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(Capo III)




How refreshing all that water is,
that water is. (C G Em)
All around and inside too
inside too. (DAm)
All the life on our planet,
all the life on our planet.(Em Am Em Am)
All for one with me and you
all for one with me and you. (G C G Am)

With the sun it breeds and lives
it breeds and lives. (Bm C Am )
That water full of life and food
life and food. (C G Em )
All the worlds created therefrom.
(Am Em G)
all the worlds created therefrom. (C Em D)
Living for the better and the good.
(C Am)
living for the better and the good. (C Em)

But now to our owned so dear
so dear. (D Am C)
We' re heavy full of sorrow,
sorrow. (C Em Bm)
The water still of use we fear
use we fear. (C Em D Bm D)
Of drowning and forsaking for tomorrow. (C D Em)

Will we manage living to the dolphin
the dolphin (Em Am)
And breath on in the rythm of eternity
eternity (D G)
With our mother we still knew it to be our nature.
be our nature (Am Em C D, Em Bm)
But out of her we water fall water fall
water fall (G Am Bm C D, Em D)

The Water fall comes down (C Em)
The water fall to be (G Em)
The water fall of washing (D Am)
Streams back into the sea (Am Em)

The Water fall of being (Em C)
The water fall does call (Am Em)
The water fall of seeing (C Am)
One time flows there for all (D Em)


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