From the 18th of januari 2001 we started this exchange of views on' Consciousness and Time'. Also the Association of The Order of Time was discussed. Anyone wishing to respond to the links and/or these letters may send an e-mail from the feedback-page.


Gunars Berzins

Consciousness and time


I think that studies of time, and particularly studies such as Husserl's 'Onthe phenomenology of the consciousness of internal time (1893-1917)' are merely 'beating about the bush'. Psychoanalytically they are displacements. What should be studied is the nature of consciousness with respect to time, and not time per se. I have explained my view more fully in a short paper at


G. B.



Dear Sir,


We wholly agree with your vision that the single study of abstract concepts and speculative schemes of philosophy on time will not contribute anything if they are not connected to a practical proposition of putting the concept of time into practice and thus make it an active part of the living soul its consciousness of cyclic time. To the dual nature of time-consciousness we subscribe to the view of contrasting natural consciousness with cultural timeconsciousness of which philosophical speculation can be a part as long as it motivates the practice.

T.H.E. Servant, webmaster The Order of Time






Dear T.H.E.

It's nice to meet like-minded people. The world feels less lonely. Since you are writing on behalf of a group, or perhaps as an individual member of a group, I would be very interested in the general orientation / world view of your group.


Gunars Berzins


 01/21/01 05

Dear Mr. Berzins


I like to let you know as a friend of the Filognostic Association - since one year-, that I have appreciated reading your thoughts concerning time. Also, that I agree with the answer on the subject by T.H.E., even more because I have found out that this for me turned out the proper, holiest way to appreciate time and all aspects concerning time. Otherwise there is no real time. If time would be just a clock, why bother? To my own amazement I have found out that time has everything to do with appreciating the total of the Lord's creation. Only by understanding the meaning of real time one can develop the right consciousness. My personal opinion: What is more important than ariving at this consciousness? And that brings total happiness, which is the real, deepest quality of a human being.


Your friend. Marja Langkamp



Dear Mr Gunars Berzins


You are welcome. We indeed form a kind of association called the Filognostic Association. Filognosy means love for knowledge, more than developing new concepts. At the guests/friendspage under info of our site you can find a friends-list and subscribe your name there. It has no further consequence than being available from your own personal commitment. We send no newsletters but for a new years greeting. At that page you will also find the social definition of the association. We hope you can find yourself in the articles and other literatures offered at The Order of Time and hope you will be inspired for contributing further on the subject.


for The Order of Time: T.H.E. Servant




Dear Sirs,

By happenstance I fell upon this thread discusing time. Actually, I was researching "Psychonomy" through the 'The Order Of Time' string. However, my first impression when in discourse about anything as abstract as time is: are we in agreement about that which we are discussing? If I may go to the heart of the matter, when discussing God, for instance, it is fruitless to spend ANY time at all on the topic if we cannot bridge the gap of what we think God might or might not be. Otherwise, we would waste our time arguing about subtlties.

In the case of time, the discoursees in question would have to give their views, or at least their impressions, of what 'time' means to them. I don't mean to be a Speaker Of the House, but 'time' being only a clock to one person may all he or she needs to contribute the ultimate answer on the matter. We best not undermine that. The first lesson in understanding the intelligence of anyone or anything is not to think that it isn't intelligent. I apologize for directly referring to that example, for the writer in question.

I greatly appreciate time as being an abstract, undefinable outside of it's parameters (like trying to describe the color 'red' without using the word red or any of it's synonyms), that allows me to live my life in a way that I can understand for me. Outside of that, what is there? Unless I haven't "tapped" into my brain fully, I cannot know what others are thinking or feeling, and thus can only refer to myself. And how much time does that take?


Scott Rinke




09 06 2001


Dear Mr. Rinke


The very concept of The Order of Time is intent on respecting each and everyone's idea of time as if it would concern the concept of God or the person of Lordship itself. To agree about the 'Absolute of Time' is always subject to the definition, as you say the parameters, assigned by paradigm to the subject. It is an ideal all to agree, but we see the inevitable of the selfrealization process of each individual person or culture to arrive at a satisfactory and workable definition of the concept of time. Our platform at the one hand serves the purpose of communication about these realizations, while at the other hand we dare to propose for a comprehensive holistic paradigm that would account for each of these individual ( and/or subcultural) realizations of the order of time (see the designs for the Tempometer at http://theorderoftime/science/tempometer.html) including its inherent morality, religion or spirituality (see under personal/vedic literature e.g.).


Webmaster The Order of Time



Date: 07/14/02 12:04:50 AM

Time, consciousness, unconsciousness.

