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Subject: Crop Circle Link
Date: zon, jan 2000 05:58

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Subj: an article for your site

Crop Circles and the key to The World Order:An article that takes up the challenge formed by the reality of cropcircles from an unknown origin.

Dear N. B.

Thank you for linking my crop circle page from your site. Sorry it took so long to reply. I did read your article and linked it from my page.

Your complex diagram with twelve divisions is quite interesting. "Weaving" comes to mind. You probably know that one of the last crop formations of 1999 was like a woven basket: Woven Basket Formation - Bishop Cannings , nr Devizes, Wiltshire, Aug 6. Based on past seasons, I believe we can expect this to be a theme for the 2000 season.

Twelve fold patterns appear often in my studies. Clocks and watches appearin dreams. In 1990 I dreamed of twelve interlocking circles in a ring with high entities standing in them. I read later that a similar pattern was found by dowsing in the 1988 Swastika Circle crop formation at Winterborne Stoke. It was said to be the basic New Jerusalem Plan of Saint John's vision spoken of in Revelation 21. It represents the order of the heavens made apparent on earth.

It obviously has a Zodiac meaning corresponding to the camp positions of the twelve tribes in Numbers 2. The four leading tribes, the Four Living Creatures, represent the Zodiac signs of the solstices and equinoxes during the Age of Taurus.

It is also clear that the ideas were know in ancient Sumeria long before the Old Testament scriptures. Some say that the ideas were given to the Sumerians by the Annunaki "gods," and that our modern E.T.'s are one and the same.

Another twelve-fold symbol is the lotus flower with twelve petals, as representing the heart chakra. I do think that is where humanity heading. See: Humanity On The Pollen Path.

There is a depiction of the Hopi creation myth near the bottom of the page. Note that after the fourth stage of "evolution," when the people reach the surface, Spider Grandmother teaches them how "to weave." A twelve-petal sun flower is also in the picture. Perhaps that is the pattern we will learn to weave.


Joe Mason

Mail received: 31 july 01


About: Crop Circles or Drawings

MessageResponse to frequently asked questions. This has NOT been "allowed" on site after site this is an attempt to just get some information out.

1.How long has this phenomenon been around?

Ever since we on Earth needed help dealing with the Tribulation.

2.Why the county of Wiltshire the most populated of area with them?

Wilt indicates World - the UFO's are indicating this message is for the World.

3.How are they formed?

Electromagnetic pulse bends the stalks down according to definite design.

4.Is there any proof that the genuine phenomenon exists?

Yes, test the ground and crop for residual levels of Electromagnetic levels. And there is more physical evidence.

5.What do you think about the theory it is just wind causing the Crop Drawings?

That who ever said that was grasping at straws. Look at the complexity of the designs alone, that is no fluke of nature.

6.How did you become interested in Crop Circles?

Born for the job might well be the answer. But the data indicated by the UFO drawings has been invaluable toward the 'War on Corruption' to be able to win against the satanic forces.

7.Do you think that they are actually caused by UFO's?

Oh yes, not even a quesiton.

8.Do you think that they have some religious significance?

Most definitely, the circles stand for the neverending Love of God. The Triangles stand for the evil that must be dealt with. The whole purpose of the drawings is to be able to deal with the devil on Earth.

9.Have you ever actually witnessed one of these crop circles being made?

No, due to the drawings happening so quickly doing so is rare.

10.Do you believe that most are hoaxes?

No, due to design they are answers and encouragement to take care of our basic biggest problems here in the World.

11. Could you recommend any good books on the subject?

No, my experience is first hand. Most books are not focused on the main subject of the Crop Drawings.

12.Has the Government tried to cover-up the real source of the Crop Drawings?

YES! they even went so far as the brain wash me as early as July 30, 1949. Attempts were made on my life as early as right after being born. There were two floods (the dykes "just happened to brake" an Earthquake (more like a tunnel being colapsed) and a plane crashed in my front yard. Not to mention when getting my first baby shots my mother accused them of trying to kill me. Ever since Roswell, there has been GREAT effort to NOT let any information out about the real reason for my birth. All my life there has been one thing after another. Even to the point of when reaching for a video tape at Blockbusters the tape was taken right out from under my hand (if it was something 'NOT SUPPOSED TO BE SEEN BY ME').

13.Do you know of any maps?


14.Is there a language we should be paying attention to?

The crop drawings are really very literal. For me due to content they are virtual instructions of what to do. There is no special language other than the Circles refer to God and the Triangles refer to demonic forces on Earth. The rest is just a matter of implementing knowledge that is in the Bible with current day information.

15. Is there any a major agreement as the the meaning of the Crop Drawings?

Well, from what people have said so far no major agreement. However, only recently has most of the data needed been available. Due to the mind control being able to do my job was not even known to me until lately June 1, 2001 'Encounters with the Unexplained' had a program on the Roswell 'Incident' when Jerry Orhbach announced the Alien writing pertaining to the translation 'female warriors prepared - Freedom' that is when my life flashed before me. Most of the life has not been normal in the human sense. Not understanding why the difference has lead to a lot of questions on my part. Why did things happen the way they did? Why does my whole life seem like a fish bowl existence? How could what accorded happen when it should not be humanly possible?

16.Are the Crop Drawings on the increase?

