Church, Frederic Edwin (1826-1900)

Twilight in the Wilderness


Oil on canvas

40 x 64 in. (101.6 x 162.6 cm)

Is it beauty or is it a threat? Sometimes we forget that all the colors and emotions of nature are nothing to be afraid of . They are the spice of life. This sunset doesn't suggest anything else but what it factually is. It is not the decay of culture in the looming red of destruction and darkness. Nor is it an idealized sunset heralding the end of a successful human day. Bullocks! It is the peace of nature that goes asleep for another day. Young again, old still, eternal and temporal, divine and animalistic, humanly perceived or not. This scene doesn't care about people at all . Still there might be a city down there. Who cares? So be it, so was it and so will it be forever. Amen to the times of nature.

(Tekst in het Nederlands)

The Cleveland Museum of Art

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