deviates from its own definition, thus creating (the ground for) consciousness (the awareness of difference that makes the difference). The craving for oneness, timelessness eternity and being 'out of time' is understood as the need for order faced with the diversity of time-patterns (organisms) that time brought about. It can be understood to the analogy of the working brain. The brain consists of different centers of action (forebrain, backbrain, lower brain, small brain, left brain, and right brain which are also subdivided) who coordinate their action according a certain rate of firing the neurons. These different rhythms of the brain make the complete of the brainfunction look like a composite waveform: an EEG shows levels of brainactivity as composite waves that are caused by the cooperation of the different rhythms of the functioning brain. This is what we actually can see of what we call consciousness. Of course there are many cultural concepts of consciousness telling us we were not really conscious before Christ was born or some other line. Still all these concepts also use the same definition: consciousness is known by differences. What that difference would be is another point.

Certain is that the difference of consciousness is always about a distinction of time. This time is discriminated from that time and thus we speak of consciousness according a certain paradigm or method or system of interpretation and reduction. For a more holistic as well as scientific approach we thus can only say that for all paradigms of time (holism, political parliament) and the freedom of choice (value-free science) we must make sure (religion) what this time-business is all about. The basic concept of time is decisive about all thinking and acting consciously. In the political it is known that who settles the (definition of) time has the power. According to behavioral science one says: it is all in the conditioning and that should be to the individual responsibility (the mature option). Religiously one complies with the scientific demand by stating that time-settlement may not be imposed (compare the H. Bible Daniël 7:25). Together it must be concluded that the freedom of choice in settling ones own time is the necessity in order to have a righteous democracy, a meaningful scientific approach and a religious foundation for consciousness. According to the identifications, relations and discourse of consciousness (see guide/consciousness ../../spiritual/ images/consciousness.jpg) we should discriminate an identification of time a relation of time and a discourse of time. The identification is ones own choice, the relation is how it settles in society, and the discourse is our mind about it. This leads to the fundamental tripartite of time: we have natural time (our identification with our original nature or true self), we have cultural time (the agreement of clocktime to our embodiments in a physical society) and we have psychological time (our rumination seeking for stability and freedom of choice). These times are also know as true time/real time, standard time and psychological time.

This leaves us with the confusion of real time/true time in our identifications. Not knowing the difference is the identical time-crisis of or identity crisis of modern man (also called the estrangement of modern man). To solve this problem one should learn to discriminate real time from true time: real time is the moment and true time is the place. Together it makes the here and now psychotherapy has been preaching of , the politician has been acting with and the Pope has demanded for on sundays all the time. Here and now is the marriage of true and real time, of moment and place. Internet is a separation of it: it is real time when we chat, but only true when we meet (compare to the movie 'you've got mail'). The purpose of The Order is to realize that internet is all about realigning the concept of time; to restore this marriage of the moment to the locality, by having communications over the internet as real as possible (chat) for the sake of getting real (meet) in the social control at the place of gathering. The computer is thus only a real medium of service if we manage to shut it down at times (just like television or any other medium that is not the living human body, the first medium itself). The order of this is what The Order stands for.


T.H.E. Servant

This discussion took place in the webforum in 1999