Corot, Jean-Baptiste Camilleb. ( 1796- 1875)

Morning, the Dance of the Nymphs

c. 1850

Oil on canvas

38 1/2 x 51 1/4 in.

In the morning of culture we are dancing in nature like nymphs around and in the pond of lillies. The woods still dark but the light is in the sky as clear as can be. Nature is ours. We have won the grace of God, we have inherited the earth. No exploit or abuse is the issue here. This is the morning with all hope of the original harmony with nature and natural time. No clocks are there, no calendars. Just the sun, the seasons, the trees, the people and the love, the dance, the togetherness, the mystery of love and life. How did we lose this dream? How can it only be a picture in a gallery? O poor humanity.
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Musee du Louvre, Paris


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