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The concept concerns a directory of select valuable internet resources that are conducive to the global functioning of the internet in general and are of interest to the functioning of The Order of Time especially.



Listing at the Linking Library Selection is given to those resources on the Internet that are considered of a high content-quality delivering most excellent service and are of interest to the purpose of The Order of Time. The purpose of the award is to create a linking-resource that will improve the ease of internet-surfing and -service on especially the humanities. Sites are selected on the following criteria:

Service is given to all guests irrespective of membership, registration, financial support or other contributions.
The site provides for service in English irrespective the nation of its origin.
The site contributes to the ideals of the information-culture and is in no offense with the existing (local and world-)order.
The site is properly managed with no dead links, offering optimal support for quick downloading and surfing.
The site is comprehensive: it covers the area of interest to a satisfactory degree creating as a resource as many facilities for use as possible: linkingpages, libraries, chatboxes, discussiongroups etc.
The management can be addressed for feedback and comments.
The site is self-explanatory: it is clear in its purpose and definitions of service (a FAQ-page e.g.).
The site is updated for the best quality of service.
The knowledge management of the site is logically sound answering to the ideals of the content at hand.
There is a favorable balance between content and appearance: too many pictures, too poor an appearance or too meager a content does not apply to the ideal.
To any deviations of the standard the site offers clear explanations and definitions.

Sites selected are given the choice for the use of the following logo and approval picture: the small LLS-symbol is meant for marking links to sites that have acquired the award. This image is free for use for any webmaster on any other site. This is to support the idea of optimal linking to all quality-sites.

The LLS-logo:

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All sites that are selected for this directory have the right to put the following picture on their site as a sign of approval..

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