Not having seen very many in the past, due to can not afford to join to access archives do not know. Recently the ones finally "allowed" to access definitely increase when more info is needed in this War Against Corruption. As pertainent material is required the Drawings seem to always have just what is necessary in their content.

Patricia Johnson-Holm



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Crop circles match my chart saturn in 5 is time in house of creativity days altered .

Alfonse  (crop circles rev 12


Dear Folks,

I have seen the movie Signs. Director: M. Night Shyamalan, with Mel Gibson, Joaquin Phoenix, Rory Culkin, Abigail Breslin. Are cropcircles a sign of God? In this story we witness how a priest fallen from his belief, because of losing his wife in a car-accident, refinds his creed defeating and surviving an alien invasion. The cropcircles are interpreted as navigation marks for flying saucers. The aliens are green, as tall as men, and very stupid. They try to harvest humanity as a crop gassing them with some protuberance from their arm, just grunting loudly as a threat. A baseball bat and holding our breath before the stinkers is enough to defeat them, however smart their saucers and time-command... Everything tells us that Mr. Syamalan didn't do his homework properly with this one. There is nothing about their reported psychic abilities or technological superiority nor on the higher meaning or apparent knowledge represented by the symbols. After all, even earthly signs have been reported as the Sri Yantra in Oregon e.g.; so they know us very well! And still... we didn't put them out there. Mr. Syamalan should have read our article at this site about it. The movie, however professionally made with good wit, good acting and a Stephen Spielberg-like appeal for children, represents the fear of the ignorant not understanding why we have these signs in the fields these days. The answer of being navigation marks for an alien invasion is simply ridiculous and constitutes a form of intellectual corruption that in reality will only bring disaster to humanity. The story could have been much better than simply stating that the signs are of the devil and that defeating the devil brings God back to the simple American or worldcitizen. The first half of the movie is filled with expectancy: what's happening, should we be glad or afraid? Are we of type one, the believer, or of type two, the skeptic? We are led to believe that we are of type one, the believer thinking that the aliens have no bad intentions. But too many abductions have been reported and thus are the aliens condemned and demonized however different of nature they are reported to be. They are to be defeated, they are evil, all of them and they are only one kind. Thus is the whole logic of the movie in its second half perverted of fear for the unknown and is with it as a consequence being full of inconsistencies a complete intellectual failure and even a conscious lie finally falling into a fifties horror cliché. Still it might be so that the signs are a form of communication with us in cyclic terms we do not understand properly, estranged as we are from the cyclic of nature's tempo in our bitchy modern time. Especially after seeing this movie I have a feeling of deep shame about humanity being that escapist about facing the signs of other civilizations trying to communicate to us. Notably with the pretense of SETI to communicate with them! In reality we are not invaded thus, but being told something about the cyclic order of life and challenged to form an answer. To my opinion is the cinema not there to maintain our escapism and repression, but to lead the way in intelligence, resourcefulness and insight. Why would it all be so difficult? why this insincerity? We are really not such a dumb potter-monkey trying to run from the human reality, unworthy of the human form. It is so difficult because these signs are for real, for real, for real! Let that be proven by this failure! However courageous of Syamalan to start this discussion in the movies, we should not forget to really try to make sense with these, their and our, complications of cyclic management and defend the honor of our intelligence! Come on humanity, find your manhood in this! We are much better and big boys and girls in science these days!

R.M. Webmaster The Order of Time

(review taken from the page "Whats in the Cinema?' at this site)


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Crop Circles

Dear Sir: Please tell me who designed your introductory graphic? I would VERY MUCH like to contact that designer. Thank You - Tom

Tom Sutter, Babbitt USA


fri, 4 jul 2003


Dear Sir,

Well, this webmaster did, what do you have in mind? I can tell you that I do not work commercially selling myself as a designer, but members of the association we are glad to help, also with graphics.

Webmaster The Order of Time

R.M. Webmaster The Order of Time





subject: Your artical about ufo s was so close then it missed.

I know how they work. I can build one. It took seeing two of them and 23 years to figure it out. I am so sure I am going to apply for a patent. I am making a working device this weekend and showing it to a group of people to get money to start the patent search. Maybe you would like to include another working design. It is so simple a child of five would know how it works. No one inside the craft needs to get cooked and no high voltage is needed. Lights are just lights. It will be possible to travel faster than the speed of light in space. Try 7-8 days to reach the speed of light with a seven ton craft and fusion reactor producing 50,000 KWPH. Release of heat will be a concern in space.

By the way very nice site here.

Blane Bade, USA, Fort Wayne




10-10- 2003


Dear Sir,

We eagerly await the success of your insights. We hope they will work, meanwhile do we keep our position in adding to all the mechanical interest that to successfully travel time one needs a proper philosophy of time.

Thank you for your commitment.

Webmaster The Order of Time



Mar 8, 04, - 11:13 PM

 Circles vs nasca lines

 what is the relationship between the crop circles and nasca lines? I think the nasca lines were created for a different time and place. And the circles created with more technology in mind - time and place. IMHO

ed gil  (email: )



Reply to  Circles vs nasca lines : Apr 24, 04 - 4:13 PM

Dear Ed,

That is very well possible..time and place typical and technical to the circles and nasca more of another culture, another time more human art. Indeed. In common they have communications to the heavens. still intriguing.

Webmaster TOOT