• Altapedia® Online Atlapedia Online contains full color physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.a very easy to use online encyclopedia.
  • Country-info:
  • Geo-searchingsystem: all-in-one linkpage giving access tp the most important portals on countiy-information sites on the internet.
  •  Xerox PARC Map Viewer You will see a world map with an X at 0.00N, 0.00E. You can change the projection, pan, or zoom in for a closer look. To find a particular spot by longitude and latitude, change the numbers after "mark=" up in the "Location" ("Go To," "Address," and so on) window and hit "Enter." The first number is latitude (north is positive, south is negative). The second number is longitude (east is positive, west is negative).
  • Mapquest.com. Looking for an address, town, or zip code? Get and print maps worldwide! Travel Guide. The largest selection of maps and atlases anywhere.address, town, or zip code? Get and print maps worldwide! Driving Directions. Door-to-Door and City-to-City.
  • National Geographic Society to find global maps.
  • Online Map Creation. Create a customized map of a specific region showing only the features you want.
  • TIGER Mapping Service .Type in your (U.S.) zip code and this resource from the U.S. Census Bureau will draw you a map of your hometown, complete with roads and bodies of water. You can also use this resource to get population statistics about your city, as well as longitude and latitude. Find other geographic name servers at this Yahoo site. Or see at: