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The Stream

(Capo III)




Help is there is not all the time, (Em Am)

each must mind his own business. (Am Em)

Settled is divine support, (Em Am)

down to justice, courage, order. (D G)


Bm,C, D, G, Em, Am, D, G, D




The stream as clear as water, love (Bm C D)

is not straight in flowing down. (Bm G)

It holds on to the riverbed, (Em Am)

with rocks and mud, gets troubled. (C D)


C, Bm, G, Am, Bm, G-G, D




Somewhere peace, a sea, a haven, (G Em Bm D)

it's always down the mountain. (Em C D)

However it whirls tempestuous that stream, (G C D Em)

we'll find peace for certain. (C Em D G)


D,Em, C, Em, Bm, D, G, C./

D,Em, C, Em, D, Am, C, Em




It may take a long time may be, (Em Am)

for the dirt to settle. (D Em)

The ocean turning blue as ever, (Em Am)

peaceful waiting for us all. (D G)


Bm, C, D, G, Em, Am, D, G D,




Where this sea's in flowing down, (Bm C D)

is hard to see, can't be told. (Bm G)

The only way is to believe, (Em Am)

and hold on to the stream. (C D)


C, Bm, G, Am, Bm, G-G, D




Wherefrom the mountain, the bed, the flow, (G Em Bm D)

by God we know and yes perform. (Em C D)

Surely it will guide us coming back, (G C D Em)

respecting what is built and grown. (C Em D G )


D,Em, C, Em, Bm, D, G, C.

D,Em, C, Em, D, Am, C, Em



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