After a long time picking up an email that lay unanswered in the webforum, a point has been made on the concept of globalization. Anyone wishing to respond to the links and/or these letters may send an e-mail from the feedback-page.


Eve wrote:

 Hi, maybe this is a stupid question but i have to do something for school. it's about globalising (i think it's spelled right this way....) i need to communicate with someone from another country who can tell me more about this subject in his/her country and what he's thinking about it. Can someone please help me??? Thanks! You can write an email to or add me at msnmessenger



The webmaster of the Order of Time writes:

 There is a lot to do about globalization, especially in politics: it is the more or less sincere effort to make one big worldcommunity of happy people. The point is that it is proposed without much respect for the classical doctrines of uniting. Uniting in matter easily corrupts into this or that ego-circus. One makes economic agreements that benefit only a few. One makes for cultures that do not really care to integrate with the rest. So how can one become a wordcommunity then? It only ends in repression, exploit and war that way and that is the argument of the anti-globalists: they say it is a conspiration of the international capital interests. I have to say that capital goes with a good policy, so that is not our point. The point that we make at theorderoftime is that the oneness can be a thing of consciousness only, each material version of it is a form of falsehood. On the condition that the politicians accept the discipline of that unification will we subscribe to the globalization concept.