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  • °APA : American Philosophical Association. Webserver of the American philosophical Association, the main professional organization of philosopher in the United States.
  • °Animus : a philosophical journal for our time. The journal aims at an understanding of the works of Western civilization and contemporary views of these works. The journal will be published annually, each issue on a single theme. Access to the journal is free, although you must subscribe to download the current issue of the journal.
  • °Conference : a journal of philosophy and theory. An on-line reviewed interdisciplinary journal of philosophy and theory, produced by graduate students from the New York Consortium universities.
  • °Connexions online journal aimed at cognitive scientists and philosophers of the mind. It aims to serve as a forum for graduate research students. It contains full text articles, reviews of books, articles, colloquia and conferences of interest to cognitive scientists, an archive of the Connexions mailing list, and a list of events. It is produced by the Department of Philosophy, University of Sheffield, UK.
  • °The Electronic Journal of Analytic PhilosophyThe Electronic Journal of Analytic Philosophy (EJAP) is an archived, peer-reviewed, electronic journal on all aspects of analytic philosophy. The editors draw attention to areas of philosophical research previously neglected by analytic philosophers. The articles are available in hypertext, simple text and Postscript format.
  • The Philosophers' Web Magazine.
  • Philosophy Departments in England Addresses and information about the philosophy departments in England.
  • Postmodern culture On-line journal. Current issue and a text-only archive of the journal are available free of charge. Johns Hopkins University Press.
  • (German ) Sic et non : online forum for philosophy and culture. Open German forum for the stimulation of the international philosophical and intellectual debate. The site contains indexed articles on contemporary philosophical themes.
  • Sorites : an international electronic quarterly of analytical philosophy. Sorites is a refereed all-English electronic journal of analytical philosophy, fully copyright-registered and indexed by The Philosopher's Index. The journal is edited by CSIC, Spanish Institute of advanced studies, Madrid.
  • (German) Tabula rasa : Jenenser Zeitschrift fuer kritisches Denken. An electronic journal of critical thought, publishing not yet fully established scientific papers on all subjects, to be discussed in an open, informal forum. The journal is produced by advanced students of philosophy at the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena. Full-text articles available since 1994. In.
  • (New) TPM: philosophy magazine. Main | Articles | Subscriptions | Information |Back Issue Details | Bookstore | Links | Archive | Events | Site Awards | Interactive | Spanish Pages | Discussion Board | Search.
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