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Tiburon, California Fri, 14 Dec 2001


I had a brief question on your view on reincarnation and went to spiritual pages for feedback.I was born normal then had accident then brain damage. The brain does not register much although once smart like the person disappeared and left a blank space. The mental body and the human originally there were made blank the faculties went flat like there was nothing there. But was born human with lots of different human qualities but head was 'toasted' and reduced and person faded. Human features lost texture the screen went blank and just lost the human and all their human qualities and the brain turned to static. Why couldnt have stayed the person born as and kept original human head and intelligenct personality instead of being 'smoked out' and made blank. Was regular human walking across the street got hit by byclist then faculties were not there lost the information. My original head that contained the original human faded and lost their color. The human is in the head right and all the human consciousness and intelligence is there and if you get a brain injury it can be lost. Thought once born human got to stay that way. Anyway can't fix now just wonder if there will be future human births and if i pass on with this dementia it can be over and I can start from scratch as a human again. How does this work. Will there be future human births.If you lose your senses in one life can you get the senses that are basic to a human back for next life in a new 'package'. Just want to be regular person with regular head thought this was a given. Do we get a new 'model' each time that includes normal human head normal human intelligence. Just a basic human whats the deal.Was a person then just blank.Next life can start out fresh just as regular human being.How does this work.Also if die with dementia what carries over if anything if you are not the original person. Just wondered peoples opinions on reincarnation and if someone is mentally disabled in one life they can be normal human again in next. Thanks for any feedback.Know these are odd questions.Wanted to get spiritual perspective.

Sincerely Maura.


  Fri, 14 Dec 2001

Dear Maura,


I will put it for you in simple words. Short sentences.

Do not despair missing a part of your brain capacity. You are not your brain. Brain just instrument. Same person still. You are socalled linga too. Linga Is subtle body. Linga is result of senses, activities and mind. Linga there from all previous lifes too. Linga is your idea of 'I' and 'mine'. Think of ego. That Idea remains after destruction of body. It is taken to next life. You get new life and new body for sure. Only stops when you are tired of incarnating. If you are satisfied with brainless self. You are liberated. See present condition as challenge to discover that. The real you is more easily seen now by you. The I and mine are of desire. Of course we all desire and have karma in this world. Desire to serve God and Krishna is perfection. Next life you convinced of purpose body will find it perfect. Please keep love in heart always. No brain also problem for people in love, or in schock, or in youth. In youth also no full brain capacity. Be happy, be child again. As professional I can also say that rest of brain has capacity to take over lost function. Your letter quite extensive and well thought. Just few connections missing. So keep training, make the best.


Try to read chapter 29 canto 4 of Bhagavatam, click on:

: this confirms above. No easy reading! But above is abstract.

Narada Muni explains on life after death. You become certain about it. You are blessed knowing this.


Anand Aadhar Prabhu (means : be happy with the basic)