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  • * American Sociological Association: The Homepage for the American Sociological Association.
  • Annotated webliography of Humanism: a collection of websites related to humanism.
  • Arts and Humanities Data Service [AHDS] a national service in the United Kingdom which aims to collect, describe and preserve digital research data and distribute these for the use in teaching and research. It documents and promotes information interchange standards, and facilitates more uniform access to on-line catalogues, finding aids and other networked resources. The site offers general information about AHDS and AHDS service providers devoted to archeology, history, literary, linguistic and other textual studies and the performing and visual arts. A newsletter is included.
  • Australian Humanities Review Australian Humanities Review is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary electronic archive published bi-monthly with weekly updates by La Trobe University. It aims to present an eclectic range of voices and discourse from the Humanities in Australia, and is published in electronic form only. Access to the archive of back issues is restricted to subscribers.
  • °CIT selected websites in the humanities.
  • Economy:
  • A Dutch sociological study about the Internet-phenomenon: Eigenaardigheden van cyberspace-bouwstenen voor een sociologie van het Internet (also in English).
  • Handbook of human symbolic evolution The printed edition of this book appeared in december 1996 (Oxford, Clarendon Press). It deals with verbal- and non-verbal-communication in the broadest sense. This web version contains only the contents and abstracts of every chapter, but has some added value because it's also used for 'the process of continuous revision", by linking to new materials in the field.
  • °History/Social studies website:The major purpose of this home page is to encourage the use of the World Wide Web as a tool for learning and teaching and to provide some help for K-12 classroom teachers in locating and using the resources of the Internet in the classroom.
  • The H-Net review project H-Net Reviews in the Humanities and Social Sciences is an online scholarly review journal.
  • °Other (than philosophy) Humanities Related Gophers.
  • University of Michigan Humanities Text Initiative.Building on Michigan's ground-breaking efforts since 1990 in providing online access to full text, the Humanities Text Initiative (HTI) is an umbrella organization for the acquisition, creation, and maintenance of electronic texts, as well as a mechanism for furthering the University's capabilities in the area of online text.
  • °Linkpage worldcultures from the Librarians Index.
  • MCS : The media and communication studies site The MCS is a British-based gateway to Web resources useful in the academic study of media and communication. It was established in Spring 1995 and is being developed by Dr Daniel Chandler, lecturer in Media Theory at the Department of Education in the University of Wales. It is 'British-based' firstly in that it is produced in Wales and secondly in that it is intended to give priority to issues of interest to both British scholars in the field and to others who are interested in media in the UK. An excellent guide for all kind of resources. With search options.
  • °Orientalism Confirmed Orientalism and epistemology should be re-discussed in the age of Digital Information.
  • Representations online Representations online is a quarterly interdisciplinary e-journal devoted to the cultural sciences, humanities and interpretive social sciences, published by the University of California Press. It's the electronic edition of the printed journal 'Representations', which is published since 1994. The issues before spring 1996 are not online available.
  • Research Institute for the Humanities This research oriented web site is located in the Research Institute for the Humanities (RIH), Faculty of Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. It is maintained by the Humanities Computing and Methodology Programme in the Institute. The site contains meta-indices of humanities resources worldwide, and locally developed texts, tools and pages covering various interests in humanistic scholarship. The site offers a retrieval system.
  • Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies -- The internet has only been a popular success for a few years, but already it is the target of much sociological scrutiny. This site brings together monthly book reviews, links to interviews with influential cyberpundits, a bibliography and other useful features.
  • RussGUS :The database contains documents in the field of the study of the USSR and its neighbour-states in the widest sense of the word. Topics on politics, history, literature and geography can be found.
  • Russian Studies On The Web Refers to sites of universities and academies of sciences in Russia, and of Slavic departments of universities in the United States of America, Europe and the rest of the world.
  • School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London: Home page of one of Europe's leading centres for the study of Asia and Africa. Information about language courses and research: languages (ranging from those from ancient Babylonia to those of modern China), economics, political science, developmental studies, law, anthropology, ecology, history, religious studies, art and archaelogy.
  • °Sociosite (also Dutch): a Site dedicated to sociological studies. The "Yellow pages" for the sociologist.
  • ° (Dutch) SWO Segbroek Loosduinen Stichting Welzijns Organisatie: een organisatie die verantwoordelijk is voor het welzijnsaanbod ten behoeve van de inwoners van de stadsdelen Segbroek en Den Haag.
  • ° Prof. Ed Stephen's Sociology Pages, History of Sociological Thought and his Sociology Time-line.
  • The Geography of Cyberspace : What does internet look like? It's everywhere and nowhere, but there are academics attempting to map out this new terrain. Martin Dodge at University College London's Centre for Advanced SpatialAnalysis has constructed an extensive series of links to resources on the size and shape of the internet, including an Atlas.
  • THEOLDI: Documentation of Theological and Interdisciplinary Literature Online bibliographies maintained by the School of Theology at the University of Innsbruck. They offer a.o. databases on the religious anthropology of Rene Girard, Bible studies, systematic and fundamental theology and canon law.
  • (New) ° The Stranger Box: Cultural studies of the underground, alternative religions, history, psychology, deviance, the horror genre, and philosophy. By an undergraduate philosophy major.
  • The Virtual Community: site with sociological literature on the internet and Electric Minds: A bulletin board system on the Web created by Howard Rheingold, one of the first people to write about "virtual communities". Includes a Virtual Community Directory which indexes other dicussions. Topics on EMinds are diverse, but its core is discussion of where technology in its broadest sense and the internet in particular is leading us.
  • Universitätsbibliothek Tübingen : Sammelschwerpunkt Allgemeine und vergleichende Religionswissenschaft . Access to the online catalogue of the University Library of Tübingen and information concerning inter-library loan and document delivery. This library has national subject responsability for theology and religious studies.
  • °The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (knowledge in the public service) is a presidential memorial that fosters scholarship and dialogue in the humanities and the social sciences. By bringing Fellows from around the world to Washington, D.C., encouraging discourse among disciplines and professions, and publishing the results of these activities, the Center enriches the quality of knowledge and debate in the nation's capital and throughout the world.Includes the Wilson Quarterly : an international review of ideas and information written and edited for the general reader. Its crisp reports and reviews survey the latest thinking in every field, from foreign policy to science to belles lettres. Original articles by leading writers and thinkers take up subjects ranging from the decline of civility to the history of jazz to the future of science.
  • ° World Civilizations: an Internet classroom and anthology (Washington st. univ.)online classes: Tradition and Memory: World Civilizations to 1500 | Culture, Conflict, and Modern World Civilizations after 1500 World Civilizations Resources : World Civilizations: The Learning Modules | World Civilizations: Anthology of Readings | A Glossary of World Civilizations | World Civilizations Atlases | Internet Resources on World Civilizations | Help Pages.
  • °World Civilizations Home Page Resources for the study of worldcultures
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