Church, Frederic Edwin (1826-1900)

Rainy Season in the Tropics


Oil on canvas

56 1/4 x 84 3/16 in. (142.9 x 213.8 cm)


This artist to his name lived in the church that is nature. That is where God is really found. Man is just an insignificant speck in a vast landscape beautiful and breathtaking with waterfalls, rainbows and endless colors. Nature is not a threat, it is the glory that is in no need but for our respect. This painting commands this respect as good as one can without speaking words of politics or religion. It needs no comment or passion. It can even do without goodness. Just see the power and beauty of natural time, in this case the rainy season, and our insignificance. This has all been created by that time, that force and power of God. Should we fear, hate or disbelieve? It is not even a question. Face the fact. Our only chance for peace, beauty and happiness lies in this respect. What are the doings and making of man before this immense glory?

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The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

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