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How to master the psychology?

In order to master your psychology you must follow the method of The Order (surf to guide, click method): according to the lustprinciple you have to break through your conditionings to get rid of the nasty fixation and its paranoia. According to the reality-principle you have to adopt an alternative time-strategy (surf to Tables) to recondition to "The Other Rules" (see content of The Order), and according to the principle of doubt things are all uncertain because of the true nature of natural Time that will break trough any fix sooner or later naturally (which might have been the cause of your fearful attachment). Following this you will be liberated.

R. M.


Master of consciouness


In order to master the psychology indeed the method of The Order is correct: lust to go against the grain, an alternative of order to keep in touch with reality and uncertainty to the freedom of will facing the reality of the relative and temporal of all structure. What I miss in this relatively simple statement of order is the essence of mastering our psychology: one could define it by stating that to master psychology means to keep your consciousness. Not a master means to be lived by opposites without control over them. Certainly the grain of a certain adaptation will make a certain death of conciouness in the very cultural fixation.This is also true for an alternative of time-management: it makes another fix and grain to go against the proposal. The true dynamic and maintenance of consciousness is found in the primal duality of God versus man (religiously) nature versus culture (scientifically) and Lord versus subject (politically). Without the religious prime of consciousness there is no purpose (one will get depressed and demotivated), without the scientific option there is no application possible telling how to keep the purpose in view and without the political opposition of authority there is no consistent policy of transition and progress. For The Order these elements of mastering the psychology cannot be missed discussing this subject and dealing with an alternative of time-management


T.H.E. Servant



In the different viewpoints you mention, you stress the imporantce of maintaining conciousness and control from the dynamic duality of nature and culture etc. What I meant before was to remember that an alternative of time-management does , although it also runs on a dead fix of structure, make a vital difference of conciousness-sustaining natural dynamics of timing relative to the standard timing that is not undone by the alternative. In that there is no real conflict to my former propositon about the basic method of control and what you are stating. Certainly it is of importance to view the method from the different pespectives of The Order you mention. For that I thank you for this indeed valuable complement.

R. M.

This discussion took place in the webforum in 1999