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About this dress of The Order


I like The Order very much, but at one point I have a problem. The order proposes to represent in a kind of uniform. This frightens me. Isn't it the exact opposite of what The Order itself proposes: the freedom of the individual from the slavery of any group-ego eating you alive. Isn't it the ultimate falldown of all intelligence if we sell our souls to some fancy appearance? Studying The Order I found this picture describing the appearance (check the Guide): the necktie wouldn't be formal and the military and police wouldn't be liberated. I do not really understand this. To my opinion all we need is free civilians and comrades or brothers or whatever you call it without any dictature of outer forms or ego.




The necessity of formal identification.


You are right Pacific, it is frightening and it does seem to be in in conflict with the basic interest of The order with the unique of the individual. This dress belongs to the political aspect. Count it as a necessary evil. I will tell you why it is necessary. Consider the troubles of mankind: it is always the uniform opposing the civilian that is the great falldown of mankind. Armies wage war against rebellious and terrorist civilian revolutionaries who don't accept the oppression of the system. The complete of the military policestate is recognized as the formalist falldown of societal order, making us desperate about the prospects of any reasonable worldorder. Will we ever succeed in escaping from international military opposition and national civil wars of police against hooligans and other civil uproar and disobedience?


What The Order proposes is a compromise: instead of more and more police in the street and more and more energy, money and goodwill lost in the military/political powergame and its opposition, The Order proposes a formal order based on a spiritual discipline of socializing at the one hand and keeping distance at the other (by means of alternative time-schedules). Formality is an agreement of appearance and liberation is an agreement of service and respect for the individual nature. The necktie never knows how to agree about appearance and is thus not liberated and the military never know whom or what God they are serving (war, why?) and are thus not liberated in loosing the respect for the individual that would be bad and egoistic. The purpose is to replace the police by means of a thorough and reliable concept of matured social control in all respect with the freedom of the individual. The purpose is to associate and labor for an international concept of service and discipline that would be strong enough to give the military the confidence to put on another dress of world order than the always opposing depersonalizing uniform of the military.


The dress of the order is an intermediate. First of all: it is not a uniform. In fact it is a method of identification. The individual choice of lifestyle is respected with it: the vocation , the civil status and the level of commitment (48 categories counting the colors of gold, silver and bronze as the third division of commitment, see commitment under guide). It is just a colorcode in fact and each can have his own design of clothing just like with neckties and suits. It requires no membership nor does it imply any obligation; any fool may try to dress up with it. Still it is a proposition of order: it expresses the spirit, mentality, unity and values of The Order. And these are not from the ego as you fear but from a thorough scientific, religious and political knowledge of what the scriptures say, what men believe in and what people actually practice. It goes to the very soul of our human history in expressing old ideals of world unity and freedom from exactly the falsehood of the ego that you mention.


Of course it is no cowardice to admit yourself to a color of life and face the devil of formalism with its own trickery. One has to dare to take a stand and make an image. Not from ego-desire, but from the necessity of opposing that very formalism of the military and police by replacing it, and making it obsolete. (the purpose of the dress is to put it out). There is an absolute necessity of progress in formal identification: it must become less impersonal, less violent and more of free choice and civil freedom. Of course this alternative should not be compulsory or repressive: one may identify this way, but one cannot be obliged do so by e.g. a government that wants to link it to a type of service and control. Remember that anything organized for The Order is not The Order itself. The Order itself is NO SOCIAL ORGANIZATION at all, but set up as pure filognosy: pure love for the knowledge of the soul and its outer cultures and nothing else, groupwise respected or not.


There is much more to be said about this, but I hope this will suffice for the time being.


Yours, T.H.E. Servant

This discussion took place in the webforum in 1999