Blake, William (1757-1827)

The Body of Abel Found by Adam and Eve

c. 1825

Watercolor on wood

32 x 43 cm (12 3/4 x 17 in.)

Blake was a highly modern graphical artist who could have lived in the twentieth century with his style of artwork. His very person is an anachronism revolting against the vague and mundane romantics of his own time. He was a man of clear statements and a highly original expression of selfrealization. He created his own world of the godly, but did not neglect the biblical. In this scene we see Kain crying out for the murdering of his own brother. His back we see ablaze with the sun turned red as if setting. The act of primal sin led to the fire of hell that here directly relates to the sun in the sky. Man of no order with that sun is doomed to burn up in its flames. Skip the order of natural time and we have lost paradise in an eternal purgatory of lamentation, conflicts, uncontrol, and further decay into the hell of estrangement. Please God give us the grace and not the chastising of the glaring sun.


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