This mail poses the nice question whether free elections are democratic or not. Anyone wishing to respond to this article or the communication here may send an e-mail from the feedback-page.

Are free elections democratic?

Is it really democratic when people discontent go vote and people content do not feel the urge to vote? This way there will always be discontent with the government; discontent that might not be the majority nor have democracy as a result. Possibly a system of a representative random selection as a poll would make a better guess (although taking the initiative of a poll one still has the problem of those people who are not willing to choose). One might also say: polls are scientific and elections are political. The elections decisive give governments that do not represent the population as a whole, but maybe only represent the peoples discontent, desire or will for power. Thus there can always be something demoniac and undemocratic in the government. Thus it is true that the whole of democracy is founded on our belief in human goodness and not on having a representative government. We are never sure whether the government is representative (read: democratic) or not. We can only be sure of our own goodness and thus our faith that the state officials chosen are conscientious (read: intelligent) enough to hearten the interest of all (or else be voted away). Elections are necessary, for those who want it, the real want is to have our wanting for goodness and soul instead of for passion and ego.


John Voter

This discussion took place in the webforum in 1999