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Status: student Vocation: provision
Level: lust Mode: self Operator: attraction

Assist Other Students


You are now a student in provision. This means that you have to provide other students, although you are hardly aware of the contents of the game. That is no problem as the best way to learn is to assist others. Thus we manage from the mode of the self to our selfinterest. Although you might suffer from some unorganized lust and ignorance, do not be ashamed to admit that you also have just begun.



Next to the fax-page you may also study the missions-page so that you can help others find the meaning of the game quicker, telling them about the action; the missions of it.



Pick a type of evolution
In order to progress to the next mission, you must choose from one of the following options correctly .


(to operator)


A - I know that going slow means to cllng to a mission-operator.

B - Whatever attracts me will lead me to the next mission.

C - I think that going slow is bad advice only fit for older people.


A | B | C

(to status)


A - I will first study a little more for being a friend in the first place..

B - I think I will also have to take some initiative to help others.

C - I will organize this support and do the best I can that way.

A | B | C

(to vocation)


A - I will listen carefully to others and then do what I can.

B - I will use the service of others to attain with this mission.

C - I will organize this for others making all this clear to them.

A | B | C

(to identity)


A - I will prepare myself for helping others with this.

B - Fast means that in this case I will just stay an acquaintance assisting others.

C - I will make assisting others my goal of action and draw my references for it.

A | B | C

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