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About ancient hellfire, social control and The Order


The Order pertains to natural order as the basic reference. Breaking with that order one looses the focus of attention which by nature was the sun (or the celestial sky: the relative stable notion of many suns). Thus one becomes selfcentered following a selfish motive (out of the accord with nature). Thus selfcentered one first heats up (one becomes the sun oneself loosing it from objectivity, or: losing the bond one loses the energy), then confusion sets in (the motive of action becomes obscure), and then, because of confusion and having broken the conditioning with nature (bond with God) one loses ones mind. As a fool out of one's mind one does things one has to regret, thus ones life becomes hell.


The concept of ancient hellfire is there as a warning: towards chaos one feels the burning of taking the place of the sun (loosened energy). The restauration from hell (redemption) means: restauration of the original motive of action: to serve The Order (the will of God or natural, eternal reality). Following cultural order (standardtime) can only be as a conscious act of deviating for the ultimate purpose of restauration (traditionally celebration of the sunday, leaving aside which date -or loyalty to the celestial form of the Lord- would make a sunday).


Practically this means that for the purpose of The Order one uses a reference-clock with true time for the sake of restauration and an alternative calender (the cakracalendar) for the alignment with the celestial sky -heaven-. Living a double calendar one may celebrate two sundays in a week (a different way...), thus working less for the material profit and more for the human association of societal order (personal presence and -nonprivate & formalized- social control). The basic morality is maintained by not losing ones mind understanding that all intelligence and good mind is the result of morality (thus not realized by moralizing, condemning and unforgiving governmental police- and military control).


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This discussion took place in the webforum in 1999