Mr.Langkamp wrote:

You are closer to the truth about Time then anyone else here as far as i can see. The Original Time is No Time.

How many dimensions do your Time Theory's have?

Regards, Angel!



Date: 07/18/02 09:35:01 PM

Beste Engel,

De tijd is bewust, niet onbewust, dat wil zeggen dat ik de tijd zie als een dimensie van de Natuur. Als je de Tijd kunt zien als de Schepper, die dus de Tijd in beweging heeft gezet, stuurt en beheert, dan is er geen sprake meer van onbewustheid. Onbewustheid regeert als ik de tijd niet waardeer als het levende, de oorspronkelijke persoon. Kijk ik op mijn klok, dan wordt ik hieraan herinnerd. Heb ik die klok niet OP TIJD staan, verval ik in 'armoede', verveling, saaiheid, onbewustheid etc. De waardering van die natuur en dus de natuurlijke tijd, bestudering van het belangrijkste geschrift wat betreft die tijd (, zie o.a. Canto 3, Hoofdstuk 11) geeft een direkte inzage in dit grootse van de Tijd en brengt (wereld)vrede en vrede met Zichzelf teweeg!


(Filognosie = liefde voor de Kennis)




Dear Angel!


Modern science speaks of the union of space-time as a continuum with relativistic properties. But dimensions to time there are as many as you want is the original position. Normally we consider time the fourth dimension to three dimensional spaced out matter, but from the vedic source we know spacetime in (seven) layers, kosa's or dvîpa's that extend outward covering one another. Realms upon realms of existence in space-time. Through these dimensions would, as some suggest, the flying saucers for instance fly with visitors from parallel worlds, worlds with more or less the same frequency, composition and relation to a sun in space-time. This latter more advanced view of time dimensions though we reserve for later when our culture is more time-conscious in its policies than now. So first, let us recognize the different aspects of the timedimension itself: its linear and cyclic nature, its cultural and natural order and, relating to nature, its reference to the position of the moon, the sun and the stars that could be called subdimensions of natural time consciousness.

 N.B. consult for time-dimensions also this article

for The Order of Time: T.H.E. Servant



 07/22/02 02:28:07 PM

That game is surtanly a challenge! Damm!

I know it's normal for me too go fast, faster then everybody else...(what happends when an old soul is stuck in a young body) It's normal for me to start in lesson 5, else i get bored. I should give you guy's me Time, really. I only use diffrent words, but the principe is the same...just how about those 7 layers?, 'cos we got stuck at three main layers, and the rest is a (euhm: knot van wol, snap je...allemaal kleine draadjes Tijd die elkaar ergens raken...) Sorry for swapping language. Might be speaking english me whole life, buttah, dutch is my primary, although i express myself better in english again, pffff. lol.

(oh besides, did that friend thing, but me page isn't mine, yet (have to get the domain from a friend, and build the page, so, not yet there to see) is his, but i typ on it. Just explaining to create order in chaos. Iee!


Love and Light, Angel!




Dear Angel,


Those seven layers pertain to the transcendence as described in the eightfold of astanga-yoga: gradually step for step, with a certain vow, a certain practice of study and sacrifice, one tries to control ones body, regulating the breath, turn the mind inwards, concentrate with the help of mantra's or yantra's, meditate and reach absorption and insight in the superior of the soul above all duality. That is the purpose. Without these seven, or eight layers one would be stuck in the identity-system with no chance for an equal vision. In transcendence is the equality attained. Not so much in the identity game on itself. Think of the indian caste-system. This transcendence or loyalty to the original order or authentic person over time, is the essence of all reform, political, societal, or religious. Without it we are false preachers with indeed lots of loose ends that don't add up, as you say. The tree modes of ego, self and soul are the different ways to deal with the divinity like the three Hindu-gods or the christian father, son, spirit division. Each division on itself will not do. The styles indeed correlate to experience as you say. Just skip a few missions and have it as challenging as you want. The full complexity of all dimensions must be faced to be able to choose. Only then is there an acceptable concept of liberation and emancipation.


Yours, Anand Aadhar



04/7/02 01:31:38 PM

Subject: Re: Re: Re: Welcome at the association

I been wondering how and when Mankind began to observe 12 midnight as the dawn of a new day as observed in the bible when sunset to sunset was regarded as a day


Richard Dawson , email



Dear Richard


It must have been practical: setting the beginning of the day to sunrise gives trouble in the higher latitudes. Thus noon timing is more universal and thus we begin the day midnight.


THE Servant